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Learn Chinese in China

Living in China as a first time int. student


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Can you give me some general advises about being a student in China? I am doing my master`s. It will be my first time studying there, I am very happy but confused and a bit scared at the same time, so any kind of advice about culture, people, costs , study process would be highly appreciated.


Thank you!

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>>"so any kind of advice about culture, people, costs , study process would be highly appreciated."


You will probably have better results here by asking one or two specific questions about life in China. When a question is too broad, it tends to be ignored. 


I hope you enjoy living in China and have a good experience in graduate school. If I had to come up with one small piece of advice it would probably be to reach out and get to know local people instead of becoming part of a foreigner group. In order to do that, you will need to prioritize learning the language.


In other words, beware the "foreigner bubble."

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If you're referring to Qingdao (my hometown), all I can say is stay in Laoshan, Shibei, and Shinan districts. If you go further East, you'll be in the tourism trap if you go north people will be shocked to the see the outsider.

Enjoy Qingdao. It's a city with long history of interacting with foreign people.

If you have specific questions about Qingdao, let me know.

Unless you're in China Petroleum University Huangdao... that place is like a new city, different from Qingdao.

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