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Taboos 忌諱

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Here are two common examples.

In Cantonese, the pronunciations of 空 and 凶 are the same. So in Hong Kong we don't sell/buy 空屋, we sell/buy 吉屋. And to handover a 吉屋 is called 交吉. This term is used in the property market. And sometimes we use "吉" in other similar situations, e.g. 吉位 (=空位).

And when a gambler buys a book, he does not 買書(輸), he 買贏.

Any more?

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Guest dodo

one from top of my head is not to give "clock" as a gift tho i've received a few in the US

送钟 ~ 送终

giving clock as a gift sounds the same as attending a funeral. gotta love chinese :)

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THere's only one I can think of right now. In Cantonese the most offensive foul language should be "diu nei lo mo" which means fxxk your mother. Somehow people found it to rude to f one's mother but still wanna f somebody. So they said, "diu nei LO MEI", just change the last word to LO MEI...

It's still a bad word, but somehow softens the tone... and indeed I have no idea what it means at all.

And speaking of the "DIU" (means Fxxk in Cantonese), there're some variations too. Some are even accepted in TV soap operas.




A very common one but a little bit outdated right now, is the replacement of DIU NA SING by SIU NA SING.

Don't ask me about the meaning of those words, I don't know indeed.

Anyway, have I sticked to the original post?

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