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  2. BLCU is more expensive http://admission.blcu.edu.cn/en/2018/0914/c1218a1860/page.htm 11600 rmb per semester (23200 rmb per year) for ordinary 20 hours per week 19100 rmb per semester for intensive 30 hours per week These are tuition only, not counting the application fee: 600 RMB for a non-degree program and also not counting accommodation (which costs probably more in big cities)
  3. abcdefg

    Keats School, Kunming - A Query

    Yep. Confirmed, pretty much. What happens to me is that the person with whom I am talking starts out trying hard to use standard Putonghua, like they learned in school. They speak slowly and clearly. Easy to understand. Then after a few minutes they sort of forget I'm not their neighbor or cousin. They speed way up and slip into a heavily accented version of standard Chinese sprinkled with plenty of dialect. I have to wave time out and urge them to go back to the way they were talking five minutes ago. This is one way in which professional teachers are better than ordinary folks. Teachers tend to be able consciously maintain a type of language suitable for conversing with foreigners or students. Ordinary folks cannot always do that. They unconsciously slip back into their most comfortable mode of speech. It's similar to how the foot massage guy will ease up if you say "轻一点师傅,疼了!“ ("Take it easy, that hurts!)" Then three or four minutes later he's back to his usual style of massage and you either have to just wince through it or get up and leave. Corrections don't last.
  4. A term for friendly endearment to a regular customer. After all, they depend on your business to survive so in effect, you are the boss.
  5. Flickserve

    Getting out of a listening rut

    Must be your extensive vocabulary kicking in to be able to have long conversations. Great to hear it’s going well. Just keep asking those locals what they mean. Mind you, it’s some might accidentally mix a bit of Taiwanese if you are travelling around outside of the city area.
  6. Today
  7. Can anyone recommend a documentary or similar as an introduction to xiangsheng? Something in English or ideally Mandarin with subtitles would be a great way into the subject.
  8. As far as I remember XJTLU had some reasonably priced Chinese language programs, you should check it out.
  9. Alex327

    How to buy a traditional Flying Pigeon bike

    Hi Zbigniew, thanks for the offer. Is it true that they use 28" diameter tires. I remember seeing these bikes in China running very low pressure. Are they designed to not get pinch flats somehow?
  10. I did this! It was just the local McDonald’s (it was open), and just like previous years I didn’t understand most of what she said, but this time I slowed myself down and asked her about the words I didn’t pick up. I knew nearly all of them, I just didn’t scan them when she said them the first time. Even last year I would hear the questions I couldn’t understand, collapse in an anxious pile of 听不懂s and slink away, but this time I made a point of asking what she said, and got through it with almost full comprehension. Separately from that, I’ve been asking for help from random people on trains and in shops. It’s very unlike me (I’m super introverted, which I’m sure has also been hurting my progress), and it’s been largely successful and buckets of fun. I’m here for another nine full days so I’m excited to see what will happen next — there’s a very real chance I’ll return home with lasting confidence.
  11. Yesterday
  12. My take is it will not affect your chances. What will happen is that at some point, the embassy or Uni will reach out, asking for the degree. That ought to happen before the scholarship results are out. Otherwise, if that was not possible, the embassy would not have invited you for the interviews.
  13. Sorry for the slight delay in replying. It’s a China Mobile sub-brand.
  14. Sorry, I don't know. (I have never looked for such information. I don't know any of the foreign students. They are in a completely separate department from me.) Would you like me to find a link for you regarding application and registration fees at Jiangnan University? I did a quick search on YouTube. There are several videos on there on the topic. (YouTube is becoming just as helpful as Google!) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=apply+to+Jiangnan+university
  15. ShelbyR

    Keats School, Kunming - A Query

    I have also found that the si/shi and zi/zhe accent is pretty prevalent in Kunming. Around the corner from Keats school, however, is a Western coffee shop (Pacific Coffee) and in that new building complex (with apartments) they also have a strong English teaching program. I would walk down to the coffee shop and talk to the parents waiting for their kids. Their Mandarin was standard with no accent. I wonder if it's the educational level or income level that has some people speaking pure standard Mandarin? I have a friend from Kunming with the local accent who speaks no English and I'm getting much better at understanding him, so it's really not an issue for me anymore.
  16. EmperorTomatoKetchup

    Confucius Institute Scholarship 2019

    I just applied for the one-year language study, I would've done it earlier but I received my HSK 3 result only this week. As a language student doing 4 hours per day, would it be "allowed" to get a part time job in the city you study at? This would also improve one's chinese, keep oneself busy and make some extra money. Did anyone hear of someone who has done that?
  17. @edelweis @mackie1402 @ninjaturtle what is the cost of the language course in these institutions / universities per year or semester?
  18. Zbigniew

    How to buy a traditional Flying Pigeon bike

    Everything on a Flying Pigeon will be easily replaceable, and parts to fit it, though not necessarily identical to the orignals, will certainly be available in the U.S.; don't forget the F.P. is a very basic mass-produced bike with an HT steel frame and wheels, rod or caliper brakes, and in most cases probably the simplest sort of cottered crankset and bottom bracket. As someone who has built numerous bicycles from scratch, from the most basic kinds to ones with £2000 carbon-fibre framesets, and who has repaired and maintained many more, I would have no worries about whether I could get an out-of-action Flying Pigeon on the road again. If you got one I'd be happy to advise you on what needs doing.
  19. Publius


    Soon you'll find out... I don't know... I don't watch much TV these days... but maybe 一仆二主? or 欢乐颂?
  20. you might be interested in this book: 新编趣味汉语 This is the new edition (2006). I attached a sample the previous edition (1991 / 1995). I think it suitable for lower intermediate.
  21. I’ve just come off eight hours straight of language exchange with a friend, so four quality hours of Chinese. I understood most of what he said, when I knew I wasn’t getting it I always asked him to repeat/clarify, and I expressed myself pretty well and had full and proper conversations with him and others. It was only at the eight hour mark that I ran out of brain. At times it properly felt like a superpower. I really can’t believe this is happening. Yep! If I don’t know, I’m asking. Today I was monitoring my own comprehension and the accuracy of my responses as we went, so I could be sure of what was and wasn’t real. Previous successes were certainly flukes but today I wasn’t allowing that.
  22. Alex327

    How to buy a traditional Flying Pigeon bike

    Thanks for the info abcdefg! Tkj - do you still have your bike for sale? I am interested in it and would like to know how you acquired it etc. Please provide some details and more photos if possible. Is the bike in the US?
  23. Juraj 唐优来

    Introducing Chinese Text Analyser

    Hey. I am having an issue with scrolling down in the clipboard on the mac version. I can scroll down in the panels on the left but I can't in the clipboard panel. Thanks in advance.
  24. Reeves1910

    Ri Yen Gallery???

    Good morning I spelled the name wrong. it's the Yi Ren Gallery. I bought a framed silk embroidery on the back side it has a Jian Ding seal. That's why I was wondering on what type of shop it might have been.
  25. I recommend Jiangnan University in Wuxi, Jiangsu. It has a Chinese Language Department with students from all over the world. It is near Shanghai but not in Shanghai, which is a great location. The weather is great. The city location is also great because the campus is out in the country, but it is only a 20 minute subway ride into the downtown area. There is a large shopping mall right across the street from the campus north gate, and another one near the south gate. The department also has summer Chinese language programs, and I see groups of foreign students coming in for the program every summer. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
  26. I'm sure all major university's offer language courses by the semester. There's a few in Hangzhou. Prices range from 7,000-10,000 rmb per semester. Classes are usually 8am-12am Monday to Friday and they have different groups depending on your level. I'd guess it's similar in any major Chinese city you pick.
  27. js6426


    Yes, that's right! I had watched it through the first time, but I had no idea what it was called, probably in part due to my lack of Chinese at that point! I can't remember the ending at all, so I have no idea what you mean by two endings! Are there any shows similar to this one (both content and Chinese level) that you would recommend?
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