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    • Anon100
      Hi everyone! I just need some help to see which phrase makes more sense. They are very similar however the difference may have an impact on the meaning.    1- 瞄准月亮  2- 瞄准月球
    • ketan_luo
      I’ve heard that 黃 is currently associated with pornography, so I researched why and came across this explanation “In Hong Kong, brothel and organised prostitute are illegal. It is not allowed to advertise any trade in sex. Brothels and prostitutes hoisted some large yellow light boxes with some red implicit text on it nearby. These boxes were finally taken down by police, and they use a pink light instead nowadays. In this way, Hong Kong people associates yellow with prostitutes. So do pornography.” Do you agree? If yes do you have any idea about idioms that were created after this meaning was “introduced” and are related to this meaning wise?? (maybe tsomething like red-light district... or smth) I only need one, so if you have any idea pls help me out !
    • TaxiAsh
      Hi, sorry, wasn't sure where to put this.    I've just spent 20 minutes doing a demo video to show you the problem, and youtube rejected it for showing google I suppose!   So I'll explain.   When I type (pinyin) on google translate, it obviously works.   but (on new computer) when I draw the characters on the script writer (using usb pad and pen), it writes backwards*. Even if you keep selecting the end of the sentence!   This is annoying and probably a simple setting, but I can't find the answer on google searches, and I can't find the problem myself!   *backwards. what I mean is, it always put the character at the beginning, hence backwards writing. 
    • Aishi
      I have a simple question about "白鹿原" by 陈忠实. I know that there is an English translation for this novel, but I didn't manage to find in on the Internet, only the original in Chinese. There's a number of lines I don't understand in the part that I was tasked to translate. 1) 鹿子霖一上任乡约就施展出非凡的办事能力和组织才能。他用白鹿仓拨给他的十分有限的经费,在白鹿镇买下一院破落户的民房。房屋已经破败不堪,庭院里散发着一股酸滋滋臭烘烘的气味。他雇请来卫木匠,向所辖的十个村子摊派小工,把三间大厅和两间厢房全部翻修一新。 Here, I don't get 他雇请来卫木匠, precisely the 卫 part. Is it the carpenter's surname?.. Also, did I get it right: first, Lu Zilin hires a carpenter, then he sends unskilled laborers to the villages under his management, and after that renovates the buildings in his own mansion? I'm a bit confused as for why did he send laborers somewhere if he was rebuilding his mansion
    • Rmalzone50
      My wife had this ring which was gifted to her by a friend. The ring is covered in symbols on the outside with some sort of oriental characters engraved on the inside. After she passed i found the ring and didnt think much of it other than it looked neat. So i never looked into the writings inside. A colleague of mine suggested the translation could have a deeper meaning. So for curiosity's sake can anyone tell me what language it is and also help me understand the translation of the script?
    • PerpetualChange
      I've been studying for 10+ years and I occasionally bump up against this... I simply have no practical use for my Chinese abilities. It sure is a fun and rewarding hobby most of the time but I don't use it for work, I don't have any Chinese friends or family in my immediate vicinity, and there are no other interactions in my daily life which would require me to use it much at all. I like Chinese movies and novels but again there are few I know who share those interests.    I guess it is strange to think this way because there are plenty of people who speak Chinese far better than I do and aren't doing anything with it. There are people who have been bilingual since birth and are quite happy to have jobs, friendships, and hobbies that don't require them to use Chinese. I don't know why I feel like because I have been studying it for so long and have some degree of proficiency, I should be doing something more with it...
    • 骏马的丕沿🤯
      Timeline of the dynasties: https://lensdump.com/i/ZzoQE0   These dynasty names are often used in literature, people's names/titles, stories, etc. -- anytime you feel lost for not having a time reference for these dynasties, just swipe open your desktop!
    • Pengyou
      I have found add-ons to print anki flash cards but they all seem to only print on one side.  Has anyone found an app that will print on both sides, front and back? 
    • NinKenDo
      Doing a search of the forums turns up a couple dead resources. I was wondering if anybody knows a great source for Anime dubbed in Mandarin? I've generally resisted going down this route as I'm also learning Japanese which I've neglected a lot, and it seems foolish to spend my time watching Japanese content in Mandarin. But that said I really need something that I can watch over and over again, and C-Dramas just don't really offer that possibility to me. While I like the good ones well enough, having tried to rewatch them I'm usually just not nearly as engaged the next time around. Whereas with Anime, I know so many series I would happily watch over and over again, if only because I built the habit of doing so during my early teens. So yeah, any recommendations on where I can find these would be great.
    • Pengyou
      My vocabulary is well beyond level 3 - am sprucing up on my reading and hope to take the HSK 1-3 at the end of the summer.  Is this set of books any good?  If not, do you have any other suggestions? https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
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