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  2. hallo guys! today i received an email from xiada telling me to send them some documents that they need (will attach it now). am i getting closer or it doesn't mean much again? 🤔 because as i've read, i need to be in the formal list and this email just says they're reviewing my application... anw! let's be positive shall we? hahaha
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  4. Yeah. I already got the scholarship. Now I'm just waiting for SHNU to say something
  5. Wurstmann


    I added an ugly icon and the window will now be transparent while moving, so it should be easier to position it right. SubtitleHider.exe
  6. The results have just come out this morning for HSK2 on 11th May: 听力: 100 阅读: 100 Total: 200 Very happy with this! Onwards to HSK3!
  7. 889

    What sort of campaign is this? Where was it seen?

    Reminds me of an old Hong Kong movie where the staff nicknamed their super-stingy boss 老三张.
  8. Hint: Moderator: Double posted. Don't know how it happened. Can you remove one of them please.
  9. I did not get it. Lastvywarm Once again people, a change in status on the CSC portal means nothing.  You did not get it for this year’s round or what?
  10. You're right. According to the 2018 census: 15.2% of Americans live in the 50 cities with a population of over 380,000; 7.91% of Americans live in a city with a population of over 1 million; 2.61% of Americans live in one city—New York City, NY. However, Canada seems much more urbanized than America: 49.7% of Canadians live in the 11 cities with a population of over 380,000; 38.5% of Canadians live in a city with a population of over 1 million; 15.4% of Canadians live in Toronto, ON, and 10.0% live in Montreal, QC, and 6.44% live in Vancouver, BC. In any case, I guess I'll have to mention this stat in my next update, and emphasize more on how to get reading material online rather than from a physical library.
  11. I was at the Bank of China for over an hour, with probably 45 minutes at the window constantly signing paperwork. I probably signed at least 10+ forms and left with a small binder worth of documents. They also helped me download their app, and register my online profile which was nice. Luckily most people are using online banking since I remember many times stuck behind someone at an ATM as they checked all their business transactions. Literally saw two people take up two ATMs checking thousands of transactions from a stack of papers. Now I only need to use the ATM to withdraw cash from my US bank account.
  12. Thanks a lot! Sorry for my late response, I received this from the university of Tianjin. 天津外语大学。
  13. Do you have any idea if they do it for all African countries or maybe a selected few? I'll go to my CI next week to enquire. It would be so cool if they covered mine lol. I'm so stressed about it
  14. abcdefg

    What fruits are in season now?

    I've never used it either.
  15. You have received Hanban agreeing to the scholarship?
  16. Yesterday
  17. abcdefg

    What fruits are in season now?

    @mungouk -- I really don't know much about this tasty fruit. I ate some good ones in Vietnam last month. Mostly sweet with a subtle sour note as well. Have also had them farther south, in Malaysia; can't remember exactly what time of year. What I read in Wikipedia just now is that some of the rambutan trees can bear fruit twice a year and others only once. Would not be surprised if the time at which they flower and then fruit depends to a large extent on how far north one looks. It's my understanding (my limited understanding) that they require tropical warm weather to produce; don't do well in cooler climates. The ones that show up in the fruit stalls here in Kunming are grown farther south. They aren't indigenous to Kunming. I say that without really knowing for 100% sure. I've been fooled before by farmers growing small amounts of this or that in hothouse conditions right on the edge of the city. Thailand sure does have lots of good tropical fruit. Every time I go there, I discover something new. (Heading to Chiang Mai again in about two weeks.)
  18. TheBigZaboon

    Intermediate TV Programs without Subtitles

    Thank you. Maybe I'll try to find something androidy in the play store later today. Actually, I'm glad the OP bought this question up. Maybe there's an existing app out there somewhere. TBZ
  19. TheBigZaboon

    Intermediate TV Programs without Subtitles

    Quick response!!! What operating systems will it work with???
  20. I just made a small program that displays a resizable black bar and is always on top. ^^ You can close it via Escape or Alt+F4 SubtitleHider.exe
  21. I did not get it. Lastvywarm Once again people, a change in status on the CSC portal means nothing.
  22. Our local CI director (Argentina) told us they will also pay for our plane tickets, and i understand they do for all latin america countries and i think from african countries too. We are just doing the inscription on the university website, when we finish this (June 21) we will ask to the university (in our case Jilin University) if they will actually book our plane tickets, now im kinda scared lol. I know from previous years everyone from here got their free plane tickets, but since in that letter it says 2019 they might changed it? idk. Maybe it depends on each university.
  23. TheBigZaboon

    Intermediate TV Programs without Subtitles

    As @zander1 said, there is some benefit in just covering the subtitles physically. A little piece of paper covering the bottom of the screen on your tablet should do it. Another method is to select videos and movies with subtitles in a language you don't understand. In my case, I just select Indonesian subtitles, which for some reason, I'm able to ignore easier than English, even though I can read them. There are other methods, too. One of my Chinese teachers, a Japanese guy, had a little app on his Apple iPod he used to cover the subtitles of videos and movies he showed us in class via the tv monitor in the classroom. The height and location of the cover was adjustable. But this was ten years ago and part of the Apple universe I have no experience with, so I don't know how to find it now. Sorry... TBZ
  24. Or with a notepad etc. window:
  25. Netflix now has lots of Chinese TV shows as well as movies, you can toggle the subtitles off on them. As a more “direct” alternative I used to just cover up the subtitles with a piece of card.
  26. It says that the school will subsidise the plane tickets those students from venezuela, peru and colombia that are applying to the scholarships that last 1 year or more, it says that you need to add that wechat number and send them your name and passport number, and then a teacher will review the info and then proceed with the purchase of the tickets. What Uni are you applying to? did you got this info from hanban or the school?
  27. Hello, While trying to work on my listening skills, I have a hard time finding TV shows, etc. that DON'T have hardcoded subs. I find that when subs are present, I have trouble ignoring the subs, and almost feel like I'm working on my reading speed more than anything. Netflix has movies with toggleable subs, but tend to like long-running programs to work on listening and understanding comprehension. For example, if I'm watching 家有女儿, 非诚勿扰, or 爱情公寓 on youtube, I have a pretty solid understanding of what is going on. I just am not sure what my understanding would be if I weren't exposed to those hardcoded subs, and would like to work on that. It seems that Chinese programs almost always include hardcoded subs, unfortunately. Any suggestions? Most postcasts I've found tend to be a bit above my listening comprehension (like 故事FM).
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