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Help needed with a puzzle please!


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The chinese characters in themselves don't seem to make much sense when put together like this, and I don't think the first one is even a real character. Could it be that the codeword mentioned on the site you linked to is simply "Chinese"?

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As a Chinese, I may tell you that the "Puzzle" 麟暖啸二斑日 (lín nuǎn xiào bān rì), with the correct pronunciation, does not have any sense in Chinese. These six words do have its meanings repectively, but they are not a phrase or sentence.

麟 means big deer or Chinese unicorn

暖 warm

啸 to howl or bark

二 two

斑 spot or sparkle

日 sun

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Perhaps the solution has something to do with the number of vertical and horizontal strokes in the characters. Or perhaps the character components need to be mapped to some sort of numeric equivalent.

This might explain why the first character has been modified. The 二 is vertically mispositioned, incidentally.

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