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    • jaapgrolleman
      After 3,5 years of Mandarin classes I took to Taobao to buy a gaming console to play Pokémon LeafGreen from 2004: 口袋妖怪-绿叶. Here I take you through the process and adventure of learning new words and catching Pokémon.   When the new Pokémon games come out (Scarlet/Violet) I also want to play them in Mandarin.   video: https://youtu.be/Cb22LUDCeAU   Google spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GhwzcucQiNB0QzTtAa7mc_Y_16YF0r1Ic9WH1ofS_tA/edit?usp=sharing   Spreadsheet tip: – For Chinese to English, use a formula such as =GOOGLETRANSLATE(A1,”zh-CN”,”en”) – For characters to Pinyin, install the Google Spreadsheet addon ‘Mandarin Cantonese Tools’ and use the formula =PINYIN(A1) Replace A1 with the variable you need.
    • raymond2
      I have been learning Mandarin off and on for 15 years. I speak it fairly well (B2 ish?), but don’t read it well. I speak/read Japanese at a slightly better level. I have a so-so grasp of Chinese characters, both traditional and simplified, and completed RTK1 for Japanese many years ago. Because reading Mandarin is my weakest point in all my languages, about a month ago I decided to buckle down and study it more intensely. I’m a bit old school, and I did this in a very conservative way. I would read some, then memorize/review the unknown words. My reviews are both L2 to L1 and L1 to L2. Progress is slow, and maybe that is how it should be, but I have heard rumors that some people drop the L1 to L2 reviews and learn much faster.   A few more details that may influence your answer. I only read until I get 20 new words, because more than that tends to make the reviews overwhelming. I read the previous 2 days passages before reading the current one, to better review the new stuff in context. Although I’m old school, I use some modern tools. I use a pop-up dictionary to read, and an SRS to review.   Assuming that my only goal here is to read better, do you recommend that I drop the L1 to L2 review? Do you have any other suggestions for learning to read Mandarin faster?
    • TW
      Hello. I've been studying Mandarin for a bit over a year now and I have seen my vocabulary exponentially grow using several online tools. However, I recently realized that all these tools and software make me practice reading/understanding Chinese characters by remembering their meaning and translation. The other way around is much more challenging (e.g. I find it easier to recognize a character and find the right English translation for it than translating a word in English into Mandarin). So in a nutshell: my reading has improved a lot, but my vocabulary when speaking or writing/typing has been lagging behind. Does anyone know of any tools I can use to practice this sort of translation in reverse, i.e. from English into Mandarin? Thanks!
    • fabiothebest
      Which chrome or firefox extension do you use to quickly add new words from a web page to anki? I'm doing it manually. Do you have any extension to recommend? Maybe an extension I'm already using could do that (zhongwen chinese popup dictionary) through export to csv and then into anki, anyway I'm looking for suggestions. I saw there are more extensions of this kind for Japanese rather than Chinese.
    • flautert
      I will start to read The Three Kingdoms in Du Chinese but I am not sure what is the best order. I prefer to read stories in chronological order. So, the Prologue (Oath of the Peach Garden) comes before chapter 1 (The Beauty Trap)? Also, the two parts of chapter 3 come before chapter 4, right? Thanks!
    • JinWenSen
      Hi all, maybe it's been asked before, but I'm looking for websites that would have scripts and dialogues for TV shows. I know a lot of TV shows will have subtitles, but for copying and pasting I could do it faster if I had the subtitles on a separate page. I would also avoid having to draw characters I don't know or that I'm not hearing well.    Thanks !
    • Zeppa
      This was reported in The Guardian. A curious idea. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/sep/18/beijing-backed-chinese-language-schools-in-uk-to-be-replaced-with-teachers-from-taiwan
    • becky82
      Yesterday, I took a mock HSK6 exam (the official one at the chinesetest.cn website).  This is probably one of the best preparation methods around.  Thus I'm tempted to take the mock exam a few times.  If I take the mock exam again today, say, will I get the exact same exam as I did yesterday?   What happens if I repeatedly take chinesetest.cn mock exams in quick succession?   (PS. if you want to practice, the story in the writing section was basically this blog post.)
    • Andres安德肋
      I finish this short text regarding two traditional Chinese customs: penjing and Chinese calligraphy   Could some check my text and give me some feedback?   中国人喜欢盆景. 有的人养好盆景或者开花。他们浇浇花儿,把这盆景修整修整. 他们不是园艺师,就一点儿爱好。   中国人爱书法。有的人学习书法多看,多练. 你的宿舍有特色: 墙上挂着一幅字画。书架上着多古书, 桌子摆着文房四宝。他们有很多书法艺术作品。
    • mngtr
      Hello, I'm a Chinese-Indonesian and I'm thinking of getting a tattoo with my chinese zodiac (snake) along with flowers from my chinese name (orchid). However, in my research I saw that it's bad luck to get a tattoo of your own zodiac? Do you have any advice or heard anything about this?   Also, I actually really like the tiger motif but I'm reluctant to get it because it's said that snakes have a bad compatibility with tigers so I've been putting it off... Does this actually matter? Or it's actually the opposite and it's GOOD to have tigers on me? 🤔   I'm a bit superstitious and I heard someone I know had his tats covered because of superstitions like this and I don't want that to be me LOL
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