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Banquet food


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Anyone notices how the dish courses are sequenced in wedding or birthday banquets?

In Hong Kong, there are some fixed rules:

The main dish must consist of 8 courses and got to include shark's fin and abalone.

Usually the dishes in average budget are served in this sequence:

(1) Whole roasted piglet;

(2) & (3) Two really heavy portioned appetizers;

(4) Shark's fin soup;

(5) Abalone;

(6) Fish (usually farm sea bass or sea bass from sea depending on budget);

(7) Vegetable dish;

(8) Chicken or twin pigeons;

(9) fried rice/E-min;

(10) Sweet soup (i.e. Red Bean soup);

(11) Two kinds of desserts;

(12) Fruit.

Of course, there have been variations over time. It used to be that in addition to the shark's fin and abalone, sea cucumber and dried fish tummy (the tube-like stuff) were essential. But now they have fallen out of favor.

Moreover, the invitation card usually states that the food serving starts at 8 p.m. but hardly can it start until 9 p.m.

What cuisines do they serve in other places for banquet?

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shark-fin and abalone could be a bit too expensive in Guangzhou to the average weddings, because they are multiplied by the number of tables, usually 15+. 鱼肚羹would be a good substitute. Also after 长寿面,寿包 is served in birthday banquets. Parents would make sure their kids eat both, even if just one bite.

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My place here, sharks fin is a must for wedding banquets, abalone - yup, but very thin slices served together with mushrooms and broccoli but bird's nest - never experienced that before.

Dunno, but what I know is that they normally budget the cost per table so that they are able to cover costs and probably their honeymoon package too....he...he...so don't expect too good food at wedding banquets.

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In Malaysia, does the bride need to switch between western wedding gown and Chinese traditional gown on the wedding day as most HK brides are required?

And does the bridegroom's family need to offer a whole roasted piglet to the bride's family within 3 days of the wedding (now usually on the wedding day) as HK wedding does?

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