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Chinese pop-up dictionary incompatible with Google Docs?


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Hello everyone, 

I have been using Google Docs to write my Chinese assignments/essays for years, mostly because I find comfort in being able to hover over the things that I have written and double check in case of misspellings. I am not sure if this is a recent update that has made the two interfaces incompatible but I can no longer hover over words on Google Docs using Zhongwen pop-up dictionary. I tried other pop-up dictionaries but no luck.


I am looking for an advice on:

1) What's your experience with using pop-up dictionaries on Google Docs? Is it just a problem on my end?
2) Is there any other online word processor that I can use that will serve the same purpose? 



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I just checked some of my Google Docs, looks like it's a recent change. I was able to use Zhongwen with Google Docs previously. Unfortunately I don't have any recommendations as I mainly use Google Docs. I sometimes use Notion.so but that's more for note taking though it does have some basic text editing features, probably not suitable for assignment writing.

What you can do is, publish the Google Doc as a webpage, then using Zhongwen on the published webpage. That still works.

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I found a partial solution! In Google docs, if you select a chunk of text, then right click on it, one of the menu items will be "Define 'text you selected'". Don't actually click on this menu item, instead just hover over the 'text you selected', and Zhongwen will pop up as normal. Slightly less convenient, but basically just one more click away. Hopefully this functionality lasts.

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Thanks a lot! I wouldn't have expected pop-up to work on the menu like that, that's surprising!


I guess a six-month update is due on my end as well: I have experimented with a few online text editing options and found out even 腾讯文档 or docs qq doesn't allow Zhongwen pop-ups... So far, I have mostly been using Grammarly's online text editor to do what I was previously achieving on Google Docs. Grammarly serves no grammar checking purpose in Chinese (I wish it did!) but I already have an account so I thought I might as well use it as an online text editor. It does allow immediate pop-ups by Zhongwen at the moment. I tried @moonlvy's "publish" tip as well and although it worked very well, I couldn't really incorporate it into my workflow.


Both are great tips & thank you

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