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While learning chinese at Tel-Aviv university in israel, i made

a nice PHP site to help me with learning the chinese characters.

the site is based on the princeton chinese books but can be used

by anyone.

I invite everyone to use it and tell me what they think...

its totaly free and without any ads....

enjoy and good luck with learning,


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It's a bit minimalist, but I like that sometimes.

It's also good that it works even without a PC, or any form of internet connection.

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Why is Tel-Aviv in upper case and everything else that should be capitalised is in lower case? Is the Chinese taught in the same relaxed style on your web-site? What's the address anyway?

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Well, I learnt all of those. Can I read newspapers yet?

Will give muhadib a couple of days to come back and if he doesn't I'll then delete this one I think . . .

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well... my chinese is a bit rusty, but if i understand your comment right, you offered to drop the click submit each time - which i think its kinda nice to have cuz you can change your mind after the click, but i am open for improvments...

second thing i understand you are offering to add the simplified chars, which i am working on,

i can also tell you guys these days i am working on a couple of improvments in the interface as well as adding the "Trip to china" vocabulary as my second book.



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Great idea! Wish this sort of thing had been around a few years ago!

You may want to consider adding tone marks to your pinyin.

Also, I would tend to make the choices a little more difficult (perhaps a separate level) - use the same initials and/or finals. eg 早 zhao / zao / cao / chao or zao / zuo / zui / za

At the moment, it's very easy.

You could also create a further level that also differentiates the tones.

eg 早 zhao2 / zhao3 / zao2 / zao3

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well... my chinese is a bit rusty, but if i understand your comment right

Yes, you did.

which i think its kinda nice to have cuz you can change your mind after the click

It's not a nuclear missile launch facility.:mrgreen: But maybe you're right. Maybe it's just because I am a native Chinese speaker.

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first of all i would like to that for all the nice comments.

second, regarding the php code - its kinda my baby, i am working on this site for some time now and it evolved along the way from my first VB based program that turned into this site.

i am a very good php programmer, if i like any of the ideas or features pepole advice me to add i will add them.

besides, this site involved a lot of work for the simple reason you dont need chinese fonts on the computer, everything is already built in.

could be that i will release it when i am done or to specific group of pepole that would like to assist in the future.

about the adding the tones, check out the help section and the settings menu, you can configure the interface of the flashcards.

thanks again,


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I've read 59 pages,it is wonderful


休 xiu1 - (to resy; to stop; to pause) :mrgreen:

待 dai4 - ( to treat, entertain)

also dai1- ( to stay)

應 yang1 - (should, ought to)

should be ying1

涼 ling2 - cool

should be liang1

興 xing4 - (cheerful; happy; merry)

also xing1- to rise;get up

惡 wu4 - (to hate; detest; dislike)

also e3- 惡心-to feel sick

also e4 ugly,bad

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