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    I've achieved a big milestone recently. Up until the last few months my significant other(a native) would never speak mandarin with me. When I first started, I pushed it but she wouldn't budge. I let it go and decided not to push it anymore. Still had her mother to speak Chinese with. As I've improved, expanded my vocabulary, grammar etc, I casually - even accidentally would slip in some mandarin and she kind of naturally started replying in mandarin. It has happened quite naturally. Lately she's even been starting conversations with me in Chinese sometimes. Also, if she says something in English to me that I want to hear in Chinese or that is well within my understanding, I say "再说一遍“, she's a good sport about it and says it again in Chinese. Other than that, I'm still not pushing it. I also don't bother her with grammar questions and the like. Right now I suppose it's 25 percent Chinese 75 English, but a huge change from zero. I'm sure as I continue to improve my skills the percentage will shift further.
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    Shockingly, I've somehow been on this forum for more than a decade and have posted more than 1,400 times. I decided to take a stroll down memory lane and review everything I've posted that got a like. And in the process, assemble a list of my favorite posts, because it's clear that I love making lists. Grand Comic Reading Project Japanese Shows with Chinese Subtitles Video game reviews Review of 逆转裁判 Review of LostWinds Chinese Game Review: Sloane and McHale's Mysterious Story 2 斯隆与马克海尔的谜之物语2 Chinese Game Review: Professor Layton and the Curious Village 雷顿教授与不可思议的小镇 Challenge! Your! Chinese! Experiences and ideas for running Chinese meetups overseas My replies in 問我anything with feihong My response to Dragon Boat in Shenyang? Chinese webtoons Chinese Webtoon Portals Webcomic recommendations? Awesome Chinese Webcomics Bilingual Webcomics Some thoughts on paid Chinese webtoons Grand Chinese Lyrics Project A workflow for amateur translators Big Band (乐队的夏天) and the history of Chinese rock'n'roll What are the best things you read in 2020? Playlists 健身歌单 Workout playlist Best Songs of 2020 playlist What are the best things you listened to in 2020? First impressions of the Bilibili Manhua app What are the best things you read in 2020? My response to Chinese Music Discovery: How to build up your own Chinese Music Library Clubhouse is a killer app for practicing your Mandarin listening skills I found several somewhat random posts that I've pretty much forgotten about, but reflect some weird interest or opinion of mine at the time I wrote them. 非常了得 Chinese Dating Show 非诚勿扰 Twenty Questions #1 三国杀 and other party games Grand Movie Project Did you study Chinese in Chicago? My very bad prediction about the Trump presidency in Trump- what to make of it
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