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Return of the Condor Heroes 2005/2006

Song You Shen

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So, I guess there was a 2003 release of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes." Unfortunately, it still doesn't have english subtitles. :( I guess I'm going to have to wait longer. :evil:

I recently discovered (though it might be known to many of you) that a remake of "Return of the Condor Heroes" will come to TV in 2005/2006 (again, without english subtitles! grr!). I didn't know if any of you have followed this, but here are some movies/music from the series (most of the shots are fairly similiar). Also, I think there is a download limit, so you might want to watch them sooner than later if you want to see them.









I think this is the same girl that is the main female actor in Tian Long Ba Bu.


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I don't think your links work. :x

But I suppose you meant this TV series. -> http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/f/sdxl/

And yes the girl is the one who played Wang Yuyin in Tian Long Ba Bu. And the guy played young Han Wudi in some TV series. I think both of them are good looking enough. Not sure about the acting, though.

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I just finished watching《倚天屠龙记》(from a couple years ago), the last episode of the Condor Heroes Trilogy. There are many good looking girls in that series. There will be fewer female characters in 《神雕侠侣》though.

Skylee, the links do work, you just have to wait for the download button to appear after a 40 sec count down.

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strange, the links work for me still.... they don't automatically download, it takes you to a site where it waits 40 seconds, then you have to clikc the "download movie" button... kinda jenky. :(

Yes, skylee, that is the series. I'm looking forwards to being able to watch it... whenever they decide to put english subs on it. I agree, the girls are beautiful. :)


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I saw a bit of the Condor Hero 2003 re-run in Hong Kong in January, but missed out on majority of the series. I found the DVD you can now purchase - has anyone purchased a copy of it? If so, do you know if it has English subtitles or dubbed in Cantonese?




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Both the "Lengend of the Condor Heroes (2003)" and the "Return of the Condor Heroes (2005/2006)" are not live action/anime. They are typical wuxia series.... however, there was a 2003 version of Return of the Condor Heroes that was an anime series (which is what Quest gave the links to).


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I have just bought myself a set of DVD of the new 40-episode 神鵰俠侶 for HKD 140 (USD18 ) and I plan to watch it during my next trip to Kyoto (3 more days to go).

Any comments on this drama?


People are dissatisfied because the shooting resulted in some 52-55 episodes, but because (state) TV wants to save money (cost of TV release according to the sum of the episodes) it was cut and sold as DVD version of 41 episodes. I've never heard of a 40 episodes version. Which version did you buy? A Tai Seng or Mainland edition (both have 41 episodes)?

I believe the Tai Seng edition doesn't show the poem at the beginning of episode 1 (I don't know if there are still other differences).

People also begin to grumble because they suspect that some time in the future there will be a release of the 'uncut version' (example: Tian Long Ba Bu 2003)

See below.

To any of you who wants to read the novel SDXL in English, it has been translated completely (from the Chinese 2nd edition) and could be read at: wuxiapedia.com and spcnet.tv (reading room)

The fansubbers at www.d-addicts.com (English) hardsubbed the series (they are now at episode 10 I think). Click on the 'torrent' link at the menu on that site and you will land on the torrent page, look there on page1, 2 etc to find the torrent and the torrentlink beside the title (download) to d/l, it's a high quality DVD rip.


someone asked the costumer service in a site (similar to yesasia)

and they reply that a full version maybe released next month or the end of this month and the person asked this question on 2006-03-24 09:26:12


主题:会不会有完整52集的版本出 评级: ★★★★★

作者: 好看啊  时间: (2006-03-24 09:26:12)


编辑回复: 商家回复普通完整版会于月底出,豪华完整版会于下月初出。

主题:请问!? 评级: ★★★★

作者: roddick  时间: (2006-03-23 08:53:34)


编辑回复: 商家回复会出普通版套装和豪华版套装,但具体时间未定。


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Oh there are 41 episodes (I've just checked it). It is a 中凱 version. I've only heard of extended versions on DVD, never shorter versions. But were there also over 50 episodes when it was broadcast on TV? If the TV version was also 41-episode I don't see a problem.

I don't like 尹志平's new name (甄志丙), and its skipping the whole part on 桃花島 at the beginning. And the way the leading couple practise 玉女心經 is quite amusing.

I finished the first 5 episodes last night and am very tired ...

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Websites and users under scrutiny in Chinese IPR case

www.chinaview.cn 2006-04-26 19:26:10

BEIJING, April 26 (Xinhua) -- Chinese musician Chen Tong is suing download website www.mop.com for "stealing" his works in what is set to become a controversial court case.

The suit was filed at Haidian District court on Wednesday, World Intellectual Property Day.

"The suit is not just for my personal interest, but the whole music community, whose livelihoods depend on the protection of their intellectual property rights," Chen told Xinhua.

A pioneer of Chinese pop music, he composed the music for Zhang Yimou's Olympic video presentation, with which Beijing won the 2008 games. He was also producer of a dozen Chinese singing stars.

Chen claims he was invited to compose music for the TV series "Shen Diao Xia Lu" adapted from Jin Yong's martial arts fiction. Zhang Liangying, a singer from last year's "Super Girls", a television show similar to "American Idol", was invited to perform the theme song "Second to None". Chen made the song especially forZhang, and produced it in his own studio.

Chen agreed to give DoFala.com, a music website, exclusive broadcast and download rights. Under their agreement, DoFala was to pay Chen a fixed fee of 40,000 yuan (5,000 US dollars), and a royalty of 0.5 yuan (six U.S. cents) for each download. However, DoFala had to cancel the cooperation since the song had been found available for downloading on mop.com.

Mop.com canceled the download service after Chen made enquiries, but users could still listen to "Second to None" online. A search of mop.com shows the song has been broadcast and downloaded more than 100,000 times.

"Mop.com has obviously infringed the musician's intellectual property rights," said Dr. Wei Yanliang, a senior scholar with State Intellectual Property Office, who is acting as Chen's agent free of charge.

Huang Yunquan, DoFala.com chief executive, said the song was picked up by other websites as soon as DoFala published it. "Few paid attention to our statement that the song was exclusive."

Dofala alerted other websites, Huang said. "Some small websites immediately canceled the song and apologized, but a few bigger ones ignored the warning and continued to offer it for downloading."

Huang was also worried about the Web 2.0, the new Internet technology allowing users to provide content to web operators. "It is designed to lower the costs of operators, but who can guarantee the content from netizens has been legally obtained?" he said.

He said the Internet needed regulation against rampant piracy, just as Chinese Internet firms were campaigning against pornographic and indecent content. "We should abide by the rules for the protection of intellectual property."

The dispute has sparked controversy in chat rooms, where "Little Fish" complained the Internet was fertile ground for piracy. Users and operators should abide by the rules, and the government policing. "A report mechanism on Internet piracy should also be established."

Another called "Run faster than Pig" said, "Piracy in effect helps promote the producer. It is easier for a pirated version to become popular and make money."

Wei Yanliang said the different attitudes indicated that further education on intellectual property rights was needed in China.

He said the key to protecting intellectual property was implementation of the law. China should learn from the experience of other countries, such as the United States' closure of napster.com, which had 80 million users, demanding it verify every incoming item before reopening.

Last September, baidu.com was successfully sued by a Chinese music firm for 68,000 yuan (8,500 U.S. dollars) because its MP3 search function violated the company's rights. Earlier this month, a technology company developing MP3 download software, Kuro, was sued in the first case involving P2P (peer to peer) downloading in China.

Mop.com is the largest interactive entertainment website in China. The case will open both the operations of commercial mainstream websites and behavior of Chinese Internet users to scrutiny.

End item

Editor: Ling Zhu

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I have finished Episode 20 of the series. Observation - could anyone tell me why they have to specify in the ending credits the nationality of the actors who are not Chinese? I think it is such a very strange practice. And how come 孟廣美 is from 中國香港? I thought she was from Taiwan ...

Sometimes I see 英國 (like 張鐵林?) and 瑞士 (like 斯琴高娃?) Does it matter?

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