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Box Town is the new place to go for most foreigners during the semester. We opened last September so a year in it's really starting to kick in. Inside is a flashy nightclub and a chilled out pub style bar. In the future (still not sure when) there'll also be a KTV and lounge... but Dox (where I work) is probably the best in town for a beer and a chat.

Otherwise, Fox is good too. Very cosy (smoky) in winter :P There is also Bling which is also owned by one of the Box/Fox/Dox owners, King.

Everywhere else is dancing/lights and too loud to talk.... not that you need to say much to the flocks of easy russian girls, angry russian men, frigid chinese girls, or half naked/about to vomit chinese men.


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For all fellow Harbin expats:

A new bar has opened in the last couple weeks called "Underground." A fitting name seeing how it's underground.

It's foreign owned and run, so there's a good selection of imported beer.

Prices are very fair compared to most other bars. Pitchers of Harbin draft are 20 RMB. Bottles range from 10 - 20 RMB. Lots of different imported liquor as well.

One great thing about the bar is that they have a number of nearby restaurants which deliver to the bar, one of which is "Great Pizza," which is, hands down, the best pizza in the city.

Perhaps the best thing about the bar is that they also play sports games. A number of us have been keeping up with the Stanley Cup games there. The owner will also be doing NFL games once the season starts. He's open to requests, so if you follow a particular sport, and would like to watch it there, stop by and ask for DJ (the American owner).

Underground is located off 西大直街 (Xidazhijie), near HIT. It's across the road from where Box is.

To get there from HIT, head down Xidazhijie toward HeiDa. Once you've gone down the overpass (after you've passed HIT), you'll see a KFC on your left. Turn right down the side road directly across from the KFC. (If you get to Box, you've gone too far.) Walk about 100 meters down that road and you'll see "Underground" in neon blue running vertically down the side of the entrance (on the right-hand side of the road).

Apologies I don't have a map, or business number. Next time I'm in, I'll ask for a business card.

Great atmosphere there, and super pumped I'll have a place to watch NFL in September!

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Hi, May I ask for some suggestions for clubbing in 2013? (since the last post was June 2012) I just came back from the UK and probably going to spend an month in Harbin, could anyone suggest some clubs with dance floor (which is a must!) and better doesn't serve fake alcohol. Hmmm...and perhaps, the music type and entry fee as well? Cheer!XX

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