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Anyone have a list of the 300 most useful grammar points?

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My friend had a book of the 300 most useful grammar points and it was fantastic. Unfortunately I'm not in China right now or I would look for it. Anyone know if something like this is published online? Anyone feel like compiling a list? I struggle a lot with just using easy stuff over and over again and I think it sounds really redundant, especially when I am writing. I know that I KNOW more grammar points but it's hard for me to call them up.

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Liu Bang

Can you tell me the name of that book? Sounds great. I'm hoping my friend can pick it up in China this summer. I could really use something like that!

I think that is the hardest thing to find is a list or reference of grammar patters. Every book has a few per chapters but there's no one book dedicated to it as far as I can see. Even if you know all the characters if you don't know these common patterns and sentences structures comprehension is going to be difficult.

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I'm using the "Conquer HSK Chinese Grammar", Peking University Press, 2005,

ISBN 7-301-07-988-5


It's Lists grammar points, illustrates them with correct and incorrect usages, gives you exercises to do so you can apply the points, then discusses the possible answers to the exercises. That is, it doesn't only tell you why you're right, but tells you why other possible answers might be wrong.

I used it for preparing for the HSK, but I think it's a generally useful resource. Hope it's helpful.


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