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Wechat group for students coming to China? SJTU, Fudan, PKU, Tsinghua etc.

Turing Complete

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Hi guys, I'm from SJTU. I'll be going in 2022. Just thought that things have been very dry this year (there were more conversations in the past years). So.. I'm just wondering where the others are. Like, are there others? who are coming to China this year? Visa etc.? Shall we make a Wechat/Whatsapp group and chat?

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Like, I know that it's going to be harder to go to China this year. Clearly, those who have been briefed would know that we will be quarantined and stuff for 7+3 days etc. Double PCR tests before you fly, and possibly more PCR tests after you fly etc. But it's always more reassuring if we go as a group. You know, so that when we're flying or taking that taxi or just walking on the road carrying 3 baggage, a possible instrument or something, a possible pet or something, in China (where we're not very sure of the situation. If we would be protected/treated well or something), at least we can have the group chat to stick together and maybe from there find more other students? 


And just rely on one another later during the process of moving from your country to China. Visas, quarantines, accommodation, registration etc. Anything else. or random chats. 

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On 8/14/2022 at 7:36 AM, Turing Complete said:

So sad bro. Wished there were more coming to China so that we could make a group/go together.


Wait, you can go? I have been waiting for 2 years and half and they still haven't given me the documents nor the visa. I'm even a Chinese government scholarship holder 🤦‍♂️

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This post is very informative and they keep it up-to-date:



Whether you can go back to China or not depends on your country of departure and your country of origin, so you should really contact your local Chinese embassy first and ask if they issue X1 visas right now. I am pretty sure there are Wechat groups like this, but I would imagine that they are very localized like only Korean students, for example. Few suggestions:

- If your school announced a list of foreign students accepted this year (sometimes they post the names of the scholarship holders, or maybe your department has posted a list of all freshmen) try reaching out to your peers on that list. With some luck, you should be able to find at least a few of them on Facebook, Linkedin etc.

- If you have any Chinese friends who go to that school, or know someone who go to that school, I would recommend reaching out to them too. People from the same school often send each other huge excel files with lots of qr codes for school clubs, extracurricular activity groups etc.

- You can try following official wechat accounts related to your uni or your department. You can follow official wechat account for their international student office 留办 too. Sometimes they post qr codes for student groups.


Good luck!

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