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Make up of women of Tang Dynasty


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If I remember my Chinese history correctly, Japan sent emissaries to China during the Tang dynasty to study its culture. Everything from public policy, architecture, dress, and Confucianism were carefully examined and recorded. When these "expat" returned to Japan, they shared their findings with the court. A lot of the traditional Japanese art and culture that you see in Kyoto are actually inspired and borrowed from China. This was, of course, at a time when China was considered the pre-eminent empire. In fact, neighboring nations, like Japan, had to pay annual monetary tributes to China as a way of saying "We know that you're the man. Please don't attack us."

For those who are interested in Women's Studies...Of all dynasties, the Tang gave women the most in terms of respect and privilege. And much like how the Greeks had envisioned the "beautiful" female body, being plump was actually considered a beautiful trait during the Tang. In fact, i think part of the Tang traditions still exist today when you visit Chinese family members..."Oh, you look so skinny! You should eat more and get fatter!" But anyways, It will be funny how future historians will view modern society's concepts of beauty (implants, tuck and lifts, tattoos).

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And much like how the Greeks had envisioned the "beautiful" female body, being plump was actually considered a beautiful trait during the Tang.

Maybe that was because Yang Gui Fei was plump and pretty but that doesn't mean all women look pretty when they are plump.

I wish there was photography during that time, I would like to see how Yang Gui Fei looks like, plump and pretty.

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