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General Zhang Xiong


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are you looking for this guy :


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i'll try to translate for you. it's an opportunity for me to exercise my english.

Zhang Xiong(张雄), also had a name called Tai Huan(太欢), His ancestral home is in Province He'nan(河南) District NanYang(南阳). Their families had lived in gaocheng(高昌, in pinyin it shuod be spelt gaochang) a long time. He was born in a noble family in Kingdom Gaocheng. His grandfather Zhang Wu(张务) was 'guard left' general(左卫将军, a kind of officer) and prime minister(绾曹郎中, the highest administrate officer, ). His father, Zhang Rui(张端), was 'build justice' general (建义将军) and prime minister. His aunt was the wife of the King Qu BoYa (麴伯雅)of Kindom Gaocheng. Qu WenTai(麴文泰), the next king, was his brother. He lived in a such noble family and he was not a man in the street. when he was about 20 years old( 弱龄, in ancient chinese it indicated a a 20-year-old-man he got a very important post and become a member of the highest ruler group. ZhiWen(志文, a nother guy i never heard.) eulogized him is a clever guy and never to be arrogant by his talent and high place. He is both scholar and general. (there too many ancient chinese sentance here. i even can't get these chinese means exactly.)

PS: there are some many officer name i translated by meanings, such as 左卫将军, 建义将军. by the way, this guy i had never heard before. :oops: my english is also not good. i hope you can point the mistakes. thanks a lot!

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