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If anyone wants to help out with the site, I'd be very happy to hear from people willing to do stuff like

1) Moderate - fairly simple stuff, merging / splitting / moving posts when necessary and generally being helpful and friendly, in whatever section interests you.

2) Editing - for example, editing or putting together stickies / resources on certain topics, such as the studying in Beijing and Grammar stickies we already have. Particularly useful would be someone who studies in say, Xi'an, and can write up a post about the different study options there, and perhaps encourage a few of the local foreign students to sign up and contribute.

3) Links - the links directory is kind of languishing at the moment, and although there's a lot of useful stuff in there it's not what it should be. Anyone want to be link directory admin?

4) Subsections - if you'd like there to be a new subsection of the site and you'd be willing to run it, let me know. Previous suggestions have been forums for people raising English-Chinese billingual kids, foreign women working in China, etc. None of these got of the ground, but as the site grows more things become viable.

Of course the most important thing you can do is

5) Contribute - keep asking, answering and discussing.

but help with the above would be appreciated. No cash prizes, but you obviously get credit for what you do and maybe a Chinese-forums.com T-shirt at Christmas. Drop me a pm or email if you are interested.

Many thanks


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