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    Like in medicine, terms in music are mostly translated literally. root - 根音 bass clef - 低音谱号 piano (p) - 弱音 sonata form - 奏鸣曲式 harmonic minor scale - 和声小调音阶 melodic variation - 旋律变奏 F#7b9 - 升F七降九 In practice, though, Chinese musicians still encounter Latin terms like forte, piu mosso, etc in the music. In jazz, some terms like swing or groove go untranslated.
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    I just finished it. It seemed like it was halfway before I realized it was ending, but I guess that's what the sequel is for (and it looks pretty good too).
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    Your luck must be running very strong just now; go buy a lottery ticket without delay.
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    The difference imo is that Eco writes books whereas Dan Brown wastes paper. I don't like all of Eco's books, but Brown is just a rubbish writer.Now reading Decadence Mandchoue. It consists of about equal parts sex scenes (mostly gay, some with the Empress Dowager) and late Qing palace intrigue. The gay sex is not really my cup of tea and the veracity of the palace gossip is questionable, so I keep wondering if I should really be reading this. Still it's quite a good book, and definately unique. I really love the way Backhouse writes Chinese dialogue: transcription (Wade-Giles), characters, and English explanation (or French, as the case may be). I wish more books did this. Nothing gets lost in translation, it adds so much.
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    There's another good ma jian book called 'Beijing coma', which covers the cultural revolution, to the incident in Tian an men square to falun gong. Quite an absorbing book.' One that I'm reading now (but which has nothing to do with China is 'middlesex' by Eugenides. Really incisive, clever and filled with black humour.
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