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    • Ruika
      I have studied Chinese for 10+ years now. And I hope to travel to China maybe next year. So it would be nice to have a Chinese name by then.   Do you think that 瑞咔 would be a good name? I like it because it sounds a lot like my real name.   Thanks in advance! Hope you can help.
    • Ori_A
      Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. About a year ago I posted here about an ongoing documentary project I'm doing about the left behind children in China. I shared a short documentary that I made in Hubei province, and was very happy to read your comments and see your interest.  You can find the old post with some details about the phenomenon right here: https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/59742-a-short-documentary-about-a-chinas-left-behind-children/ And the first short film is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_Iy6mRXfLI&t=26s I want to share another video from the project, this one from Sichuan province. It's shorter than the first one, and only shows the father's point of view on everything that's been going on with his family. Despite the fact that each family has its own story, I do believe that a lot of what he says here is relevant to most families - The general feeling of leaving his daughter behind, the difficulties in bringing her along with them to the city, as well as the reactions from his parents, who are the ones who take care of his daughter.  It is available to watch right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqp0HRSYQ2o&t=139s   This was shot in 2019, and in recent months, the mother has given birth to a second child. At the moment she remains in the village with her two children, but is likely to leave again in a few months, to work outside.  --- The project is still ongoing, and the latest materials were shot exactly one year ago in Hunan province. Once I'm able to enter China again, I plan to continue, and I will share more work in the future. As always, I'd love to read your comments and thoughts.  I regularly share photos from the project on my social media pages. You can find a link in the YouTube video description, if you're interested. 
    • calculatrix
      Hello language experts, just for fun I am colletcing translations of the sentence "today will be yesterday tomorrow" or "today is tomorrows yesterday"  in as many languages as possible. Could you translate it into Chinese for me? Thank you.
    • NanJingDongLu
      Many of us collate our new vocab into word lists (or even sit down with a dictionary in our spare time and make a list). What categories do you use for your words? Anyone willing to share any of their lists? Perhaps we can share and collaborate to improve each other's lists?   I'll go first. I have 31 word lists I've made for various reasons. Most of them are standard and obvious, others I would suspect I might be the only one. Academic Words Animals Bad Words (Swears, etc.) Body Words Bureaucracy Words Celebration Words Clothes Colours Common Words (aka uncategorised) Counting Words Direction Words Emotion Words Employment Words Entertainment Family Words Food House Words Idioms League of Legends Words Measure Words People Words Places Relationship Words Similar Words (eg 有用 游泳) Technology Words Time Words Travel Words Verbs Weather Wood (I spent some time at a sawmill) 甜言蜜语 (aka pickup lines/smooth talk)
    • queereen
      Hi! I started learning Chinese few days ago (it's not going well, tho. Well, it just takes time...) and I'm thinking about choosing my name My „latin” name is Avis, so I chosen 阿维斯, but I don't know if I really want sinicized name, I'd rather want Chinese name similiar to latin one. Can you help me? Thanks in advance!
    • tsitsi
      New here and hoping to get to know you all, just began my journey into mandarin, mainly to learn how to play gucheng  and guqin  Have decided to sit HSK2 in June so lots of learning in a short space of time, work allowing :D. See you around
    • Ciara
      Hi,   I know dvd shops are almost obsolete, (apart from the one in go to in Suzhou!) but is it possible to buy any dvds online?  If so, can anyone tell me where?   It doesn’t matter to me if they are bootlegged! I do download sometimes but prefer dvds and as am leaving Suzhou soon was wondering if I can buy online instead,    Thanks!
    • rfv14
      Hello, I can't read these two handwritten characters. Can you recognise them? Thank you for your help!
    • ou mensheng
      Hello! Is there a difference between the characters 想 and 要 when used in a phrase like 我想茶 and 我要茶? When used in a context like this do both characters express a want for something? Thank you!    
    • AloeFerret
      Once I am done studying the (endless) language of Arabic, I plan to learn Chinese, specifically Mandarin. As a linguist I go into depth with languages and get technical with them. I have a hypothesis about how the tones in Chinese work, but I am not sure if it is correct or not, so let me know if I am right or not.   My hypothesis is that tones in Chinese don't necessarily care about their actual pitch values, but tones in Chinese are pronounced relative to other tones. So when we talk about a "high, flat tone", we mean a tone that is higher-and-flatter than the tone that came before it. Likewise, a "falling and rising tone" falls to wherever it was last and then rises up again. Thus a high flat tone could actually sound rather low, assuming the tone before it ended quite low. Does this sound about right?
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