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Characters with different pronunciations on Mainland / Taiwan


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Shou3, or at least that's what I hear and use. Mainland says shu3, right?

nǐde xiàoróng zhèyàng shú

"甜蜜蜜" - 邓丽君 (台湾)

shóuxi is also OK but it rhymes better as shúxī in this famous song.

n China, 尾巴 is usually wei3ba (i.e. the 巴 is in the neutral tone). Is 巴 pronounced in the first tone in Taiwan?

My dictionary says "wěiba" and "yǐba" (as a regionalism). Sometimes, it's worth showing the original tone (bā), I think that what Quest meant to do.

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This reminded me of my ex-bf who was a Taiwanese. We used to argue so much about the pronunciations of words because I have learned the china style and he, of course, the Taiwanese style. I remember the few words we argued were 血液(Xie yi / Xue ye), 腋下 (Yi xia / Ye xia).....

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表示轻声用 “˙”调号,比如“爷爷”(爺爺 ㄧㄜㄧˊㄜ˙)。儿化也用了。比如“哪儿“ - 哪ㄋㄚˇ)”

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危 wei1 vs wei2

In mainland china Wei2 is very popular too because, as i've heard, in many local dialects, 危 is pronunced as wei2 too. When i raised a question among my friends in mainland china, most of them don't know which one is "the standard".

The "Hanyu Dacidian" did change some "standard" pronunciation before. I wouldn't be surprised that there'd be some changes in this character too.

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I've been studying the "國語vs普通話" link listed on the first page of this thread and found some inaccuracies. So I decided to check with two sources; one being my mom from Taiwan and the other being my girlfriend from China. After some corrections of what the most common pronunciation was as well as some erasures of characters that didn't need to be listed, I came up with the list below which might be of use to some people since you can't cut and paste from the site listed above. (Yes, I know I have too much time on my hand)


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I grew up in the city of Jinhua, Zhejiang province. In the local dialect of Jinhua, 垃圾 la1 ji1 is pronounced le4 se. In actual fact, the Taiwanese dialect has similar pronunciation to many other local dialects in China, thanks to the influence of all the Kuomintang soldiers who immigrated there.

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Not quite, Taiwanese is a dialect of Minnanyu/Hokkien, so it sounds like the dialect spoken in southern Fujian. The fangyan spoken by the Guomindang soldiers who made it to Taiwan didn't really influence the dialects spoken in Taiwan (well, apart from making Mandarin the national language).

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From a Cantonese speaker's point of view one would expect...






剽 piao3

yi3, yi4


qiao3, qiao4



期 ji1, qi2


bing3, bing4


dang3, dang4

dun1, dun4

菌 jun3


儲 chu1, chu3





fang1, fang2

wen3, wen4

yao1, yao3


yi2, yi4




攜 xi2


There are no characters with 入聲 here, so the tones are completely predictable between Cantonese and Mandarin. Red matches with 普通話. Blue matches with 國語. Magenta matches with both. Do what you want with this data; IMO the sample size is too small to make any conclusions.

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