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Sand storm, pollution envelop Beijing

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Sand storm, pollution envelop Beijing

Mon Apr 17, 2006 7:38am ET7

BEIJING (Reuters) - A sand storm struck the Chinese capital on Monday, covering homes, streets and cars in brown dust and leaving the skies a murky yellow as it suffers its worst pollution in years ahead of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Desertification of the country's west and Mongolian steppes has made the spring sand storms worse in recent years, reaching as far away as South Korea and Japan.

So far in 2006, Beijing has notched up 13 days of the worst measure of pollution, more than last year's total and the highest in six years, state media said.

Only 53 "blue sky" days in Beijing had been recorded in 2006 by last Wednesday. The city sets a target of about 230 such clean days a year to help what it says will be a "Green Olympics".

http://news.thebeijingnews.com/china/2006/0418/[email protected]


"Dude, what happened to my car?"







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Yeah,every morning when I come downstair to my bike,finding it covered by a layer of dust.I have conceled several outting for the sand storm.It sucks.

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Picture from yesterday. Does everyone else find this really bizarre? I mean, we might have got some sand blown up from the beach when I was a kid, but dust?

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My dad sent me a German article about this last week, because he figured that if I hadn't brought Bibi (my Pekingese) back to the states she'd be wearing one of these....

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This is the reason why I escape from the north.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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