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Learn Chinese in China

Tianjin University and Tianjin

Guest ma xun

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In the very near future, I'll be arriving in Tianjin to study. Could anyone with experience at Tianjin University or just living in Tianjin please pass along some words? Flattery and criticism of the university and/or city would be most welcomed.

Thank you.

Ma Xun

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Hello Ma Xun,

Your going to Tianjin? When? Which university?

This fall semester I'll be going to Tianjin University of Economics and Finance though my exchange program.

How long will you be staying?

I would really write more, but I have to finish an essay on american holidays.

I know this doesn't help you much, as I've never been to Tianjin just yet,but it never hurts saying hello.


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Guest gaoliying

Similarly, I am thinking of staying in Tianjin for four months beginning this Fall but I will need to go to Beijing at least twice a week during that time. Should I just stay in Beijing and forget Tianjin (going there for free accomodations with some Chinese friends)? Is it too much of a hassle or what? How long does it take to get from Tianjin to Beijing and back? How's the transportation in that part of the country?

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你好 gaoliying,

I don't know how good the train system is - but according to the time schedule it takes about 2 hours. I don't think that it would be too bad, but I don't have any idea what is would be like.

For round trip twice a week, it may be a bit more time than you would be willing to spend traveling - but the possibility to stay with a few friends it would be worth it for me.


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the train from beijing zhan is 30 kuai... the trains are pretty regular & last weekend it only took an hour to get from tianjin to beijing... tianjin uni is a fair way from tianjin zhan but is cheap enough by taxi... the city of tianjin is a bit boring but the people are lovely... i don't know about the uni but i am next door at nankai daxue which isn't too shabby...

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I can confer that travelling to Beijing from Tianjin is no hassle at all. I don't do it regularly though, but I've done it enough to know it's no big deal at all. I say do that if you've got friends here.

It takes about an hour and a half, and they have seperate booths for you to buy the tickets in both stations. In Tianjin, on the first floor you can buy from the special booth set up there too.


Tianjin, China

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Hello all, I'm a newbie here and going to learn chinese at Tianjin

University this fall semester

so...i need some opinion, is it better to live in the dorm or apartement???

I barely have the info about it

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Eight years ago... closing. Do a search and if you can't find something recent and relevant start a new topic giving all the information we might need to help.

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