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    • scherzo
      1. Is 斤's etymon "salty soil" (Schuessler) or house (CUHK, 汉字源流字典)? Please see below.   2. What semantic notions underlie either meaning with 'upbraid, reproach'? Neither meaning doesn't feel related to 'upbraid, reproach'.     Axel Schuessler, ABC Etymological Dictionary of Old Chinese (2007), p 188.     汉字源流字典 (2010), p 177.
    • phoneticsem
      I do not know many of 214 radicals. I forgot them easily. Most of the times while learning new words, i confuse with some of the Radicals.This is bottle neck to my learning. Now I found Anki Deck for all 214 Radicals and practicing.    Chinese Radicals (All 214) : Free Anki Deck   Alphabets to English and Radicals to Chinese all learners should know them at the beginning. Without knowing all Radicals you can never grasp Chinese.    I will learn (Writing, Meaning, Pronunciation is Optional but better to learn) all 214 radicals and come back.    Did you notice any difference before learning all radicals and after learning all radicals? Please share your thoughts
    • Huyenlala
      Hi everyone!   I'm applying for Peking University's graduate program this year, so I create this thread for anyone applying for Peking to share application updates or enquiries . And also hope that current PKers can join and share their stories in Peking~   Best of luck!
    • designad
      Can anyone please decypher this signature for me please?
    • Nchimunya
      I watched a chinese comedy movie which I did not complete watching. In the movie, there was a guy who was on a quest to find a wife. He reach a palace where he saw the daughter of a chief/ King/ Emporer who was seated in a side view point. There was a tournament to go through some obstacles where whomever wins would marry the lady. Unknowingly the Emperor/ Chief/ King wanted to trap the best martial artist to sacrifice him. Forgive my English and Grammar
    • Prophetcats
      https://ibb.co/rvDJdzw ^link to what needs translation    I was hoping someone would be able to translate this for me.  I can't seem to get any image translators nor draw them into the translators to work.  I would really appreciate any help.    Here's the link to a Pic of it.  It's not letting me insert the image from url for some reason.    https://ibb.co/rvDJdzw   Thank you. 
    • phoneticsem
      Outlier has given 卂 xùn “a captured prisoner of war”. Do you agree?   what is in the mind of Chinese Script originator, when he created this character? what it means or how it is transformed to  “a captured prisoner of war” ?
    • vronk.i
      Can 醉 zui 'drunk' be modified by degree modifiers? I've read multiple sources that state that 醉 zui cannot be modified by degree modifiers. This paper for example states that these sentences are incorrect: *三毛很醉。= Sanmao is very drunk. *三毛非常醉。= Sanmao is very drunk. *三毛醉极了。= Sanmao is extremely drunk. However I've seen many examples of 醉 being modified by 有点 and 非常 in sample sentences on Tatoeba, Yellow Bridge and Line Dictionary. Are these sample sentences incorrect?
    • rickardg
      I'm sure this must have been asked before but I just can't seem to come up with the right words to put into Google...   I've imported a word frequency list (the wisdom of this is a separate discussion, I have my reasons) into Pleco's flashcards and I'd like to have Pleco test me on them in the order they appear in the csv file, that is in frequency order. In the Organise Cards screen they are sorted in 'file order' when i select Custom sort order, but I can't find an equivalent sort order in the test settings screen.   Does anyone have any tips on how this can be done?
    • Pizzamaster
      I just downloaded LTL Deck on Anki and one of the first sentences I saw was "我不晓得“. When is this used over 知道? I've never heard it before. Trying to see if these sets of deck's are worth studying.
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