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Can any Vietnamese speakers out there give me a translation (into English) of the following?

Thông tư liên tịch Tư Pháp

Thanks in advance!

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Since it's a kind of "legalese", I can't be quite sure of its precise meaning but here is something approximate to it:

Joint Judicial Notice

"联席司法通知" is the closest Chinese translation of the Vietnamese above that I can think of, but has any Chinese speaker here ever heard of "联席司法通知" ? What could it possibly mean? A verdict in a court of law?

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Thanks HashiriKata!

I was getting caught on Thông tư (specifically tư). None of my Viet-Eng or Viet-Chin dictionaries glosses the word, nor do any online dictionaries I tried. I naturally thought of 通知, but my Han-Viet character dictionaries only give 'tri' as a pronunciation for 知, so I thought I might be misinterpreting the word. After your input I looked up 通知 in a regular Han-Viet dictionary (which I should have done to begin with!) to discover thông tư in black and white.

Anyway, much obliged for your help. Now if I only knew what a "joint judicial notice" was!?

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I think "Thông tư" must have come from 通谘(通咨), and is used just like 通知 (but 通谘(通咨)seems to be no long used in Mandarin).

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