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    • Tulevik
      Good evening,   I need help with these menu screens, since I can't seem to properly translate them via image recognition. They are from a 4-player Mahjong videogame for the Sega Master System, called Mahjong Sengoku Jidai ("Mahjong: Warring States Period" would be the title translation, isn't it?)   They are ten screnshots, sorry if they are too many.   I'm pretty sure the title screen (the one with "Push Start Button") says "Mahjong: Warring States Period". And the "Menu" screenshot gives two options: "4 players game" and "Two players game". The rest of the menus, options and biographies are impossible for me to translate with translation apps.   Thank you in advance, whether or not you can help me.
    • Ahaansolo
      How was it like? Was the quality of the course good? Are the teachers fluent in English? I would also love to hear any other thoughts about your study experience there! I am thinking about pursuing my Master's there but I'm worried that Tsinghua foreign graduates are not seen in the same light as the local graduates because it is much easier for us to get in. What do you guys think?
    • elsanh
      Do Chinese emigrants who were highly educated and who left mainland China because of the Cultural Revolution feel they made a mistake after seeing how the Chinese economy developed and/or because of the increased opportunities for the highly-educated in China after the end of the Cultural Revolution?    I wonder this particularly as it relates to those who came from mainland China to live and work in poverty in the United States never having the opportunity to use their education in jobs in the US. 
    • becky82
      I just noticed if you search for 学英语 ("study English") on YouTube, you get some pretty good Chinese-learning resources.  They usually speak both English and Chinese, and in the videos I've watched, their Chinese is very crisp and standard.  Most of the time, they use Chinese to give precise explanations, or just translate the English.     Learn housework in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGD9j_nU2bQ     Going to the supermarket in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMLb6d4MfPU   Read the news and study English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf59X8rpS7s     Read the news and study English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NKvYa1DTUg
    • KimisoftGames
      Hello everyone once again!   I would like to inform you, that my app "Amazing HSK" got approved by Apple.   You can download it from App Store here (or search for "Amazing HSK" in App Store app): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/amazing-hsk-learn-chinese/id6444536850   I was thinking about linking the previous topic, but quoting it (without the Android part) make more sense:     Quote   Hello everyone!   after six months of development I would like to announce that my game "Amazing HSK" is out. I hope that it will help you learn Chinese and make it fun :-)   The main purpose of the game is to introduce vocabulary from HSK1, HSK2, HSK3 and HSK4. The app is divided in seven islands, where the new words are incrementally introduced. Each of island contains a vast number of chapters and levels - usually the first level is the one called "Wordfinder" where you can learn new words (6 or 8 words per level) - master the original writing, pinyin and pronunciation. Once you learn the words, the game intruduce new levels designed to practice your knowledge. After finishing all of the words, there is "Final Battle" level, where you need to defeat guardian of island. Your objective is to beat the Evil Wizard at the end of the game :-) I tried to made the game as fun as possible, but only you can tell me if I succeed.   Before starting the development I decided to make my game Freemium, which means you don't have any advertising inside (which could distrupt learning). Instead, the game is free to try (the first "Start" island). After finishing the first island, you will be asked, if you wish to continue your journey and support me in improving this app - if you do, you can consider buying me a small coffee :-) I am trying to make the fair price, so if you think, that price for your country is too high or too absurd, please let me know - maybe I can do something about it!   I hope that my topic and post are not against the terms of use (I even read them all!) and I wish everyone good luck in study! If you can, please tell me what you think about the game, and what would you change in the long run!   Thank you for your time and attention Mark from Kimisoft & Amazing Game Factory                  
    • mackie1402
      So I’ve been away for a few years! I’ve finally made it back and honestly, there’s only one main reason why I’m returning…   Mandarin Blueprint… how in the world can I escape your emails?! I’ve been getting bombarded with them for years now and every single one I choose to opt out or unsubscribe. Recently I’ve turned to unsubscribing and reported it as abuse.    Is anyone else facing the same  problem as me? What kind of marketing is this?    
    • pon00050
      Hello. This past weekend, I rewatched the videos from the course Outlier Chinese Character Masterclass and I am motivated again to start learning characters in a systematic fashion. The course suggests breaking down the workload by allocating 1 day for learning the form, meaning, and sound of a new character.     For example, let's say that you are learning 5 characters per day. A group of Chinese characters contains 5 characters.   Day 1 - Learn the form of Group 1 Day 2 - Learn the meaning of Group 1 Day 3 - Learn the sound of Group 1 Day 4 - Learn the form of Group 2 Day 5 - Learn the meaning of Group 2 Day 6 - Learn the sound of Group 2     I know that I can add fields as needed to a card on Anki. So I don't have problems with adding form, meaning, and sound for all the Chinese characters. But, how do I set-up the Anki so that Anki allows me to study characters as per the schedule described above?   Could you please help?  Thank you in advance.
    • Badger
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zxdcSLUqV4   Ok, a few thoughts. 1) Process: I first read 5 or so articles on the topic in Chinese, writing down any useful sentences/vocab (ie. 挤兑,垮台, 奸情,冠名权,利他主义,麻省理工学院,交易员,套利,等等). Then I went straight to ppt and created the presentation, with notes for what I was going to say for each slide.    2) Difficulty: This was WAY harder than I expected. The hard part was actually recording and "memorizing" the speech without reading. If I read through the presentation, total time of making and doing the presentation would have been ~5 hours. But I decided to "memorize" like a real speech should be. I did a million takes, and in total took another ~7 hours. Even with all that time, it came out way worse than I hoped, and as you can see I had to split it up into sections. I ended up not even finishing the presentation since it was taking so long and quite frustrating/stressful. Also...presenting a topic, rather than telling stories of my own life is so much harder.   3) Is this a good learning technique? I'd like to hear others thoughts about this. I certainty learned quite a bit. I think doing something that intensive will make the material, vocab, etc stick in my brain more than just casually chatting once about the subject. But are there ways I can adjust my process to make it less frustrating/more effective?   4) It was a great exercise to hear myself speak. Although it was sometimes frustrating realizing how awful my Chinese is sometimes (listening to it helps you realize mistakes, bad habits).   5) I currently live in Bangkok (not China anymore). I have no Chinese friends here (but recently using Hellotalk to meet some). Most of my chinese speaking is calling with Chinese friends. But much of the time the conversation will not be very useful for improving my Chinese at this point, or we don't know what to talk about.             
    • fraP
    • Demas1
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