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Learn Chinese in China

What other languages do we speak


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Hi Zozo,

You are so right. For the sound of 's' as in 'situation', Hungarian writes 'sz', which I find to be a charming oddity indeed. And when you lot settle for a single 's', it should, unless my memory is altogether gone, come on the air like 'sh' as in 'shingles'.

Charming oddity or acme of sense, why do Hungarians use 's' and 'sz' like that?

I don't mind, not one little bit, I'm just curious.


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Hi Kata,

I think Hungarian (and chinese!) is stranger than other language, english, france, italian, because not too many european knows it.

I think FireEater didn't thought any negative and so I am (of course because I'm hungarian!!!)


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If I have given ANYONE the impression that I'm taking the mickey out of your language, I hereby apologise: Such was NEVER my intention, and if I have offended, well, I can only say I am sorry.

My native language is very odd, and I don't mean that as an insult to anyone.

What little I know about other languages, I know for having been answered, by people who from time to time thought little of my language. Tough trip! They set me right, and with every invoice that elicits a benevolent response, I know they were right.

You all be fine now...


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No need to apologise to anyone, FireEater. I simply drew your attention to your use of "charming oddity" in relation to other people's language, which can sound condescending in the right context.

(If you live in the UK, you'd understand why I dislike "handing-down-kindness-to-others" sort of attitude :D ).

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Hungarians also put the surname before the given name, like the Chinese, iirc. I'm sure this must be very confusing for Hungarians in China. One thing I remember from a trip to Hungary was that we used to drink 'tej' for breakfast every morning, and that this was actually milk rather than 'tea'.

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Time for a post revival.

I can speak English, Arabic, Urdu (basic), Chinese (learning), and I knew some Spanish once upon a time. I'm aiming to learn Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, and Indonesian, but...er, that'll take awhile.

Annyung haseyo!...But that would be hello. So, er, zai jian!

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English - native

Mandarin - learned 8 years, not as good as I'd like

Japanese - 2nd year formal study, 3rd year if you include self-taught stuff.

Someday, I'd like to go for languages like German, Portuguese, Arabic, maybe Urdu. Spanish,French and Russian give me twinges every so often.

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ah well here goes:

English- native

Mandarin- beginner (800 characters)

Japanese- just "flirting" I know a teeny bit

Swedish- used to study but never learned listening/speaking so I have forgotten everything

Korean- Can read Hangul and I can say "hello" and "I love you" but thats it.

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Les langues c est ma passion:

- French : native

- Swahili : native (spoken in some countries in Africa like Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo)

- Lingala : fluent ( nationale language in Congo --- both Congos )

- English : fluent (nowadays it is a standard to speak this language,....)

- Polish : fluent ( i did my master in polish language in Cracow and i spent almost 8 years in Poland)

-Spanish: fluent (almost 6years speaking)

- Russian: elementary and basic

- Italian : elementary and basic

-mandarin : starting next week.

Et voila !!!!

Learning chinese it is a big challenge for me, but i will make it. It s just a matter of time.

In fact my favorite languages are russian and italian. I learn spanish by mistake thinking it was italian, but i dont regret that. So my dream is to be fluent in russian and italian, an also my father tongue language" Bemba" (spoken in DR Congo and Zambia). After that BASTA !!!! i will take a break and disfrutar los resultados de mi trabajo.

Pozdrawiam serdecznie!!!

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