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Calling all single guys in Shanghai


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I think she's gotten the weiguoren bug. I find Chinese girls studying in the UK either can't wait to get home and be with a Chinese guy, or they love British guys and culture and become forever changed. I don't know any who isn't fussed whether their partner is Chinese or Western. They tend to have a strong preference for one.

I have no problem with interracial relationships, but I think people who exclusively look for other races has an inferior complex or has fetishes.

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Korean girls are generally the prettiest

I know I shoudn't be saying this since I'm an ethnic Chinese, but how can you tell distinguish a Korean from a Chinese? It's sad but I admit it I can't tell the physical differences among East Asians.

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None of this is 100%, but Koreans (at least the pretty ones :) ) tend to have more angular noses, high cheek bones, "dimple" like depressions in the corners of the mouth, high eyebrows... and little folds or bags under the eyes that are more apparent in Koreans than other asians. The latter can lead to a more "slit eyed" effect when combined with other features... or if the eyes are larger, something more like ^^



granted, many Korean stars have had plastic surgery done - which in turn leads to a growing plastic surgery industry in China as women rush to clinics with a picture of their favorite Korean soap opera star "make me look like her!!!" :mrgreen:

although several of those features can't really be done with surgery - the most common is the ubiquitous upper eyelid surgery to mimic Western eyes..

HashiriKata, apparently Japanese have a higher per-capita cosmetic surgery rate :)

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"don't find white girls attractive anymore"

new semester started this week, and we have a whole gaggle of new western girls.

i definitely agree with the above statement. big butts, big boobs, big thighs. yuck.

nothing says HOT like a middle-age 5' tall chinese woman in miniskirt and gogo-boots!!!

fetishes are fun!!

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Wo haipa!! Nide xiao didi tai chang!!!

Hmmmm, Obviously Mr stinky deliberately designed this to poison simple, pure Chinese children who can read neither English nor Chinese Characters!:twisted:

hey, she said it, i'm just repeating it.
and this............. exhib..what what?:mrgreen:
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