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I want to know what level book i'm using


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tnx for the quick replies. so far so good. have background in chinese as i went to a chinese school for elementary and secondary education. i'm pretty ok at the level though i still can't recognized the simplified chinese words as what was thought in school before were in traditional. I browsed through the book and i give its difficulty at 7 on scale of 1-10. My chinese is still pretty ok, just that there are words that i can read but don't know the meaning.

i just noticed at the book汉语口语速成 has five levels, with ru4 men1 being lowest. is this the level being thought to students with no background in chinese? btw, the book has 上 and 下. Were using the 下, as the class i'm in used the 上 last term.

also, wat does the last two words of the book mean?

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Don't worry about what level the book you're using is, as long as you're comfortable with it and think it's useful to you. Since it's the 下 volume, it's not for complete beginners.

The last 2 words of the book mean "accelerated/ intensive course"

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Tnx for the explanation sir/ ma'am HashiriKata !

just wondering if anybody ready this that have gone to blcu. is the book (with 16 lessons) for one semester already? like one lesson per week?

the teacher said that the book is quite 淺 for the class, as most students have studied chinese in elemntay and high school before. The school will be looking for extra study materials for us.

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