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Nixon and the teacups


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Had visitors in town yesterday and went on one of those all-in-one Great Wall tours where you get dragged to lots of tourist stops.

I take the view that the guide's patter is made up of a few facts along with a generous helping of exaggeration, urban legends, and outright fabrication. So I'd like to check up on one bit:

Any idea what the story is behind the story that Nixon was struck dumb with amazement when he saw a demonstration of jade teacups that could be filled over the brim with tea without spilling?

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The effect in this instance is magnified by the shape of the teacup lip and the transluscence of the jade at that point, so it looks more impressive than your standard overfilled water-glass meniscus.

What puzzled me, however, was not the effect itself, but the fact that Nixon reportedly was so amazed that he wanted to take this national treasure home with him, only the jade commune wouldn't let him. Does this story have any basis in fact (ie he gave the demonstration a polite smile and thumbs-up), or is Nixon's name being attached to what is essentially a street-hawker's pitch?

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