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Cantonese Teachers/Tutors in Toronto


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The owner of East West Books, on Harbord just west of Spadina, is a native Cantonese speaker and occassionally offers private tutoring for both Mandarin and Cantonese. Last time I checked it was only 20 bucks an hour. Not sure if he still offers it though, he's not in the store very often anymore. I think the guy's name is Thomas Man.

You can also try the language exchange section in the International Student Centre at the University of Toronto.

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If you are interested in learning online, have thought about checking out Skype and Jyve? Even if you find a local teacher, you can practice what you learn with a native speaker, you just need a headset and a computer. Another thing you can do is post an ad for a tutor on the ESL Job Board at http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/tutors/index.pl The ads are for any language - not just English. You can usually ask for a free lesson - a good way to find out if the teacher is suitable for you.

Good luck,


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Goperang, have you tried the high schools/ community centers that offer chinese classes at night? I believe they have both mandarin and cantonese classes available. There are many programs around the GTA area, especially where there's a large chinese community, such as the Richmond Hill area.

Even if you can't attend formal classes at the community center, you might be able to find a teacher there and negotiate private tutoring sessions instead. The Chinese Cultural Center of Greater Toronto is one place that offers chinese classes for adults and young children; perhaps you can find more information through them: http://www.cccgt.org

If you know someone who can read chinese, check the classifieds in 明报 Mingbao and 星岛日报 Xingdao newspapers for chinese language programs or tutors.

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