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What other languages do we speak


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Can communicate with my gardener in broken Spanish

Please try to have your broken Spanish fixed by Monday, if you can. :D

C, Assembly, Verilog and VHDL languages.

COBOL: the computer language that has survived more death predictions than Keith Richards! :lol:

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My native language is Bulgarian, but since I grew up in Cyprus, where almost everybody speaks English and I went to an American school, my English is near-native, it even used to be better than my Bulgarian before coming back. I used to speak Greek quite well, but now I've forgotten almost everything. Took a bit of French when I was younger, but I never really liked the language. I've been studying Mandarin Chinese for an year in university.

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English (native)

Hakka (native, but noway near as advanced as my English)

German (few years from school)

French (couple years from school, but stopped - may pick up again later)

I was born and have been living in England all my life, but my parents were from Guangdong and Hong Kong so I grew up speaking some Hakka but I still have some difficulty explaining more complicated things from English for example, but I speak fluent, native English, which I have to say I probably am better at than some of my other English friends (because I try hard at school). I'm hoping to learn some Mandarin as well as Chinese characters (which I have had no experience with at all) too, but I'm only 14 at the moment, and haven't had many chances yet.

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When I was a kid, I managed to master Hakka (客家话), Teochew (潮州话), Hokkien (福建话), Cantonese (广东话), and Fuchow (福州话). I don’t know how I did it. It took me only about six months to learn Hokkien. However, I later thought that it would be wiser to focus on Mandarin and English. I have to admit that I’m no longer as fluent in these dialects as I was.

I speak and use Mandarin and English most of the time. I kind of think of the two languages as a yin and yang thing to me. It’s just that I’m not really sure which is yin and which is yang. I’m inclined to think that Mandarin is the yang part and English the yin part.

Oops, I almost forgot to mention that I know some Malay too.

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Cantonese (Mother Tongue)

Mandarin and English ( start from Primary school) Good at speaking mandaring more than English. coz both Mandarin and Cantonese are Chinese :D I wish i can speak English too..

Japanese (Just learnt it for 2 semester in University, gonna pick it up soon)

German(still learning, studied it almost one yr)

I love German and Japanese !!!the pronounciation is FUNNY!!and cute !!haha!!

by the way, where do you guys live? I live in Hong Kong China, i wish we can share the experience of language study!!!

Zai Jian!!! ;p

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English - Fluent

Hakka - Fluent enough (As I'm Hakka, but not very well so would appreciate guildance! :lol:)

A little of Cantonese (Can listen ok, but not speak that well), and few pharses in Mandarin.

Studied French for 4 years, barely fluent.

Andd German for 2 years, not fluent.

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in this order:

American English native


classical Chinese (read only, It would be cool to actually speak and hear the rhymes too)

French (4 years HS - can still kinda speak, and can still read with a dictionary)

Cantonese (technically it was my 母语, but now it really is just my "mother's language," that said, I do understand some, can speak well enough to bargain, and can always tell when I am being yelled at, or when I left some dirty dishes on the coffee table).

Japanese (1 summer+, mostly reading as long as there is a lot of kanji, a grammar book and a dictionary, I can deal, though I can say watashi wa chugokugo no sensei desu)

German (reading only, 1 summer and a good dictionary and grammar book)

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