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Learn Chinese in China

What other languages do we speak


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Failed languages (can't say a single sentence):

French-2 years

Latin-1 year

Spanish-2 years

Mandarin Chinese-2 years in US and one year in Beijing so far

Russian-Just got the Rosetta Stone to brush up for a possible trip to Moscow

Native English speaker with a pleasant Midwest accent.

A little Michiganian for you: Could ya get me my frozen pastie out of the truck and grab a pop(pawp) while you're at it?

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Vietnamese - native

English -5 years

Chinese - 2 years On and Off as there's no environment in America.

Planning to learn Cantonese after I'm fluent in Madarin

French - 6 months then gave up as I don't have time. Self-study French is tough

Singlish - fluent Haha I don't consider it as a language but just a dialect of Singapore.

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Tagalog (Filipino) - my native language (

English - nearly native, as I've been using it since childhood

Mandarin - 还糟糕, pathetic, around 5 months of study

French - forgotten; around 3 months of study during childhood

Cebuano - good enough, but this is a cheat since most grammatical structures are analogous to Tagalog and they share a lot of vocabulary

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English - fluent

Mandarin - around 1500/2000 zi

French - now struggle speaking but fairly advanced comprehension

Anglo Saxon! Did it for one module in university...can remember a few lines of Beowulf..that's about it

Italian - Switched to another English Lit module after famously (amongst my friends) speaking a lot of French in my Italian oral!

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In descending level of fluency...

English - native

Mandarin - advanced

Japanese - advanced

French - intermediate

Spanish - intermediate

Korean - beginner/intermediate

Understand Toisan/Cantonese to an extent but can't speak either... something I blame my mother for every chance I can get.

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English - Native

Latin - Undergrad degree

Ancient Greek (Mostly Attic although my thesis paper had me reading Homeric) - Undergrad degree


French - Mostly Forgotten, but at one point it was okay. I can only read it now, pretty slowly.

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French - native

English... well i'll let you judge by yourself!

Spanish - advanced

And i'm taking up Japanese, not very seriously though.

I learnt some Mandarin in highschool (studied it for 3 years), but I have forgotten most of it since I stopped.

And if anyone wants some help with French or even practice it, I'll be glad to help :) (though I know there are other French people on this forum). I'm surprised by how many of you speak/used to speak a little French!

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Spanish-Intermediate, hopefully advanced level by November

Mandarin-Beginner, trying really hard to be fluent in 15-18 months

I used to speak quite some French but i seem to have forgotten pretty much everything

I d like to re-start my French courses but right now its just Mandarin-Mandarin-Mandarin!!!!

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