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    • guavadays
      I took the HSK 3 exam today, and this one particular question has been bothering me. I'd like to know what you all think.   For one of the true/false questions in the listening section, the narrator in the audio sample stated, "...锻炼前一定要踢踢腿..."   The prompt given for the true/false question read as follows: 锻炼前可以踢踢腿   I chose "false" because "一定要“ suggests necessity whereas “可以” would imply a choice to do so or not (可以也不可以)   Am I taking this too literally? One Chinese native friend said this question was a bit unfair. Another friend who has HSK6 qualifications is leaning towards "false" as well, although she is not entirely certain and curious as to what the real answer might be.   What do you all think?    
    • Mary112233
      Hello!    I had a question about tone change when translating:   for the character "一" , the pinyin is (yi1). But when we say "一隻" it sounds like yi4zhi1. I've seen mixed feedback though for when you're writing pinyin, whether you should actually change it to yi4 or leave it as yi1. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!    
    • arreke
      I am thinking of buying a property as property prices continue to rise, but I do not have a Chinese spouse, so:   1. Is it possible to get a mortgage without a Chinese spouse? 2. Does it require a permanent residency? 3. Which banks provide mortgages to foreigners?
    • Ciara
      My new employer (foreign) is using a third party agent in Beijing to do a background check. I had to upload my degree cert, and sign an authorization about a month ago. I have never had this before, but was told by hr that it is part of their recruitment process.  I have heard nothing since, apart from one email asking to verify my home country address.   I don’t have anything to hide, but feel a little nervous all the same as I don’t know what they are checking! Does anyone know anything about these third party companies and what they check, or how long it takes?
    • Pengyou
      My school is holding free classes for the foreign teachers.  The Chinese teacher is using this series of books.  I did a search on this site looking for flashcard decks for Anki and found a variety of comments, not all good, and some from a couple of years ago.  Can someone give me an updated answer to the question what "what is the best source for flashcard decks for the HSK levels 1-5?"  I will most likely never test at level 6 but would like to have that as an option.  I have looked through some other posts here and found a wealth of resources to help me, but I would like to get some feedback on this decision before I start downloading and organizing.  Is there a desk that includes the part of speech for the word?
    • Apollys
      For the past year or so I've been trawling through YouTube for Chinese content to practice my listening comprehension, going from TV shows to Chinese street interviews to vlogs to Chinese lectures.  For the most part though, the content has been quite unengaging and so it's hard for me to keep watching.  That being said, I'm sure the world of Chinese YouTube content is vast, I just have no idea how to seek out the gems hiding within.   So what do you watch or listen to in order to practice Chinese listening comprehension?  Doesn't have to be YouTube of course, it could be anything as long as it's 95+% Chinese, the speakers are native Chinese speakers, and their speech is natural (not slowed or simplified).   Here are some of the things I've watched/listened to which I thought were not bad:  TV show 有翡 - Not bad for a while, kept me interested for around 15-20 episodes, but starts to get unimaginative and dull after some time. YouTube channel Mandarin Corner - They do interviews with Chinese people on various topics which gives you a good simultaneous cultural exposure along with listening comprehension practice. Animated TV show 全职高手 - Not for everyone, but if you like it you will love it.  Honestly probably not as good for general listening comprehension as TV shows, interviews, or vlogs, but that's compensated by the enjoyability of watching it in my opinion.   Honorable mention: YouTube channel Slow and Clear Chinese - doesn't quite fit the requirements here as it's more aimed at the beginner-intermediate level, but the quality of their content is absolutely unparalleled so I have to recommend it to anyone looking for something along those lines.
    • Luxi
      Happy April! And to celebrate, here is a nice little bit of verse, courtesy of Ximalaya:  《秋风词》a Tang Dynasty ci ( 词 ) by  Li Bai (李白) https://www.ximalaya.com/renwenjp/25192409/323987099 This is a 'ci' 词, not a 诗,词 are much less formal, they were sung and composed to fit into popular tunes. They became much more common in later dynasties.   I like this little ci because it's very simple and straightforward, uses common words, and tells a story we may all be familiar with. It's also very easy to memorise. The reader in this Ximalaya version is a dubbing actor for Chinese TV. I think the series tries to help listeners sleep, sorry Li Bai !    It's a good series, it has the text to all the poems and explanations. Here's the full list: https://www.ximalaya.com/renwenjp/25192409/     
    • mungouk
      I'm not sure if this topic has come up before, but there seemed to be some interest recently when I described my own online lessons, so here goes...   Teacher Shuo of the ShuoshuoChinese说说中文 youtube channel has been live streaming lessons with her students. Obviously this is a promotional exercise because she teaches online, but it's also interesting to sit in and watch/listen to compare with your own experience, especially if — like me — you've only ever studied Chinese online and 1:1.   Here's today's live stream which I hope will also be available after it has finished: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGqYailVWZg   One thing I noticed is that even with this student who's studying HSK4上 she speaks quite quickly. What do you guys think? My teacher usually speaks a bit more slowly than this.        
    • lukns
      有没有 完美芯機人 英语 字幕?   Anyone have English subtitles for the Chinese adaptation of Humans, 完美芯機人
    • woliveri
      Is this possible and if so, how?   I have my mother in law in Shanghai and we’d like to buy something for her (flowers, gifts, whatever) from Shanghai and have it delivered but to pay for it from the US.   Is this possible?  We haven’t found a way so I thought someone here might know of a way.    thanks in advance.  
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