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地球村 Diqiucun (Global Village) in Wangjing


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I'll be moving from Xi'an to Beijing this September with the orginal plan of studying Chinese at Diqiucun in Wudaokou, due to the price/quality/flexibility ratio. I'm wondering, however, if anyone has had any experience (or knows anything about) studying at the 2nd Diqiucun center, located in Wangjing? The Diqiucun website: http://diqiucunschool.co.kr/introduce/ditu.php is written almost entirely in Korean, with little Chinese and almost no English, so it's a little difficult for me to discern whether or not the Wangjing branch even offers the same types of classes and scheduling options. The reason I'm considering Wangjing is because it would be a shorter commute from the Chaoyang district, which is where I'll be living.

So, if anyone knows anything about Diqiucun's secondary school, please let me know. Or, if you know of any other schools in the Chaoyang area that offer high quality/flexibility at a low cost (at 12RMB/hour I'm guessing Diqiucun is the lowest?) your thoughts will be appreciated :)



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Hi there,

I've also been looking at the Global Village School recently so with my

limited knowledge of Korean I can tell you something.

The two schools in Wudaokou and Wangjing seem to

provide the same type of classes. There are a few slight differences though.

The classes are available with either English or Chinese instruction and

there are classes during the week and at the weekend at both sights.

The classes at Wudaokou are 2 hours but the weekday classes at

Wangjing are 90 mins. The price is slightly different too,


Wudaokou: 24-30 RMB/class

Wangjing : 26-30 RMB/class


Wudaokou: 30-36 RMB/class

Wangjing : 32-36 RMB/class

The variation in the price is due to how many classes you book.

At both sites there are also private 1:1 or 1:2 or 1:3 classes at the weekend which are

35,25,20 RMB/person but are for just 1 hour.

There is a map to each school location in Chinese,


There is also a list of textbooks used there,


and a list of teachers with pictures too,


The schedule of class at both sites can be found in Chinese,

Click on the western guy at the top holding a book to see Wudaokou

and the girl at the bottom with some paper over her face to see Wangjing,


And you can even book classes via an email link,


The web site also says that the first time you go there you

can attend a class for free to see if you like it.

After that you can decide whether you want to reserve some classes.

I think that is enough for now,

Good luck


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Hello :)

Thanks for taking the time to translate all that info -- very useful. I guess I'll have to stop by the school in Wangjing and sign up for a free trial lesson.


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Hi there, how things going with attending free lessons at Wangjing?

What do u think of that?

Im planing next semester to moove from my institute (also at Wangjing- BAijing Institute of Economy Management, BIEM), wanna find some place where is more cheeper then here. Im paying here 2000$ for one year. Heard that its really expencive.

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Question for attending at Diqiucun Wudaokou.

How do they know who are attending or who are not? From my observation, I didn't see the teacher check the attendance or anything? Any ideas? Please share.

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