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    http://www.chinese.cn/teacher/article/2010-04/22/content_138787.htm It says 40 pts for sentences and 60 pts for essays for HSK level V.
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    hmm ... #4 reminds me of a comment someone made on 23 April.
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    So there's this article that's been making the rounds on the Internet about how Asian Americans (particularly young, male Asian Americans) don't get ahead because they're not aggressive enough. This is hardly new stuff, of course, but what makes the piece interesting is how the author (who is Korean American himself) makes his case. Thesis? Obviously an attack on the Tiger Mom thing. Anyway, it's a great read, regardless of what you think about the author's argument.
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    Yup. Practice, practice, practice.
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    Just goes to prove that using artificial means to grow bigger melons isn't always safe.
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    Please keep the discussion to CSC specific. Discussion about individual schools may be directed to their respected Life, Work and Study in China in General Subforums. Just adding to what renzhe noted.
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    Your luck must be running very strong just now; go buy a lottery ticket without delay.
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