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    No and you shouldn't do the housework either.
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    And for the non-Chinese speaking future readers searching for an answer to this problem, the answer is to delete old messages from your phone because they're taking up too much space so the new message can't be saved.
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    well, there is at least one quite famous former student of the mechanical engineering department called Jiang Zemin.... And withouth any doubts Shanghai Jiaotong is top university in China, so don't worry, be happy, if they admit you. :rolleyes: Some ranklists: http://www.cunet.com.cn/paiming.htm http://www.herrank.org/her/rank2011_utypeclassify_top20_utype2_zhpm2011_asc.html @paul_de what kind of scholarship did you apply?
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    Based on your comments in the other thread you should go to Jiaotong: lots of people in Shanghai will be able to speak English with you, especially at such a large and well-known university.
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    Or, if you click on the Chinese version of the link you posted..... P.S. Just in case it's not obvious, not all mainland citizens are able to travel to Hong Kong on their own; depending on where one lives (?? or one's 戶口??), one might be required to join a tour.
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    Jiao Tong is one of the most prestigious universities in China. I don't know about their mechanical engineering programme, but I'm surprised that you don't consider it reputable.
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    While I certainly understand that position, I feel there are some times that negative points are beneficial to the forums, if used properly. Examples are people that tend to post corrections to other peoples' post without confirming they are correct first, and their corrections are usually wrong. [i won't name names, but I do note that after the reputation system started that person stopped doing it.] Other examples are posts that attack others. Or posts that really make no sense. Or posts that misrepresent what others say. Regarding the "report" feature, I would be loathe to use it except in extreme circumstances. To me, I would "report" a post only if I felt it should be removed. Roddy, maybe we could have an "opt out" feature for some users that really don't like it? I wouldn't want it for users that want out because they are getting a lot of negative feedback (the feedback is good for them), but rather for users that don't like it? I, for one, would have no objection if Meng Lelan opts-out if she doesn't like it. My other suggestion is if there is a way to make it easier to see the rating of posts, e.g. when you look at a user's posts, the rating is also shown? I for one would like to see which of my posts people like and don't like.
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