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Thousand Year Egg


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Oh but I did hear about 萬年油/万年油 before. (Ten Thousands Years Oil). i.e. Re-used Oil. :lol:

This is quite a common term in Hong Kong, don't know what they call it in other parts of China. My mom used to tell me not to go out to eat any fried food because they used "Man Nin Yau".

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I like pidan very much. You can cook it with vegetables or regular eggs, put it in soup or congee, or eat it with ginger as an appetizer. But don't too much as it is not good for your health (because of the lead in it??? not sure about this).

Ian, if you have that dish at Yung Kee it is gonna be very expensive.

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So far I have not come across any westerners dare try the thousand year egg.

Then I am a hero, 'cuz I did. Without scare. tantsannn.

But I have to admit that there are thousand of things I prefer in chinese cooking before thousand year egg.

In a rice soup for breakfast anyway I really like the flavor it gives to it (my roomate's receipt)

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yum...yum...i definitely like it...on its own, with ginger, in congee

and i think "pidan" was consider as a gross food item in the popular daredevil show "Fear Factor" in America.....but dunno whether it was actually used or not coz i didn't manage to catch all the episodes

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I never knew foreigners are that afraid of pidan. Pidan-Pork congee is one of the best congee, and pidan+sugar is a good appetizer. Are they afraid of 腐乳(rotten tofu) and 霉香咸鱼(rotten fish)? These are all good stuff to accompany rice when you don't have other 菜 to eat with your rice.. and you wouldn't get sick whatsoever from eating them if you just eat them once in a while.

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