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    Actually I think most of us are from Texas.
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    here's the whole 爱情公寓II http://www.youku.com/show_page/id_z8acc113c6fbf11df97c0.html and here's more: http://www.soku.com/search_video/q_%E7%88%B1%E6%83%85%E5%85%AC%E5%AF%93
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    "If you have any questions, you can let me know. " 1) Do you think we're idiots?
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    try the 汉语风 series of books. The ones with the red covers are for learners with a 300word vocabulary. I have read most of them and the stories are not too bad plus, they include a vocab list in the back. They are not made for Chinese children but for English speakers learning Chinese. I know you can buy them from Amazon.com if you are in the U.S. If you are in China you can use taobao.com Try this link: http://s.taobao.com/search?q=%BA%BA%D3%EF%B7%E7&keyword=&commend=all&ssid=s5-e&search_type=item&atype=&tracelog=&sourceId=tb.index
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    It is (both the traditional and simplified) a transliteration for Oliver (guess it is your name). It is written in Chinese, not in Cantonese (you may wish to google a bit to find out more about the Chinese writing system in relation to Chinese dialects such as Cantonese).
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    As a fresh graduate with no experience, I suspect you're going to have to take what you're given.
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    Which we wouldn't actually object to (well I wouldn't, you lot can do what you want ). We've had schools prompt people to come along before, and while I think it's not ideal - there's a very real chance of it looking like a shill post, and you have to assume they're only asking the happy customers - it's still valid info. Perhaps in need of discounting, but still valid. We really should have a more concrete set of guidelines for companies to use, but I suspect I'd spend the rest of my life plugging loopholes in it. Assuming anyone read it.
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    Katerina does not or ever has worked for Live the Language. She used to be a student (a very good one) from September 2010 until January 2011 with us, after having studied Mandarin at BLCU before. Its true the comment sounds a bit like an advertisement from us, however, that doesnt make it one. As Roddy rightly pointed out, she currently works for a visa agency (which has nothing to do with teaching Chinese). She also was a very enthusiastic and dedicated student, who cared a lot about studying Chinese and put a lot of effort into it, who speaks fluently today. The kind of people it is fun to have studying at your school. Just maybe not so familiar with the "neticette" (I dont even know how to spell that, any ideas?) here, which is not so good, but no need to get nasty though.
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    At my university in the US, I'm friends with a bunch of Chinese people. If they're non-native speakers, they often don't speak English as fluently as I speak Chinese, and so usually we end up speaking Chinese. Some, even those without very good English, will insist on speaking English with me, and while this frustrates me a bit, I'm generally fine with it -- we are, after all, in the US, and as part of the reason they're here is to learn English, I'm okay with letting them choose what language we speak. I remember how annoying it was when Chinese people would refuse to speak to me in Chinese in China. But what really irritates me is when we're in a group where I'm the only white guy, and one person insists on speaking English to me when everyone else is speaking Chinese. When they're not speaking directly to me, they'll switch right back to Chinese. This is aggravating to no end. What's even worse is that I'm only now realizing how patronizing it is to be on the receiving end of this sort of treatment -- in China I must have acted like this in mixed company to a Chinese person at least once.
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    They're probably photoshopping your certificate as we speak . . .
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    You can down FG version 7.07 here. I just uploaded it on Rapidshares. http://rapidshare.com/files/448192918/fg707x.rar Wait about 30 seconds for the free account download to start.
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    Sounds like general foreigner accent...
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    In my opinion, "nouveau riche" doesn't neccessarily have negative connotations. It really depends on how it's used. But on the other hand, in the UK at least, these days labeling anyone "rich" often has negative connotations.
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    Somehow, this has me sold. I'm going to try to and make a run through the first season in February. I'm also intrigued by this notion of a second season. That quote, renzhe, is out of control.
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    Next round! Stream which works! http://tv.sohu.com/s2010/aiqinggongyu/ No download links, VeryCD got pressured into stopping. The second season of the popular sitcom. It helps to watch the first season first, but most of this can be watched out of order. Three of the characters from the original cast were replaced by carbon copies: 美嘉 was replaced by a failed idol actress who becomes Guangu's love interest, 宛瑜 and Zhanbo went travelling and were replaced by a mysterious school friend of 一菲 who becomes everybody else's love interest, and a geeky friend of 吕子乔, a lawyer-in-training. Sound familiar? Several episodes into it, and basically, they continued where they left off. This feels very much like the first season, both in terms of style and quality (it's hard to say if it's as funny just yet, but there are laughs to be had). Although 美嘉 is sorely missing (especially her bickering with 吕子乔), the new characters fill in the gaps well and the show did not suffer much for it. As with the first season, the show is highly derivative of US sitcoms, but still made purely for Chinese audiences and making all sorts of references to things only Chinese would know. This makes it quite entertaining, and more interesting than translating bland jokes from "Friends".
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    I should hope they are not at that point yet...
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    Just make sure you practice the pronunciation first. I had a Chinese friend who told me that she watched CCTV news (in English) fairly regularly for 6 months before she realized that when the one foreign news anchor (the Australian guy?) was saying "Hello, 你好", at the beginning of every broadcast. She said it was not recognizable to her as Chinese because the pronunciation was so bad, and she assumed he was simply using some English greeting that she was not familiar with. Likewise, your lady friend will expect you to be speaking english, and if it's not pronounced well, she might not understand
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    Ep. 12 GRE / 阿姨 GRE is, of course http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graduate_Record_Examination, 阿姨 is what the guy hears 托福 TOEFL, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toefl 誓死追随 swear to death to follow (somebody) 情人节 Valentine's day 恐惧症 phobia 备胎 spare tyre, also a backup (here a backup for a Valentine's day partner) 人中龙凤 a very outstanding person 一表人才 somebody of outstanding appearance and temperament. 眼屎 gum (in the eyes) 情人眼里出西施 the loved one appears to be the most beautiful, 西施 is Xi shi, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xi_Shi 巴勒斯坦 Palestine 悍马 Hummer 图勒凯尔姆 Tulkarm city in Palestine, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulkarm 穿越 pass through 卡尔吉利耶 Qalqilya, a city in Palestine, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qalqilyah 纳布卢斯 Nablus, another city in Palestine, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nablus 萨尔菲特 Salfit, another city http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salfit 安然无恙 safe and sound; (escape) unscathed 生育 give birth to 历险 adventure, to experience hardship. 整节车厢 the entire (railway) car 午夜凶铃 Ringu, the Japanese horror movie 摩洛哥 Morocco 卡萨布兰卡 Casablanca (the music playing while they are expressing condolences in the bar is funeral music) 威廉 William 有百利而无一害 to have every advantage, and no disadvantages 脚踏几条船 = variation of 脚踏两条船, means to have one's feet on two boats, be a two-timer 铁锁连舟 如履平地 boats tightly tied down, like walking on solid ground 绿毛龟 green turtle 未雨绸缪 repair the house before it rains, take precautions 幸灾乐祸 gloat at others’ misfortunes, schadenfreude 防患于未然 to be prepared, just in case 两面三刀 double-dealing; double cross 吃里扒外 = 吃里爬外 double-cross 阳奉阴违 pretend to obey orders 声东击西 decoy tactics 言行不一 the deeds do not match the words 两肋插刀 especially loyal to friends 荷兰豆 snow pea 保罗 Paul 油炸 deep-fried 结巴 to stutter, someone who stutters Q cute 戒掉 to quit (a habit) 豆汁儿 a fermented drink made from ground beans 摧枯拉朽 with incredible ease 还有一个连 -> 连 is a company (of troops) 她开卡车啊她 -> is she driving a truck (because she needs so many spare tyres) 单眼皮小眼睛 single-edged eyelid, small eyes 艾伦 Alan 打酱油 just buying soy sauce... 自强不息 constantly strive to become stronger 戳轮胎 to cut a tyre (in this case it's the spare tyre) 托尼 Tony 梦寐以求 to want something to the point of dreaming about it 人生苦短 life is short and miserable 及时行乐 enjoy life while ye may 今朝有酒今朝醉 if there is booze today, then get drunk today -- seize the opportunity 人心不足蛇吞象 greedy (heart is not satisfied like a snake trying to swallow an elephant) 路见不平,拔刀相助 to immediately come to someone's rescue if encountering injustice 穷鬼 poor bastard 抓阄儿 draw lots 门卫 security guard 暴力 violent 萨拉波娃 Maria Sharapova 阿尔巴尼亚 Albania 阿尔及利亚 Algeria 罗纳尔多 Ronaldo 齐丹 Zidane 阿里巴巴 Alibaba 乔丹 Jordan 联合国 United Nations 你还是去买根黄瓜吧 it's better if you go and buy a cucumber -- I'll let you figure this one out on your own 喜马拉雅山 Himalaya 阿尔卑斯山 the Alps 阿迪达斯 Adidas 大宝 a Chinese clothing brand Ep. 13 头版头条 headline 八周刊头 the headline of gossip magazines, 八 is short for 八卦, 周刊 is a weekly, 头 is headline 湿吻 / 干吻 wet kiss / dry kiss 很黄很暴力 pornographic and violent 狗急跳墙 to do something because the situation is dire 真情爆发 to do something because true feelings suddenly surfaced 狗鸡跳墙 dog and chicken jumped the wall together (关谷 is being funny again) 杀手锏 One's trump card 一帘幽梦 Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain, a romance film and novel by Chiung Yao http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiung_Yao 烟锁重楼 another Taiwanese series based on Chiung Yao 情深深雨蒙蒙 yet another one, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romance_in_the_Rain 当局者迷, usually a part of 旁观者清,当局者迷 = you get a clearer view of things if you are not involved 挡我者死 if you stand in my way, you will die -- it's not a chengyu, it's 关谷 being funny again 潜意识 the subconscious 女圣斗士 a character from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Seiya 狮子座 Leo (zodiac sign) 逃得了和尚 逃不了庙 even if the monk can escape, the monastery cannot -- we know where to find him 梅花三弄 another Chiung Yao novel, see http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/梅花三弄_(小說) 越南 Vietnam 河内 Hanoi 诡异 strange DV = video format, refers to a camcorder 视频自拍 video of oneself 和服 kimono 艺妓回忆录 Memoirs of a Geisha 厕纸 toilet paper 雷人 to shock somebody 褴褛 shabby 拂晓 dawn 骨灰 ashes of a person 张国荣 Leslie Cheung, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Cheung 苟延残喘 be on one's last legs; linger on in a steadily worsening condition 登陆 login 流窜 go on the run 回归 return 喧嚣 noisy, to cause an uproar 九寨沟 Jiuzhaigou, a county in Sichuan province, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiuzhaigou_County 原始森林 indigenous forest 流连忘返 enjoy oneself so much that one forgets to go home 一览无遗 take in everything at a glance 灶台 the top of a kitchen range 牙签 toothpick 含蓄 be full of 造谣 start a rumour 兔子不吃窝边草 rabbit doesn't eat grass next to his nest = you shouldn't go after your friend's lover 天使的脸蛋 face of an angel 魔鬼的身材 body of a devil 前凸后翘 -> describes the chest and behind, you'll figure it out 呼之欲出 to be vividly portrayed 临渊羡鱼不如退而结网 it's better to go home and fetch the net than to stand next to the river and admire the fish 猫腻 cunning plot; underhand act 先天缺憾 to miss a skill or ability since birth 明智 sensible 纪录 notes, record 鸦片战争 the opium wars 欣赏 admire 表白 to confess one's feelings to somebody PK to have a contest (comes from "player kill" in online play) 胡萝卜 carrot 葫芦娃 a character from 葫芦兄弟, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calabash_Brothers 人造革 fake leather 恶性事件 a vicious crime 胡汉三 a character from the comic "Sparkling Red Star", see http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/閃閃的紅星 自讨苦吃 ask for trouble; bring trouble upon oneself 有夫之妇 married woman 夹克 jacket 偷袭 sneak attack 虚伪 hypocritical
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    Episode 11: 有奖竞猜 guessing contest (with prizes) 过奖 "you're too kind", a polite reply to a compliment 电波 electromagnetic waves, ether 公益 public welfare 黄金时段 = 黄金档 = prime time 群发 to send (a message) to many recipients at the same time 短消息 = 短信 = SMS 广撒网多捞鱼 throw one's nets far, so you can catch many fish 事故 accident 夺命女魔头 refers to some kind of killer girl villain, e.g. from wuxia novels, like 李莫愁 or 梅超风 洪兴十三妹 the gangster character in this movie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portland_Street_Blues 用指甲刮黑板 scratch the blackboard with one's nails 街坊 neighbour 调整 adjust, modify 零蛋 (spoken) number zero 工资表 income statement 林志玲 Lin Chi-ling, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lin_Chi-ling 历程 course 变态 abnormal 共襄盛举 celebrate together (??) 名记 famous journalist, pun is 名妓 = famous prostitute 风云人物 influential person 普利策奖 Pulitzer prize 轮胎 tyre 国家地理杂志 National Geographic Magazine 自由落体 free fall 加速度 acceleration 离心力 centrifugal force 不胫而走 spread like wildfire 花圈 (floral) wreath, given at funerals 花篮 flower basket 劳拉 Laura 叙旧 talk about the old days 趁此机会 use this opportunity 直觉 instinct 劈腿 spread legs 草莓奶昔 strawberry milkshake 男人装 Chinese version of FHM, he calls is 装男人 = pretending to be a man 中法混血 French-Chinese mixed-blood 古铜色皮肤 bronze-coloured skin 坦桑尼亚 Tanzania 皇室血统 royal bloodline 卡塔尔 Qatar 冥钞 paper made to resemble bank notes and burned for the dead 狂躁 rash and impatient 心理承受能力 mental strength 一概而论 to lump things together 沾花惹草 promiscuous 潇洒 natural and unaffected 非盈利 non-profit 慈善 charitable 重启系统 reboot the system 重塑外形 remodel the shape 终结者 Terminator 施瓦辛格 Schwarzenegger 专注 concentrated on 忐忑 disturbed, ill-at-ease 万吨巨轮 10-tonne ship, a huge ship 讲稿 transcript, draft of a speech 默契 tacit agreement 泰坦尼克 Titanic 沉 to sink 沦陷 to be occupied 千年人参 thousand year ginseng, a cure for all diseases 暴殄天物 a reckless waste of the products of nature 马赛克 mosaic 狗屎运 to get really lucky, hit the jackpot 饥渴 hungry and thirsty, desperate 王力宏 Lee Hom Wang, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Hom_Wang 巨龙巨龙你擦亮眼 lyrics from a song, 巨龙 refers to China 巨龙巨龙你差两年 what 关谷 actually sings 蝗虫 grasshopper 蜈蚣 centipede 蚂蚱 locust, but I think it's not the same as what we understand under "locust" 环猪格格 = a pun on 还珠格格, a famous series with 赵薇 小燕子 the character from the said show, 关谷 reads it as 小鸭子 邱少云 Qiu Shaoyun, a famous soldier from the Korean war, see http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/邱少云 紫薇 another character from 环猪格格 嫔妃 emperor's concubine 伏特加 vodka 威士忌 whisky 痱子粉 a product similar to talcum powder 胀气 bad gas 专栏作家 columnist 碧空 blue skies 白云 white clouds
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    Episode 10. 痘痘 acne (N.B. 水痘 means smallpox) 保龄球 bowling 嫌累 to become tired of something 体会 to come to understand, understanding 一丢丢 = 一点点 领先 to lead 金城武 actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takeshi_Kaneshiro 吴彦祖 actor Daniel Wu, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Wu 眼睛片厚到可以防弹 eyeglasses so thick that they can stop a bullet 过敏 allergy 陆毅 actor Lu Yi, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lu_Yi_(actor) 炫耀 to show off 锦旗 silk banner (an award) 白痴 idiot 寿司 sushi 破产 to go bankrupt 紫菜 seaweed used in sushi 职场失意 情场得意 lose gambling luck, find luck in love 肾结石 kidney stone 乱伦 incest 默哀 to stand in silent tribute 气质 disposition 长相 features 冒充 to pass (something) off as something else 90后 generation born after 1990 绰绰有余 more than enough 万人迷 an incredibly attractive, trendy, and downright cool woman, man, or thing 哈妹型 摇滚 rock and roll 朋克 punk 非主流 non-mainstream 露脐装 clothese that exposes the belly-button 便当 (from Jap. bento) lunch-box 在场 to be present 罗曼蒂克 romantic 肉麻 sickening 基金 fund (pun is 鸡精 = chicken bouillon, chicken stock) 施舍 alms, handout, charity 武士道 bushido, warrior's code of honour 切腹 seppuku, harakiri 奥特曼 Ultraman, an obscure Japanese superhero, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraman 落袋为安 when the money drops into the pocket, you're safe 肝胆相照 help your friends in time of need 兜裆布 loin cloth 时来运转 have a change of luck 翻盘 to have your luck change (from bad to good) 林青霞 Brigitte Lin, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brigitte_Lin 比基尼模特 bikini model 秀外慧中 beautiful and intelligent 风靡 very popular (pun on 蜂蜜 = honey) 暗藏杀机 (pun: 杀鸡 = kill chicken) 红桃 heart (card suit) 黒桃 spade 草花 club 方片 diamond 万紫千红 blaze of colour 一枝独秀 stand out from the rest 炸弹 bomb 法宝 magic wand 消防局 fire brigade 喷水 spray water (e.g. to put out a fire) 跳槽 change jobs 程序 program, as in computer program 嫁入豪门 to marry into a powerful family 奔放 bold and unrestrained 丰盛 rich 大怪 = 大鬼 joker (card) QQ = Cherry QQ, a tiny Chinese car, see http://www.diytrade.com/china/4/products/4642938/Spare_Parts_of_Chery_QQ_car.html 宝马745 = BMW 745 周润发 Chow Yun Fat, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chow_Yun_Fat 赌神 movie "God of Gamblers", see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_of_Gamblers 失魂落魄 driven to distraction 情敌 love rival 控诉 denounce 奥斯卡 Oscar (movie award) 斗地主 (card game) Land, see http://www.chinagames.net/chinagames/2008-11/12/content_492733.htm 华丽 gorgeous 逆转 take a turn for the worse 繁华地段 a busy area of a city 腹肌 abdominal muscles 刑事拘留 criminal detention or custody 末班车 last bus 合理 rational, logical 海龟 a Chinese person who studied/lived abroad and returned to China 硕士 Master's degree 人造人 android, artificial human 自摸 win by one’s own draw, but also means masturbation 冬眠 hibernation 侵略 invade 扯谈 = 胡说八道, talk nonsense 偷袭 sneak attack, surprise raid 山本五十六 the Japanese general who attacked Pearl Harbor, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isoroku_Yamamoto 珍珠港 Pearl Harbor 蠢货 idiot 通气 ventilate, keep in touch (with friends) 芳心暗许 a girl's heart secretly belongs to somebody I'm not sure about 哈妹型, but I suspect that it has something to do with 哈韩哈日 girls.
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    Episode 9. 尿床 to wet the bed 如玉有约 a TV show hosted by 如玉 相好 to be close, to be lovers 才华 talent 章小怡 probably refers to 章子怡 奥迪 Audi 期待 anticipate, anticipation 拉风 cool, attractive 敞篷车 convertible 夏利 a cheap Chinese car brand, see http://www.tjfaw.com/ N年 N years, a number of years 在下 (humble) me 腥气 fishy smell, it's a pun on 星气 = demeanour of a star 腔调 tone of voice, accent 高架 overhead, elevated roads one sees in Shanghai, see http://newhouse.sh.soufun.com/html/subjectsNew/neihuan050407/tupian.jpg 狭隘 narrow, narrow-minded 处女 virgin 中环 middle ring, a road in Shanghai 在线 online 交友 to make friends 混熟 to get along well 合不来 to not get along well 冰释前嫌 to forget past grudges 世上无难事 只怕有心人 nothing's difficult as long as one has heart. The pun is(新), meaning as long as there's a noob 驾校 driving school 开除 expel 擅长 to be skilled 土豆网 Todou, a streaming website 吉普车 Jeep 吐痰 spit 大罗 Ronaldo 小罗 Ronaldinho 吃红牌 red card 耐克 Nike 生平 one's (whole) life 宣泄 get something off one's chest 报幕的 an announcer who gets to introduce the next act 型男 fashionable man 雪弗兰 Chevrolet 旺盛 thriving 跨栏 hurdles (athletic discipline) 高尔夫球 golf 播报 to broadcast 即时路况信息 traffic information 报料 scandal, newsworthy event 打气筒 air pump 柔道协会 Judo club 教练 coach, trainer 直播 live broadcast 直升机 helicopter 小S Dee Hsu, see http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/徐熙娣 大S Barbie Hsu, see http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/徐熙媛 金刚 King Kong 大厦 skyscraper 长白山 Baekdu Mountain / Changbai Shan, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baekdu_Mountain 北海道 Hokkaido, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hokkaidō 无名指 ring finger 目测 estimate (distance) with naked eye 故障 fault 气色 complexion 滑板 skateboard 拉丁语 Latin (language) 沙丁鱼 sardine 拉斐尔 Raphael, the painter, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raffaello 忍者神龟 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 西藏 Tibet 骄阳 blazing sun GPS导航仪 GPS navigation system 阿拉 I/me (Shanghainese) 伐 question particle similar to 吗 (Shanghainese) 牙医 dentistry 午后红茶 afternoon tea 微波炉 microwave oven 雪橇 sled 毕福剑 Bi Fujian, a famous TV host, see http://media.people.com.cn/GB/64901/69704/index.html NG = Not good = 不好 非我莫属 belong exclusively to me 替补 substitute 呼啦圈 hula-hoop 无冤无仇 (wuxia jargon) no animosity (between us) 兄台 (wuxia jargon) honourable brother 和蔼 affable, friendly 斜眼狮子 "cross-eyed lion", the Judo trainer's Jianghu name 此言差矣 Episode 10 coming tomorrow.
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