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Guest cavebear

Age of Simplified Script

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Guest cavebear
Now it is back to square 1.

Every community can choose to use whatever script he/she likes.

But if any fellow posters think that because of sheer numeric superiority' date=' then the script which more people use will be prevalent in the future is hardly true.

Stuffs like culture (which written script is part of it), thoughts, political theory, social custom,....etc do not depend on sheer number.

So we'll see.[/quote']

Agree. Actually I think the IT era give the traditional character a break as people type in the charaters and the number of strokes does not matter.

Ian, do you think that the radicals would have gotten the second wave of simplication through if they stayed in power? I can not agree with you on that. after all the politics, people are people and crazy ones will see their end soon. The secend wave of simplication (real simplification) were making it so hard for every body ( including the leaders thenselves) to even read the newpaper. It never will come through.

Simplified forms were not juct used in Cursory writing. They were used in every day handwriting all the time. Just try to read any excavated doc you will see many of them. Simplified Character is a misnomer. They are as at least as old (and "traditonalas") the traditional , if not any older. Actually if it were not for the invention of individual fonts in Sung Dynasty, you would hardly have any chance to see the "traditional" form in 20 century.

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Just a side note.

If any foreigners aim to learn both Chinese and Japanese, the traditional script may be a choice for them.

Even though Japan has also undergone simplification on its Kanji after WWII, its script has more commonality with the traditional script than with the simplified script.

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