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What does she mean?

wise westerner

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A few months ago I met a Chinese woman at the school where our kids attend. We are both married, without serious problems that I know of.  We have almost daily conversations as pick up, drop off, and have had a couple of longer conversations about our childhoods, life goals etc. Twice now she, has asked me, in what seems a very direct way, if there is anything I want to ask her. It seems like a special question I should know, but I can't think what it is.  Any ideas? 

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None of us can say for sure because we aren't there. From the little amount of information you've given us, it could mean anything. I mean, maybe she knows you are interested in her childhood, and is inviting you to ask further questions if you are interested.

On the other hand, if you are married without any serious problems that you know of, why would you even care?

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I think that the meaning is more likely to become clear if you consider the whole package, including when, where and how  the question is asked and her body language when she asks it. Don't focus too much on the words that come out of her mouth. 

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No idea whatsoever, I'm afraid. It seems you're thinking she thinks you are attracted to her, but for all you know, someone told her that you wanted her recipe for jiaozi.

Possible actions:

1. Ask her for clarifiation directly. What kind of question do you mean? Are you expecting a certain question from me?

2. Since it appears you have no special questions for her, just politely tell her that no, there is nothing particular I want to ask you, have a nice day and see you tomorrow.


Either way, good luck. Make sure your spouse knows what's going on, both the part where nothing is going on and the part where you don't understand what the Chinese lady wants.

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Her name isn't Fang Fang, is it?

Do you have any trade secrets to protect, like GMO processes for the reproduction of Gucci loafers, for example?


Just wonderin'...



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