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Taxidriverhua - Are there some examples?


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It would make more sense if you translate “Taxidriverhua” as “Taxi driver’s slang”.

For example, it is said that they call “go to the washing room 上洗手间” as “pay for the‘water fee’交水费”, for some public washing rooms here are not free.


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Never heard of this but it sounds interesting. Thanks for your reply Young. I guess there are lots of differences between the way taxi drivers speak in the North and the South. By the way I like the expression "taxidriverhua", though it was not generated by me as you can find it in the introduction of the forum. "Taxi drivers' slang" sounds no fun to me - My humble opinion, please don't get irritated 8)

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Back in the Deng dynasty, foreign passengers in Beijing were known as "付外汇的老外", at least that's what they were calling me before suddenly becoming aware that I understand Mandarin. I heard it on more than one occasion, thus believed it was part of their lexicon.

Of course nowadays they think the exact opposite, and even refuse foreigners who are not going a certain direction. They probably have also developed a unique derogatory term for foreigners who don't pay full fare when the drivers get lost or go past a destination, but now they assume we all speak Mandarin so it's only used among themselves while idling in hotel parking lots.

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