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Alternative entry than Z visa


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Hello, I have been already a teacher in China in 2017-18, although I was in a grey area of "legality" where they made me applied for the work visa and technically never processed

I dont have a BA and dont plan to have one.


I curious to know about the following:

1) Student visa, does being a student allow you to work, can you get a student visa just from language school, does it have to be from university?

2) Starting a business, I heard that from an agent, a recent "loophole", where you create your own business of whatever nature and its allow you to legally work too.


I see so many demand and the salary is so high right now to work in China, although mostly kindergarten level, if they need so much why is the gov not reducing the requirement for those worker instead of being in constant need of them, I dont hear from a lot of BA holder willing to go in far countryside to do kindergarten or training school stuff. Like most I think they target tier 1, tier 2 city. so, they should really lower the requrement

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1) A student can take a paid internship in the field he is studying.  This doesn't mean work as an English teacher on the side.


2) Even if you are a business owner, unless you have a BA you can't work for your own company.  A ton of people had the same thought and registered phony companies in Shanghai so they're quite strict about it now.  


On 6/30/2022 at 8:55 PM, Siyano said:

I see so many demand and the salary is so high right now to work in China

Really?  Tons of people are leaving the country in disgust right now, and they just destroyed the entire after-school English training industry last year.  Wages haven't gone anywhere, schools just aren't willing to pay more than a certain amount.  I get the idea that China is transitioning into more like Taiwan or Korea, where only educational professionals can teach.  I.E. you're a career teacher in your home country before you ever set foot in China.  

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China is transitioning into more like Taiwan or Korea, where only educational professionals can teach.

As above, things have changed big time since 2017-18. There are some pretty high salaries floating around but you're only going to access them if you're here already OR coming into the country fully qualified on a work visa. If you've not got a degree seems little chance in getting here to work legally at the moment. There are probably kindergartens that would take a chance if you were here ... but still a tricky situation.

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