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What other languages do we speak


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I'm curious as to what other languages everyone here speaks. I can only claim English (27 years of study and counting :wink: ) and my still less-than-ideal Mandarin. I sometimes think about starting a second Asian language - Japanese when I'm feeling sensible, Cantonese when I've been watching too many HK movies and feel a need to say 'Aaaaa' at the end of every sentence.

I'm sure there must be a few linguists among us though. Stand up and be counted!


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mandarin - increasingly rusty; understand a tiny bit of kunming hua/sichuan hua

studied vietnamese (hanoi accent) for about half a year and remember very little

studied latin for 4 years in a jesuit high school and likewise my memories of it are well faded

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I have studied Japanese for one year so far but I found it impossible

I also studied latin for four years but do not take it into account because I've completely forgotten all of it except the rude bits and the word for glue-boiler (which our Latin teacher told us we would never forget and he was right!)

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Native speaker English.

Moderately useful levels of Spanish and Bahasa Indonesia, both a bit rusty.

And enough Putonghua not to get lost in a taxi and to go shopping.

Uh I understand, but can't speak, some Tagalog (Filipino), although that may be because most Filipinos smatter their conversations with English anyway.


Skylee, how did you come to learn (at least some) Japanese and French? :shock:

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fluent English


the others you learn at school like french german. not v. good tho. can go there and ask for directions and book a hotel and stuff like that, but that's about it.

my english is sorta native fluency.

my mandarin is 6yo mandarin with whatever i learned from my parents. so everyday stuff i can say, like "what's for dinner" or "you're really stupid" but if you asked me to explain what i studies in chemistry today, i'd be "yeah, we learned about this thing that did this but only if you put it into this other liquid". my pronouniciation of what i can say is pretty very good. chinese people don't think i've been in england that long. and i can write to the level of a ten yo, probly. (learned to third book in primary)

and also, if you told me how to write s chines character, i can get the bi hua right.

man, i wrote too much.

oh, btw, happy new year.

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Now, I'm trying to focus on....

-English (I wonder sometimes... )

-Mandarin :D (It's shaky at times as well :P )

-Japanese (Prefer it written :lol: )

-French (Not extremely enthusiatic about it)

-Cantonese (Not well enough :cry: , but improving)

-Korean (Eh...not well enough..)

-Some Spanish :shock:

~Slightly Minnan hua 8)

Any others I more than likely forgot. :wink:

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