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    So as the title says, this is a weekly practice test thread. I usually just torture myself on my own, but now I've decided to share the fun. If you are not familiar with the exam, you can read about it here http://www.pthxx.com/index.html OR you can get the PSC bible :普通话水平测试实施纲要 (or a similar book). Long ago I did a write up of my experience cramming for and taking the exam in Beijing under the Chinese Exams thread....and one day I'll definitely need to retake it I probably won't list a complete 'answer key' to each practice exam (and not right away), but feel free to discuss the exam content or add your own notes. Anyway, hopefully this thread will be helpful to other members since the whole PSC journey has been a very interesting and helpful one for me Enjoy! 9/23/2011 EDIT: Visit this thread for a quick way to check the pronunciations for characters listed in these exams: http://www.chinese-f...post__p__260571 (of course it's up to you to double, triple check that it is consistent with the standard used on exam ]
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    A quick note to share the good news that we've just published the official vocabulary lists for the revised HSK on our HSK test page at Popup Chinese. Hanban still serving up the old lists through its website, and these new lists aren't available in digital form elsewhere yet, so we've had to digitize these and add the appropriate pinyin, english and part-of-speech information given the test level. Feedback is welcome. We'll be keeping these up-to-date as the test evolves over time, so if you spread these online please link to Popup Chinese as the source.
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    I've found italki very helpful lately. There are a lot of people on there and some (if you're careful) are happy to do a language exchange over skype. It doesn't compare to face to face chatting, but its a good compromise.
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