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Word of the Day 24/7/10 麦霸

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Someone who hogs the microphone during karaoke

Are there any other words that end in 霸 with the meaning of to "hog" something?

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路霸 means 'road bully' in singaporean chinese, a guy who is rude towards other road users, horned unecessarily, showing middle finger, and/or beating up other road users when there is a dispute. generally a driver with a bad attitude, not really a road hogger.

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semantic nuance


We sometimes use 鴨霸 to mean 霸道. It's derived from Taiwanese. It means the same as 霸道.

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球霸,rather than just meaning someone who hogs the ball, also refers to the most influential player on a team. So Lebron (小皇帝) was a 球霸 at Cleveland (骑士队). But we will have to wait and see what will happen in Miami - I'm not expecting any change.

I wonder how many 球霸s you can have on one team in basketball or football/soccer?

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Did they really call him 小皇帝 in China? Hahaha

Thanks for the info, by the way. :)

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