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    • liaozhihan
      Are there any Chongqing dialect dictionaries (specifically for Chongqing, not Sichuanese in general), and where can you get them, preferably online?
    • Hasan
      I did my Masters from China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing (2018-2020). Now, I have secured PhD scholarship in Turkey. For that, I will need equivalency certificate in Turkey which can only be obtained if my degree is legalised by Turkish Embassy in Beijing. Turkish embassy will only legalise it if it’s legalised by Foreign Ministry and Notary.  So, can someone please guide me the procedure and ideally costs of doing that? I’m currently in Pakistan and cannot go back to China. My degree is still with the university and I will be asking someone to collect it and do the double legalisation on my behalf but need some clarification on procedures. Can notary service also provide translation in Turkish? I’ve heard English translation can be done from there.  I’d be grateful if someone can guide with the process.  Thanks 
    • RedInkstone
      Came across 炉灶 and wanted to add it to Anki, so I tried to find the difference in meaning between 炉子 and 炉灶. The former shows all kinds of stoves when googling/baiduing for images. But I when was looking for 炉灶 only gas stoves came up.   I just wanted to ask for confirmation from someone more knowledgable, weather 炉灶 only refers to gas stoves or just gas stoves came up because they are the most widely used stove type in China. Or if there maybe is no difference between those two words at all, just another case of regional variants?  
    • JinWenSen
      Does anyone know how to do this ? Basically I'm interested in being able to put chunks of texts in Google translate or in Lingq but I'm working from a pdf picture file (I can't highlight select or copy the text).    Thanks !
    • Hijinks
      Hi all! First off, how is everyone today?   I first attempted the HSK 5 in 2018, and scored 160 (听力: 55, 阅读: 54, 写作: 51). I tried again in 2020 after maintaining (with some cramming at the end), and managed a score of 159 (听力: 60, 阅读: 47, 写作: 52). In short, my Chinese has maintained, but not improved despite attempts.   I genuinely thought I'd passed the HSK 5 well the last time I tried, but apparently not. I've rebooked the exam for December this year, and I'm determined to pass and finally get this road block out of the way.   For practice, I've typically gone through every lesson and grammar point of HSK5标准课程 and listened to a mixture of texts, some ChinesePod and gone through some sample HSK 5 mock papers, followed by an ungodly amount of SRS for vocabulary. Beyond that though, not much with that much structure.   I'm currently analysing my weakest links with the aim to build on all of them, but I don't want to leave this time up to chance. For those who've taken and passed the HSK 5, may I ask for your advice? What tips do you have for finding, improving and focusing on weaknesses? In particular, do you have any advice for the writing section?   Thank you all so much for your help!    
    • 大块头
      In case anybody here has a question or two that they'd like to ask.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcDuh5lSFMQ
    • inv
      hi, I do not want to get vaccinated.  So, can someone help me about what would happen if I would have a trip to china (stated regions in the topic) my basic queries :   1) is such a trip forbidden currently? 2) will Chinese authority require visitors to show PCR result for a defined timely manner?   Thanks.
    • 黄有光
      It's about time for a little vacation from studying. I have been cramming vocabulary since the beginning of this year, and in that time I have managed to more than double my vocabulary, acquiring nearly 8,000 new words and reading six different books along the way -- my first books ever. I'm quite pleased with my progress! 😁   But even the best of us can fall victim to burnout -- and I would know, because it's happened to me before. That's why I'm taking two-ish weeks off from all things Chinese. I'm making this post just to remind everyone to take some time every now and again. A little break here and there does wonders for staving off burnout.  
    • Ethan Reedy
      What is considered a verb and subject in mandarin chinese? (I'm a beginner in this language by the way so I don't know very many words yet)
    • jnp
      Hi everybody,   I have a friend whose name is Chiloi (pronounced chee-loy, chee as in cheese, loy as in alloy). Her mother gave her that name because she heard it once and thought it sounded beautiful. Her mother claims it's a Chinese name   Unfortunately we have no idea what it means and our previous searches have not been successful.   If anyone could help us with finding the meaning we would be very grateful. 
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