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    • Larry Language Lover
      I just bought tickets on Air China.  Have you guys used this airline much?   Afterwards I stumbled across TripAdvisor and almost all of the reviews are really bad.  I wonder why this is?
    • hanami
        Hi everyone,   I am learning Chinese and am trying to choose a Chinese first name from the following options. I have selected my surname, which is 吉 (Jí).    I am seeking advice from native Chinese speakers who can provide me with an honest opinion on the following names. I am looking for a Chinese name that has a natural flow and an elegant sound. Which would you recommend?   雪盈 Xuě yíng 萤雪 Yíng xuě   I have found it difficult to pinpoint the meaning of these two names. If possible, could you describe the meaning of each of these names?   Thanks!
    • Badger
      I have spent 10 years learning Chinese, with a large amount of my study time spent on watching Chinese videos. But I have always wished Youtube had some features to improve my learning efficiency.    As we know, Youtube isn't tailored for learning language. So I built a tool mostly for myself and thought maybe some other passionate learners would find it useful.    Invite code: beta-cnforum (free premium for you too for helping check it out early, once I finish developing)   Chineselog.com .    I wanted to keep the site very simple. It is really tailored towards intermediate or advanced learners, no games or quizzes, just the key features that to be honest I found useful for my own studies.    Summary: 1) Highlighting: You can highlight the subtitles. 2) Review: You can review these highlights (loop through them) for efficient review 3) Dashboard: Logs all of your Chinese learning and words encountered. Helps with seeing progress and gamifies the learning process.  4) Download: All highlights (.txt) for export to Anki or Pleco flash cards.  5) Download: A .txt of the scripts of all videos you have watched. Can give to ChatGPT for review. 6) Improved video player: Loop mode, popup dictionary, highlights. 7) Compatible with any youtube video with CN subtitles.    Would love any feedback. I spent a while creating this as it is something I have always wanted, but I realize it is quite niche and curious if anyone else would find it useful.    Cheers!  
    • Sam654
      Hi my son js been dating a Chinese girl from Beijing for over 1 yr. He is Australian and she is living in Australia while studying. She wants him to move in and live with her. This is his first girlfriend. She refuses to meet us (his parents) I think this is very strange. Is someone blue to tell me if this is normal for a Chinese girlfriend? My son says she is too shy but we are very supportive and kind and friendly and happy he has someone he loves it is just upsetting we can’t meet her. I need to understand why? 
    • StChris
        As one of the biggest releases of the past few years, the game itself doesn't need much of an introduction, so in this review I want to focus on what makes it such a good Chinese-learning resource. Even for people not usually into games, I think it would still be worth just setting the game to easy mode and exploring its huge open world, taking advantage of all the language practice opportunities along the way. Here's what makes it really a fun and effective way to use and improve your Chinese:   - it allows you to set the language of the audio, subtitles and menus separately, so for example you could set the later two to English if you didn't want to go fully Chinese.     - the Chinese voice acting itself is really good, much better than a lot of TV shows even   - you will spend a lot of time in conversations with the characters in the game (all fully voiced) and will have to choose how to respond. For most of these you can take your time and look up unknown vocab in your dictionary, although the person you're talking to will get impatient and tell you to get a move on if you make them wait too long!     - lots of reading opportunities. While exploring the world you will be exposed to a wide range of situations and contexts, and the type of Chinese used in these will differ accordingly. For example, you will often find yourself reading emails from hacked computers or just text from an ebook you find lying around. The type Chinese in these include super informal with lots of swearing (for example a record of text messages between friends), business emails with lots of corporate speak, poems, essays about history and technology and much more!     - the same goes with the audio. The type of Chinese you will hear during the game will be as different as listening to the news presenter discussing the latest events on the TV as you ride the elevator to your apartment (which sounds exactly like any CCTV new programme) and overhearing a conversation between two homeless people.   As of the time of writing this review the PC version of the game is on sale at 50% off, so now is the perfect time to jump in! 
    • zena
      Hello,the system (cis.chinese.cn) indicates that I have been awarded a one-year scholarship from BLCU. But the problem is they didn't send any mails to me. I don't really know what to do now, how will they send the admission letter. They are not replying my mails. I just want to know if it is normal to wait until they send me a mail? 
    • arike
      I applied for a CI scholarship to attend a university in Beijing (not tsinghua) with a HSK 4 score of 254 and a hskk score (中级) of 62. The results are out for my friends( they got awarded the scholarship) but my application is still at the review stage of hanban. Am I going to get rejected or is the lack of an update a rejection already?
    • ningd9
      Hello everyone.   Is there a word or phrase in chinese that is similar to the word "flow" in English in the context of being in sync with your environment/surroundings, i.e to let the day flow, or go with the ups and downs, go through life and not get caught up on things, let them pass by and move forward in a smooth fashion.    Thanjs in advance!
    • Larry Language Lover
      Hey guys, I want your opinion.   In my language school you can also purchase additional weeks just for travel, the whole trip organized by them and accompanied by one of the teachers as guide.  There are many options.   Two of them are:  1) Lijiang - Dali- Shangri-la  or 2) Guilin and Yangshuo.  Which do you think is the better option?  (This would be for the first week of September.)
    • Larry Language Lover
      For you seasoned folk on here,  this is an ordinary thing.  I went to the Chinese Embassy in Madrid (American living in Spain) on Monday and I have been given a 10 year multiple entry visa,  60 days each entry!  I'm extremely excited since I have never been to China.   I will be studying Mandarin in Kunming at Keats Chinese School.
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