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Any chinese(mandarin) movies with captions (pinyin)

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Hello, I'm new here.

I started learning chinese about a year ago, but I just recently started taking it seriously.

I'm at the point that I'm very good reading pinyin. Now I'm going to start building my vocabulary.

Does any of you guys know if there are movies with pinyin caption?

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I'm in the same situation and was planning to post the very same question. I think this would be a great resource to help build vocabulary and develop listening skills.

It would be great if the subtitles included both English and pinyin. Has anyone taken the time to do this?


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If you are interested in English subtitles, there are a bunch of Mandarin drama & comedy series produced in Singapore which have English subs floating around in the ether. You can do a search in verycd.com with the keywords "新加坡".

They are in RMVB (real media video) format. You can download them using ed2K/eMule.

I rather enjoyed these 2 series in particular: 野蛮亲家 and 有福. You may find the accent closer to Taiwanese, some vocabulary is a little strange (localized) and the English subs sometimes use charming archaic English expressions (remnants of the jackboot of English imperialism ). OK for me, since I am from that region :)

I don't actually see any value in pinyin subtitles. If you can hear the dialogue, why do you need pinyin? Won't it be more beneficial to have hanzi or English subs?

In any case, it would be possible to create subtitle files, which would be an interesting project. This could be done for any of the other drama series ppl are watching including Beijingers in New York, Chinese-style Divorce etc.

For example, we could create separate hanzi, English and also pinyin files. I don't have the time to do this, but if we can round up volunteers, many hands make light work.

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There were some posts here with a few Chinese movie transcripts in hanzi. Can't find them any more. If you can't find them, check with Roddy.

You can generate pinyin with some editing using a number of online/offline tools using the characters. Note that movie Chinese transcripts are not many and they are all in characters. I don't think you'll find any in pinyin. If your Chinese is good enough to understand movies you should know or learn the characters.

However, it would be much harder to convert pinyin to characters, the reverse is not so difficult with available tools, if you do it bit by bit.

My vocab is not big and I also struggle if I have to read subtitles in Chinese but if you have the transcript in a file, it's a different story because you can prepare fragments before watching - get pinyin and translate unknown words.


Here's the thread with transcripts (Chinese Film Transcripts). The texts are in Chinese characters.


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