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    • Susi12
      I have intentionally choose a "dramatic" headline - I don't think there is a really chance to experience a bore out in Shanghai but well - let me explain.   First of all, this is an absolute luxury problem. I am "stuck" in a suburb of Shanghai being a pampered expat-wife. I was supposed to work here, but when we arrived in Shanghai my job got canceled last minute. There are a lot of wifes here (unfortunately, it's always the guys working) but I haven't found something something smart to occupy myself with, apart from writing (unsuccessful) applications and learning Chinese.   I'm quite fed up with the expat community because all the wonderful ladies seem to do here all day is care for their kids, cook, decorate the house and personal beauty. Unfortunately, apart from caring for my kids, neither of these hobbies are for me and I feel exceptionally bored. I never felt bored before in my life. I'd rather work but finding work is slow and hard as a foreigner. Also, the following things complicate exploring life in the city: - I have a 6 month old baby I have to take with me anywhere (can only be apart from him max. 2h) - we live 1 h from the city center in one of the beautiful but outlying suburbs   Again, I know this is an absolute luxury problem but still I somehow feel I don't fit into this rigid pattern of stay-at-home-expat wife and just want to break out. I try to learn 4 h of Chinese every day but this alone is a lonely hobby.   Tell me, what would you do in this situation with all your free time in Shanghai?
    • IvanildoS
      I have mailed Peking University about their curriculum, but they have not got back to me.  Is there someone here who can provide me with info on this? I want to apply for a CSC scholarship, but due to lack of info, I'm highly doubting my decision. Also, is it better for me to study Statistics as a discipline or as a major?  I have a bachelor's degree in economics with a macroeconomics major.  Thanks in advance, guys!
    • BobbyJohns
      Exquse me, i cant say weather its mandarin or not. I study in Yasnaya Polyana school. During USSR times here was an orphanage. People all around the globe were coming here, some were writing somethnig in a guestbook, which is now located in out school museum. Ive examined it a little and found this. Can you please translate what is written here if its possible? 
    • mikelove
      (yes, really)   Currently iOS only, Mac + Android will be coming along later (for a hopefully not quite so ludicrous value of 'later')   https://www.pleco.com/2023/11/29/pleco-4-0-beta/
    • NGC
      Hi everyone, I have a few questions about which university is good in Shanghai ( or any big city) and offers an English-taught BBA (especially marketing) program! Preferably one with a good ranking or reputation, one that attends to their students. I don't mind taking the Chinese Language Program as long as after finishing it I am admitted to the chosen BBA program (if possible). I am an 11th grader with a 3.6 GPA and 3.2 previous year. I have a 7.5 IELTS and no intention of taking the HSK yet. No SAT yet but if needed then I will take it. I am willing to do more if that is what it takes (HSK 5 is not in the picture yet since I have a year left and am currently Mandarin-empty). Tuition is not limited! I would appreciate it so much if you guys could help me out. Thank you!
    • Explore Chinese
      Hi all,   Firstly, apologies for the vague question, but what stage of HSK are we currently in?   The whole transition seems to be confusing and poorly communicated. I'm looking to plan in my HSK 5 exam in the next few months but really not sure if / what has or might change. I read somewhere that HSK 1-6 would be unaffected in that it would be more evenly distributed, to make HSK 1-3 heavier and 4-6 lighter in terms of new vocabulary. I've also seen sources say there is a load new vocabulary being introduced.  Any comments on the current situation would be great.
    • becky82
      In the near future, I'll probably take the HSKK高级.  I've been practicing with my iTalki teacher, and she has pointed out that when I talk Chinese, it's like I'm livestreaming (this seems to be an unintended side effect).  I'm just wondering what would happen if I answered like a livestreamer:   I wrote a quick draft and got ChatGPT to polish it a bit:   Quote 尊敬的考官们,大家好!欢迎收听我的HSKK高级口语考试录音!我是来自澳大利亚的李蓓。今天,我们来探讨一个非常有趣的问题,那就是:[repeat question]。   首先,我想强调一下,我可不是这问题的专家,我说的只不过是为了回答问题的个人的看法而已,其他人可能合理地持有截然不同的观点。   我认为[directly and succinctly answer the question]。   因为时间有限,所以我只会举两个例子: - 第一个例子不仅仅是我的事儿,其他人也会受同类的影响。  [give a non-personal example] - 第二个例子涉及到我个人的经历;也许别人没有和我一样的经历。[give a personal example]   总结一下,[repeat the succinct answer]。好的,今天的内容就到这里吧。如果你觉得这次的录音不错,别忘了给我点赞哦!想说什么请随时留言。我们下次再聊,好吗?拜拜!   Translated by ChatGPT:   Quote Respected examiners, hello everyone! Welcome to listen to my HSKK Advanced Oral Exam recording! I'm Li Bei from Australia. Today, let's delve into a very interesting question, which is: [repeat the question].   Firstly, I want to emphasize that I'm not an expert on this matter. What I'm saying is just my personal opinion in order to answer the question; others may reasonably hold entirely different views.   I believe [directly and succinctly answer the question].   Due to the limited time, I'll provide only two examples:   - The first example is not just about me; others would be similarly affected. [give a non-personal example]   - The second example involves my personal experiences; perhaps others haven't had the same experiences as me. [give a personal example]   In summary, [repeat the succinct answer]. Alright, that's it for today's content. If you think this recording is good, don't forget to give me a thumbs up! Feel free to leave comments if you have anything to say. Let's chat again next time, okay? Bye-bye!   I'm just wondering if it would actually be bad to talk like this for the HSKK高级.  I can talk like this reasonably fluently because I've had a lot of practice---this is how I talk nowadays.  However, my teacher is trying to nudge me into doing something more formal.   Would it really be bad to answer HSKK高级 questions like a livestreamer?
    • Friday
      I tested out LingQ, and though it helped me read through some interesting eBooks that I had, I was frustrated by their dictionaries. Some definitions had pinyin, some didn't. Some used numbered pinyin, some had tone marks. And the definitions themselves weren't consistently written either. It had access to a pop-up of MDBG's dictionary, but it wouldn't let me just use those definitions. I understand dictionaries are difficult to write, but this was too amateurish to warrant me spending money on the product.   Is there any other tool that achieves a similar result, assisting with reading while also color-coding the passage. I've purchased Pleco, which seems to allow me to at least add unknown words to flash cards, but I can't see a way for me to mark and color-code known, unknown, and unread words as LinqQ does -- or in the very least, to mark in the text which words I've added already to flash cards so I don't constantly hit "Add to flash cards" to words already added.
    • Friday
      I have found that with a Disney+ subscription in the USA, I can watch all of the Star Wars movies, plus some of the Star Wars TV animated cartoons in Chinese. And plenty of their other content--though it seems most only the more recently made materials--also has Chinese dubbing. Does anyone know if with Paramount+ one can watch any of the Star Trek television series, such as TOS, TNG, etc. in Chinese? Or is there any place selling the DVDs or Bluerays with Chinese dubbing?
    • Cacao Chinese
      Hi everyone! I'm so excited to introduce you to my YouTube channel, Cacao Chinese 考考你中文, where I create engaging and interactive quizzes to help you learn Chinese! Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced learner, my channel has something for everyone.   I offer a wide variety of quizzes covering all aspects of the Chinese language, from basic vocabulary and grammar to more complex topics like idioms and cultural references. My quizzes are designed to be both fun and informative, so you can learn while you're entertained.   As a native Chinese teacher with over a decade of experience, I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and fostering a love for the Chinese language. It's not just about mastering grammar rules and memorizing vocabulary lists; it's about opening doors to new cultures, connecting with diverse communities, and expanding your horizons.   I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how to make my channel even better. Please feel free to leave a comment on the channel page! www.youtube.com/@CacaoChinese   Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you on my channel soon! 😃🙏
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