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    Because it is the end of May and June is approaching ... I heard this song on the radio this morning. I had never heard it before (But I've seen Les Miserables like seven or eight times and can sing all the songs in there). The DJ actually just played the start of the song and I can only tell it was a solo version but hey it sounded great (the spirit and words, not the singing or the recording). So I googled. And here it is. 人民之歌 詞:金佩瑋 看吧!人民在挽手 爭取正義和自由 歌聲裏羣情似火 滿溢激昂震撼着四周 捍衛人權護眾生 不分社會還是個人 方可叫無限理想 每日每天漸近 人民意願求實踐 自由的風不怕遏止 每刻也願勇敢 背負這革命旗幟 忘記畏懼勇踏前 正面迎接歷史 Listen 1 (female solo) -> http://www.youmaker.com/video/sa?id=c04b0385ee1440739238bb5cbadb53d1001 Listen 2 (ensemble) -> http://www.be-more.net/PPLsong.mp3
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    Once you have a residence permit you can leave/come as many times as you want.
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    here's the translation from the sub of the film that used this song as the theme song,, in .lrc format [ar:周杰伦] [ti:10.菊花台] [al:依然范特西] [00:36.51]你的泪光 柔弱中带伤Your tears ,glisten, laced with pain. [00:43.31]惨白的月弯弯 勾住过往 The crescent moon hangs in the past...pale with sickness. [00:50.32]夜太漫长 凝结成了霜 Cool night, too long..turns to frost. [00:56.99]是谁在阁楼上冰冷的绝望 Who is on the tower..frozen in despair? [01:04.22]雨轻轻淌 朱红色的窗 the rain drums lightly..on a crimson pane. [01:11.27]我一生在纸上 被风吹乱 My destiny is written on paper...fluttering in the wind [01:18.15]梦在远方 化成一缕伤 Distant dreams,rise like incense. [01:25.08]随风飘散 你的模样 Melting into night is ,yor image. [01:34.66]菊花惨淡地伤 你的笑容已泛黄 Chrysanthemums fall..weeping to the ground. Traces of your smile on a yellowuing scroll.. [01:42.49]花落人断肠 我心事静静淌your heart now empty, My thoughts quitly rest.. [01:48.77]北风乱夜未央 你的影子剪不断 The north wind blows. Not yet dawn your shadow clear and close. [01:56.50]徒留我孤单在湖面生霜 The only companion of my soul on a lake, a couple mirrored. [02:31.43]花亦相挽 飘落了灿烂 Blossoms of evening air..beauty undimmed.. [02:38.27]凋谢的石道上 命运不堪 scatter everywhere.A fate hard to swallow. [02:45.12]愁没都江 秋心在两畔 Sadness, do not cross the river... your autumn heart will sink. [02:52.05]怕你上不了岸 一辈子摇晃 Drowning in longing..you will not reach the other shore. [02:59.19]谁的江山 马蹄声荒乱 Whose hills and rivers..echo with the clamor of hooves? [03:06.18]我一身的戎装 呼啸苍苍 My armor is shredded...by the dividing hour. [03:13.22]天微微凉(亮) 你轻声地叹 The sky slowly brightens.Your sighs, silk soft.. [03:20.13]一夜惆怅如此委婉 weave a night of sorrow.So fragile, so spare. [03:29.61]菊花惨淡地伤 你的笑容已泛黄 Chrysanthemums fall...weeping to the ground, Traces of your smile on a yellowing scroll... [03:37.51]花落人断肠 我心事静静淌 your heart now empty. My thoughts quietly rest.. [03:43.69]北风乱夜未央 你的影子剪不断 the north wind blows. Almost dawn...your shadow, clear and close. [03:51.41]徒留我孤单在湖面生霜Only companion of my soul...on the lake, a couple reflected. [04:01.10]菊花惨淡地伤 你的笑容已泛黄chrysanthemums fall..in the cool night air. Traces of your smile in yellowing despair... [04:08.79]花落人断肠 我心事静静淌your heart now empty. my thoughts quietly rest...the north wind blows. [04:15.29]北风乱夜未央 你的影子剪不断 Almost dawn...your shadow, clear and close. [04:24.60]徒留我孤单在湖面生霜The only companion of my soul...on the lake, the two of us... basically ,,as i understand it, it's about an old general pondering/retrospecting about his whole life fighting and killing and all that for the king(谁的江山,马蹄声狂乱),,, in a autumn-winter night, by some lake, with frosts above the water,sorta like that,,,, saddened but the falling of the chrysanthemums to the ground, reminded of his lost love(你的影子剪不断:maybe when he watches into the lake, the only face he would see is that of hers),,,, and,,,when the night is about to dawn(夜未央), finds that for his whole life,,,to the last,,, the only company he got, is his own shadow in the lake(我孤单在湖面,成双), the morning dawns, he wakes from the dreams,etc, finds his lover's face, the image in the lake, was actually his own lonely body/face...) btw i think the plot of the film, to some degree, fits right in the theme/意境 created by this song,
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    As I said it's all up to your own judgement. Your concerns are very real and scientists are normal human beings who also make mistakes, and non of them dares to say that they know "everything" about their subjects. I just gave my points - it is legal to use certain growth regulators in China and other countries and the exploding watermelons are not necessarily "poisonous"- rather than trying to persuade anyone to buy things they don't trust. But we have being "messing with nature" all the time haven't we? Fire, iron, medicine, electricity, you name it, they all used to be "tricks" in the past. But there has always been human guinea pigs who try new things, so now we don't have to live in caves, eat everything raw, have the life expectancy around 30 years and do nothing but struggling to collect enough food just to survive...
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