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  2. My vocabulary is well beyond level 3 - am sprucing up on my reading and hope to take the HSK 1-3 at the end of the summer. Is this set of books any good? If not, do you have any other suggestions? https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
  3. The only obvious thing to me is that if your friend is an exclusively signed content creator on Bili, earning enough to buy a house in China, he already knows how the payments system work. And if in a surprising turn events he doesn't, he should hire a professional, rather than ask his friend to post basic questions, anonymously on a language learning forum, populated by non-natives 🥰
  4. coffeepresto

    Reading material chasm?

    I feel your pain caused by the gap between graded readers and real novels. I experienced the same problem. To remedy it, I turned to children's books, in particular the kind that includes pinyin--not necessarily because I needed the pinyin, but because I think the presence of pinyin is an indication of reading/vocabulary level for children. I remember I read a book about Chinese myths, and so many words that I learned from that book have recurred in other written works. It was extremely helpful. I wish I could tell you the exact name and publisher, but it's sitting in a box somewhe
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  6. amytheorangutan

    I have no idea what I am doing

    A lot of people use Hello Talk app. If all fails and you don't mind spending a bit of money you might want to consider Italki and find some community teachers who would normally charge a lot cheaper than professional teachers (some charge as little as 10 USD per hour) and you can just book "conversation lessons" with them on top of other more structured class.
  7. Do people in China and Hong Kong really mind giving directions in the age of smartphones? When I see people in my city looking at a map or standing at a corner peering at their phone, I actively seek them out to ask if they need directions. I never hesitate to ask random people on the street for directions (and they always help me), and wouldn't in China either. It usually takes less than half a minute, they get to feel good about their knowledge and helping someone and I get closer to where I'm going. I used to always ask bus drivers to 报站 and they always did. Now I wonder if they
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  9. 889


    This is an export seal. Back in the days of 文物商店, everything in the store would have one of these attached somehow.
  10. mungouk

    First Episode 9: 家有儿女

    A 5-years later bump... the series is still on youtube (as a playlist at least). Also, there's a slightly easier way to DL youtube content these days... just go to the URL bar in the browser where it says (for example): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC3DmhI-3tU ...and type "pp" immediately after "youtube" but before the "." and then hit return. This tool also has an option to DL MP3 audio only.
  11. Still working on it, but have been busy and haven't had the time to look in to this properly yet. In the meantime, you can manually create wordlists from the Word Lists -> Manage menu, and choosing New -> Empty List, and then importing words from the levels you want in to that word list. It's not ideal, and it won't show new HSK totals on the statistics view, but you'll be able to see known/unknown statistics to find out how many words are/aren't on the current wordlist.
  12. vellocet

    douyin sign up outside of china?

    Dunno. All I know is they started polluting my Douyin one day. I started telling them to decolonize the space, but I didn't realize Douyin counts comments as engagement and starts showing you more of the same kind of video. Yuk. Really nasty people. Here's a writeup about how they use Tiktok to bully others.
  13. I love that effect, happened with a Chinese drama for me. I would get 20 minutes in to an episode and suddenly my brain would whisper "oh hey, just FYI this is in Chinese, I noticed you forgot" and it was the strangest sensation for my brain to suddenly become cognisant that it was hearing Chinese and not English.
  14. abcdefg

    Buying Samsung note9 battery

    Apologies, guys. Let me see if I can move those long posts to another thread where they won't interfere with the main flow of this one. Good! It's typically rainy this time of year, but, as you found, the rain is accompanied by cooler temps. Not sure if you will have time or interest, but it is now prime wild mushroom season in Yunnan. If that is something you think you might enjoy, I would encourage you to seek out one of the many wild mushroom hotpot restaurants and give it a try.
  15. @character I just realized the books from Imagin8 Press are missing from the list! It's a great addition for intermediate readers. Their Rise of the Monkey King series is great! You can check out the books here: https://imagin8press.com/
  16. I look up every word I don't know. Then reread a sentence if it had unknown words. This creates comprehensible input. Learnt so much vocabulary doing it like this. Don't worry about forgetting them, they'll come round again and at some point they'll just stick like magic. Pleco is super useful when not using ebooks, but ebooks are obviously preferred. If the number of look ups is becoming tiring, then I look for something easier to read.
  17. Zeppa

    1975 poster help

    Thanks very much, Lu. Yes, mural makes more sense. This trip to China was the first time I realized I like taking photos. I am putting these old photos together as a book, but it will be a draft as there is so much one could add, so I may do more work on it later. The more I look through the photos, the more I like this picture, actually. It's rather powerful. It isn't one of those standardized groups of worker, peasant and soldier, all grinning into the sunrise - which I also like but one can have enough of them. As to where it was, it seems to have been at the Chiliying commune nea
  18. Hello NinKenDo...Thanks very much for your information....I tried and the PINYIN without tones phrases to English translate with GOOGLE was perfect..Best regards, Newton Schittni , from BRAZIL
  19. amytheorangutan

    Impromptu Wong Kar-Wai festival

    @abcdefg Yes, so lucky they're screening these classics. I think there was a bluray collection called World of Wong Kar Wai that was released in March this year, unfortunately Ashes of Time is not included. I think I might actually get ticket to see that one as well if they're still available.
  20. Grammar involved in the phrase "她们中的一个问:" : (double colon is not a typo) Step 1 "一个(人)问:" 一个(人): Subject 问: Verbal predicate :: colons are used to introduce a list or a quotation, in this case it introduces the question asked. Step 2 "她们中的一个": "的" structure 一个(人): Headword of the "的" structure 她们中: Modifier 中: Localizer(指范围). Last step "她们中的一个": Subject 问: Verbal predicate :: ... (her question goes here)
  21. I think if you wanted to use an element from your family name 中村 Nakamura, you could contract it to 中 Zhōng or 邨 Cūn (from 村), which are both Chinese family names. From there, you could use the given name 岩 Yán to become 中岩 Zhōng Yán. Another option might be to add another character to the given name to make it more unique, e.g. 中珩岩 Zhōng Hángyán, 中皓岩 Zhōng Hàoyán, etc. Alternatively, you could use a rock/stone-related family name such as 石 Shí or 岳 Yuè and choose a different given name. E.g. 石灏 Shí Hào, 石立灏 Shí Lìhào, 石磊 Shí Lěi, 石桥 Shí Qiáo, 石骧 Shí Xiāng, 岳鹏 Yuè Péng, 岳锦 Yuè Jǐn, etc.
  22. Do have a plan B - a much less demanding trilogy (about local govenment) already lined up. When I'm less grumpy at him I'll try another of the 王小波 novellas I had ready, and also have a go at 沉默的大多数 which I can see I downloaded five years ago...
  23. My first piece of advice is not to think about this for too long and just get started. If you're learning to/from English, both systems are good, and either is better than hesitating. That said, I personally prefer Anki. Pleco doesn't have a Dutch dictionary and I learn better to/from my mother tongue, so I make my own Dutch-Chinese flashcards. Like realmayo, I usually add the sentence where I first encountered the word as an example. Perhaps that's also possible in Pleco though. I was also intimidated by all the possibilities of Anki that I didn't understand at all, bu
  24. liudiaodiao

    Triplet sisters name help

    This is a good option!! To add to that, here are some other options: 任子娆 - 娆 (ráo) ‘graceful, charming, fascinating‘ 任子妍 - 妍 (yán) ‘beautiful, handsome; seductive’. When used as a name, it means clever, intelligent, elegant, and honest. 任子婕 - 婕 (jié) ‘handsome’. Also refers to the female official name, jieyu (婕妤), a title for a third-rank imperial consort, one rank below the Zhaoyi and two ranks below the Empress. Consort Ban (班婕妤) is a famous historical example - she was a Western Han Dynasty scholar and poet. When 婕 is used in a name, it means intelligent, graceful, educated, a
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  26. Giuseppe Romanazzi

    Structure of a Chinese sentence

    I guess you are just asking about rules related to time words like those you mentioned. Otherwise this should be a reply as big as a book! Today, tomorrow, yesterday, etc. are called time words. Time words in Chinese can be single nouns or numeral-measure compounds indicating time. They may be used as subjects, objects, predicates, modifiers, headwords in a "的" structure, complements, or adverbial adjuncts. They don't necessarily go after the subject, as indicated in the following examples. All the example sentences are taken from the course at wearyourchinesename.com lessons 3,
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