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    I got the scholarship for 4 years at 北京语言大学, anyone else going there or maybe to other universities close by?
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    So happy! I can finally relax now. This thing is...the email from hanban is nowhere to be found. What should I do? contact the uni?
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    Guys, i got it!! I'm so excited now! @Tuxon Congratulations!! really glad to hear.
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    I got it!! So happy, its 7 am here, woke up 30 minutes ago, checked the system and it was blue at Stage 5! Im HSK3 and applied for 1 year Chinese language, im 32 years old (read somewhere that age might be something negative, but in this case it havent) Good luck for everyone still waiting! It seems they will be releasing results this hour or tomorrow for the ones who still dont got any notice, since lot of people still at Stage 4, and i guess that work hours are about to be over now in China.
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    1. Do you mean components? Because every character has only one radical. 2. https://www.hackingchinese.com/focusing-on-tone-pairs-to-improve-your-mandarin-pronunciation/ Scroll down to download the list.
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    Congratulations for those who also got it!! And for those who are still waiting at Stage 4 good luck, lets hope tomorrow they finish giving the results since i understand now it might be super stressful for those who are waiting.
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    Lol I definitely meant I thought “gwai2 syu2” was written 鬼祟
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    Mine was in the spam folder, try looking there But if you don't find it don't worry, there's not much information there. They just tell you congratulations and that you should contact your university to confirm with them and send them the 获奖证书 (which you can get from the CIS website if you click on 打印证书 next to personal info tab on top)
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    So how do you think your teacher expected you to work this out?
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    Hello! I also applied to the 6 months scholarship and got it! somebody knows what we have to do now? Ive heard after acceptance we got three days to send the medical examinations but I cant find anything on the website.
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    I think it is because it is a transliteration not a translation. Lots of names are done like this, using characters that have a sound close to the original and a meaning that may have nothing to do with the original. Sometimes the meaning of the characters will have something to do with the original but not required.
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    cogratulations @Tuxon !!!! you give me hope for the next time !!!
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    Congratsss!!! @Tuxon glad to hear that you got it! 恭喜!
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    I just got an email notification from Hanban & checked on the website, I got to stage 5. I'm very happy. Thank you guys for all the help you gave me on this platform. Good luck to those who don't know their stages yet. Let's meet in Shanghai those who'll be in Shanghai.
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    Yes, I checked my portal and I still in level 4. Good luck for all of us!!!
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    yeah lots of them on facebook claimed that they have reached the stage 5 授予奖学金, lets pray for the best for us who hasnt.
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    guys check your applications... I just reached stage 5!
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    also 鞋子、衣服 also 耳環、項鍊
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    There's nothing worse than slipping up and saying “穿帽子” after years of studying putonghua. Here's my cheat sheet for reminding my stupid brain how to wear things in Chinese, hope it helps others: 穿:衣服、鞋子、襪子 戴:帽子、戒指、手套、眼鏡、耳環、項鍊 打:領帶 繫:皮帶、安全帶 Comment if you want to add to the list
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    Airplane announcement: “系好安全带, 吧安全带系好了。”
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    It looks like this might be the "second edition" but can't confirm. I'll also point out my original post was thirteen years ago now and I'm not sure if I'd be so enthusiastic now so many other resources are available. Those were dialup days
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