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    • abcdefg
      Toilet instructions By abcdefg in Signese 9
      One sees this sign, usually only in Chinese, in the male toilets of lots of public places. The English translation here is particularly lame.

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    • abcdefg
      This popular Yunnan lunch item is easy to cook but difficult to translate. For several years I was sure the name meant "three red things that were chopped." This was always puzzling because it uses red tomatoes and pink lean pork, but combines those with very green peppers for color contrast. What happened to that third red ingredient? Regardless of the linguistic issues, I can show you how to whip it up at home. This is a quick and easy dish to make, doesn't require any fancy ingredients or techniques. Furthermore, it's difficult to mess it up; a good beginner 初级 meal.     A couple of nice ripe tomatoes 番茄,two or three long green peppers 尖椒, the white part of one large spring onion 大葱, a couple cloves of garlic 大蒜 and a small piece of fresh ginger 老姜。 Lean pork works best for this dish and I usually buy a piece of tenderloin 里脊。Marinate it for 20 or 30 minutes with a teaspoon or two of cooking wine 料酒 and a teaspoon of corn starch 淀粉。Sometimes I also add a teaspoon of sesame oil.             Drop the tomatoes into boiling water briefly, score the skin with the tip of a knife and slip it off. Use a spoon to scoop out and discard the seeds and pulp in the center. Chop them fine. Mince the ginger and garlic.       Slice the spring onion fine. Do the same with the long peppers, removing the white fibrous sections and some of the seeds. These long green peppers are not very hot. If you don't like spicy things at all, you could substitute sweet bell peppers 甜辣椒。       Gentle reminder: You already started the rice, didn't you? Don't even think about heating the wok until the rice is ready. My rice cooker just dinged, took about 30 minutes plus a 15 minute soak. I checked the rice visually to make sure the surface had those important small steam holes. (Those tell you it's done.) Fluffed it up with a couple of chopsticks. Unplugged the cooker (don't leave it on "keep warm" 保温 or you will wind up with overcooked rice.)       Closed the rice cooker lid, and now we are ready to proceed with the stir fry. Double check to be sure everything is ready; once you start the process, it goes fast.   Today I used 150 grams of meat with two tomatoes and two long green peppers. These ratios are not critical, and you can make this dish by eye if you just use roughly equal amounts of meat, tomatoes, and peppers.                     First quick-fry 翻炒 the lean pork with the minced ginger. Take it out and set it aside when about three quarters done 七成熟。The meat does not need to be browned, but it does need to lose its pink color. Wipe out the wok and add a little more oil.       Stir fry the green peppers and the minced garlic for half a minute or so. Don't burn the garlic. Add the tomatoes and the spring onion. Cook a minutes or so, adding stock 高汤 or water as needed to keep it from becoming dry.       Add the cooked meat and stir well, adding more liquid as needed. The result needs to be slightly soupy, not dry. Add salt 食盐 to taste and MSG 味精 if you like it. I usually add about a fourth of a teaspoon of it. Stir fry for a minute or two. (Don't walk away.)                         And voila, the finished product. Serve it in a bowl beside steamed rice.       My friends and I usually spoon some out and combine it with fluffy white rice in our individual bowls. Sometimes I present it as a plated "covered rice" dish 盖饭 because that looks extra nice. Either way, it tastes top notch. Hope you will give it a try someday soon.      
    • Xiaolong2727
      Hi to everyone. I'm translating an essay by a famous journalist but I came across a sentence which results to me very difficult to understand.   [...]但是,由于只搞经改,不搞政改,所造就的不是市场经济,而是“权力市场经济”,即权力主导和控制下的市场经济,被权力扭曲了的市场经济,权力本身也作为商品进入了市场   Could someone help me with this translation? Thank you
    • roddy
      无所不能 would usually translate as all-powerful, omnipotent, all-capable. It's also the name chosen by this site focusing on the energy (geddit!?) sector from Caixin. It's a clever pun, if you're the type of person who thinks a pun can be clever. If not, move along. This is not the topic you're looking for.   How would you translate the site name? I'll put my effort in spoiler tags. I haven't gone looking for any existing English translations.    Spoiler I can't see how you can retain the original pun. But I think we can manage a play on words: We're all energy or actually just All Energy   You can describe someone as being "all something". It keeps the scope of 无所不.   
    • roostercrab
      Hello! I have been learning Mandarin and 少林功夫 for a while now and have heard that there were songs that people in the old days used to use to remember their forms, especially when a majority of the population was illiterate. My instructor has been to the temple and heard of their existence, but no one seems to know them. Does anyone know of any of the songs, or even what the word would be for them so that I can do more research? Thanks!   Roostercrab
    • Flickserve
      我去忙一些其他的事情去了。   This came up in an online lesson of mine. Is it a grammatical pattern? Or just a 口语?
    • johnk
      Hi, I thought there was a thread about events in London, but I can't find it just now. Anyway ...   I was at Chinese class today and someone mentioned that there were performances of Beijing Opera in London this weekend.   I found some links. The first performance is:  A River All Red — China National Peking Opera Company, http://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2017/china-national-peking-opera-company-a-river-all-red/ 21 & 24 Oct   And then there is: The Phoenix Returns Home — China National Peking Opera Company, http://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2017/china-national-peking-opera-company-the-phoenix-returns-home/ 22 & 25 Oct   I am not sure if I can go or not, I always seem to be on call at work. But others may be interested.   JohnK
    • Keke china
      Thank you so much for your help. I want to know what this says on the front and back.   
    • Pianote
      I  am American who has been hired to teach English in China. I am in Hong Kong and applied for my work visa this morning at the embassy in wanchai. I had all the documents stamped by the federal bureau, etc. The lady who took my paperwork said having a new passport (2017) was ok. But I am still unsure.   Do you think my visa will be approved? 
    • advent.jr
      Hi, I'm Advent from Indonesia. I would like to apply for scholarship from CGS to study Master Psychology in which Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I would like to ask anyone here to give me some informations about university in China which provide that subject because the laihua's website cannot be accessed  Especially for the universities which where I can get the scholarship from CGS. Thank you 
    • HimKiller
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    • anonymoose
      It's all in the name By anonymoose in Signese 0
      What is unusual here (depending on what is "usual" for you, of course)?

    • Tomsima
      In a teahouse in Dali By Tomsima in Signese 6
      I like my tea, and went on a bit of a tea hunting expedition a few months back. Here's a photo from a small teahouse in Dali, Yunnan, which I thought was interesting. the manager was a really interesting guy, and it was definitely my favorite teahouse we visited in Yunnan.
      Naturally, as an Englishman in a Chinese tea shop, the topic of the opium wars eventually came around, which is always slightly awkward and seems to often result in my somewhat forced comical apology for what happened with 圓明園 . this time was different however: after my voluntary push into the opium wars topic (thinking i was avoiding the elephant in the room), the manager smiled, and silently pointed at the sign behind me. We both laughed, and went back to our tea. There was a certain affinity in that moment that I have found quite rare while living in middle of nowhere China, where you are reminded every day you are an 'outsider'.

    • DrWatson
      Storefronts By DrWatson in Signese 15
      New York Chinatown sidewalk signage - this one is particularly busy. But what sort of foods are available on this street?

    • anonymoose
      诗词写得不错 办事处的杰作 By anonymoose in Signese 2
      What is this banner promoting?
      Bonus point: What is unusual about this banner?

    • DrWatson
      Progress is Slow By DrWatson in Journey with Cangjie 5
      I have not abandoned the project...I am still struggling with memorizing the secondary symbols. I have most of them down, but I struggle with the secondary symbols that fall under: 心,尸,and 山. Especially 心. I suppose this is because so many of them seem like a stretch (in my humble opinion). But mostly it is my own fault. I am terrible about remembering to do my Anki decks daily. Suppose part of that is because I hate flash cards to begin with. Seems like I can only remember on the weekends when my head doesn't get full with stuff from work.
      I found a really great app for a smartphone (iPhone and Android) for practicing Cangjie recognition and the keyboard. It is called 五色學倉頡 by Kotech (www.koketch.hk). It has a practice mode where you can pick three different levels: easy, intermediate, and difficult. It presents you with a Chinese character that is split into components by color. It also provides a Cangjie keyboard. The goal is to try to correctly input the character without mistakes. I much prefer this to reviewing my Anki deck.
      So I've set a goal to memorize those secondary symbols by the end of the month, or.....well, frankly I'll just keep going at it, I'm stubborn. But I want to try to reach this goal by the end of the month in all seriousness. Perhaps I'll try positive reinforcement--if I achieve the goal, maybe then I'll treat myself to a nice lunch?
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