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A little sad to say but anyone looking to make some friends?


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I moved to Beijing some months ago from Dalian where I attended university. Now I'm in Beijing as a master's student but doing courses online. At the moment I literally have no friends🙃 And I'm not sure how to meet any actualy. I don't interact with my classmates because we're all in different locations and only 'meet' one or two times a week in a tencent meeting call where everyone is silent except for the teacher. I'm not working (and I don't want to be in an office really) so I can't meet anyone through that either. I'm a bit of an introvert but it would be nice to have someone to talk to or meet up with every now and then.

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Do you like exercise? There used to be several foreigners' sports teams (although I have no idea if they still exist/sprung up again). They'd be featured in the Beijinger. There also used to be a dragonboat team which I would heartily recommend (a really friendly mix of Chinese and foreigners) if I had any idea if they still exist and if so, how to reach them.


I hope you find some friends! You're perfectly fit to have them and that you don't have them right now is not because of you, just because of your situation.

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The best way to make friends is to do activities you like that do not involve sitting at home.


For example:

Cycling? Join a cycling group

Pub quizzes? Attend some

Public speaking? Attend local Toastmaster groups

Climbing? Do to climbing gyms

Underwater polo: join them



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I don't know if you're studying the language, but I made a few friends doing language exchanges. Obviously it can be a bit hit or miss, but if you can meet ordinary people rather than students (nothing against students, but in my experience they tended to not have much of a life outside studies) then you might meet someone you get along with.

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