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    • matteo
      Hi all,  I'm passionate about Chinese culture and language and have been thinking for a while of spending a period in China living and working.  I am an engineer so could probably look for an expat job, but most likely would prefer teaching english as I think it would allow for more free time and opportunities to explore and socialize with people (which is kind of the point, isn't it).   My biggest concern at the moment is that my partner suffers quite severely from asthma; I know most cities in China are quite polluted and have a very bad rap on that, but I'm finding hard to understand  1) how bad it actually is? should someone suffering from asthma avoid China at all costs because the risk is life-threatening? 2) Are there any practical options for having a China experience in less popular spots than say Beijing or Shanghai, which might also be less polluted and safer under that point of view?   Thank you very much for your suggeestions!    
    • vellocet
      I'm creating a brochure and I need the Chinese equivalent of "Free, take one!"  They'll be sitting around in racks and I want people to take them home with them.  What's the commonly used Chinese phrase for this?  It doesn't have to be a direct translation.  Just something they'll recognize and understand innately from other printed matter that conveys the same concept.  Bonus points for a graphic from Baidu Images or such that has the phrase.
    • QueenT
      Hi! I'm planning on studying in Konall Culture Exchange (KCE) in Shijiazhuang for a few months to learn Chinese. I've seen one forum thread on it here, but it's outdated (2006), so I'd really appreciate if I could get more recent comments on this school, specifically regarding the speed of learning progress, quality of teaching, quality of classrooms / learning facility, and teaching materials / curriculum used. Although affordable, it's pricier compared to universities and other private language schools in China, so I really want to make sure I'm investing my money in the right place.   Thank you!
    • NewEnglander
      Hello everyone,   I'm new to the forum but a fairly regular traveler to China. I spend about 5 months/year there. It's a constant learning experience.    My question is about gift-giving and specifically about knives and multi-tools (think Swiss Army knife).   The first recipient is an old friend and businessman who has often described the two of us as DIY-guys. Impossible isn't a word in our vocabularies. He's Taiwanese and, like me, he easily adapts to whatever situation he might face.  I would really like to give him an American-made Leatherman multi-tool as a symbol of my respect for his ability to adapt to changes over the years.    The second is a company chef who has, for many years, prepared delicious meals for the many people working at the factory.  I've eaten countless meals with him and enjoy his dedication to his art. I'd like to give him a high quality chef's knife as a token of my appreciation for everything he has done and continues to do.   I had heard about Chinese gift giving and sharp objects. Is there a way around that? (For example, some equivalent to taping a penny to the blade to counteract bad luck)   Am I overthinking it? Might it be ok for a Westerner such as myself to give these gifts to them without implying the end of the relationships or any sort of bad luck?   Thanks in advance for your insight. I appreciate it.   Cheers,   NE
    • NinKenDo
      Innovative Language Learning (The Company Behind the *Pod/Class101 series of resources) made their vocabulary audio from their JapanesePod101 product available through a reliable URL format. (e.g., http://assets.languagepod101.com/dictionary/japanese/audiomp3.php?kana=[KANA TRANSCRIPTION HERE]&kanji=[CHINESE CHARACTERS HERE]).   I went into the ChineseClass101 site and using the inspector I was able to extract the mp3 for whatever audio I played in the vocabulary tools. However the URLs were all seemingly random numbers.   I'm wondering if there is some reliable format available, or if this is all that's available since the JapanesePod101 recordings have been such a  valuable resource to me and others.
    • timacro
      Hi all!   I heartily recommend these series to all of you.  If you want to have some insight into chinese classical culture,this is a good start.  Different from other pop music in china today,  it holds the most essential things of chinese culture, which i think hard to find a suitable word to represent this key word 意境 in english. Although you could say "artistic conception" but still missed something.   Due to size restrictions i only upload a introduction here,hope you like it,  and it's easy to find them at internet.😉 红楼梦引子.mp3
    • andra888
      Can someone help me with this name? How am I supposed to pronounce it? Thanks in advance!
    • webmagnets
      I made a bookmarklet that (supposedly) will work with any browser. Check it out here: pinwean.com   It lets you click a Chinese word to see the pinyin and click again to see the definition. It keeps track of the words you know and don't know. It is based of my old Slowmersion project, but I like it better because I don't have to copy and paste Chinese text into the tool. I just go to any* Chinese web page and click the bookmark. It then processes without leaving the page.   * Sometimes it doesn't work on a page, for example Chinese google news, due to the page's security settings. In that case I paste the url into ProxySite.com and then click the PinWean bookmarklet.
    • Luxi
      Ximalaya has several news podcasts with transcripts or enough information for advanced learners to use as study material. Having searched and listed some for my own use,  I might just as well share the list.  If  these prove too difficult, there are easier options to get a start, like iMandarinpod's 听新闻学习汉语, which also includes that rare thing: international news items. Also good for news vocabulary, Purple Culture's Chinese Reader tool with TTS readings.    This is Xinhua's home page in Ximalaya 新华网媒体创意工场   https://www.ximalaya.com/zhubo/1329228/ It includes news podacasts and some mixed stuff (including an explained reading of the 道德经 Dao De Jing and streams that haven´t started) The news podcasts follow the official line but they are not the heavily political, slogans and officialese infested news of my student's dayst. Most of the articles are Chinese domestic news of general grassroots interest concerning daily life in China, which means they are absolutely wonderful for vocabulary.    朝六晚五 | 和你有关的热门事件 (6 evenings at 5, hot news concerning you) Most have transcripts. Earlier ones are very short (1 minute or less) but later ones are longer and contain several different news items. Speech is fast (normal for news) but clear.   In 新华网评|纷繁世界 为你正本清源 (Xinhua News Review) and 新华时评 (Xinhua Commentary) the text is generally only a headline or a summary of the news item, followed by a long commentary without transcript (spoken in fairly slow, simple speech and very clear putonghua).    快听短资讯  Very short flashes of a news item. Some have a transcript, several have a related fuller article. Read at normal news speed (=fast!), clear pronunciation.   鲜快报 (Fresh Flash Reports)  Most podcasts have a full transcript, and there are thousands! Wide range of topics with a general grassroots slant, it even  includes some news that make one feel good about the world, like this one: 男子爬15米高树上救流浪猫 猫没救着自己也被困 一闻一见  A news talk stream with humour, long may it last. 最搞笑的新闻脱口秀节目《一闻一见》。新闻是严肃的,我们态度是认真的。评论是多样的,我们精神是搞笑的。听一闻长一见笑一下!No transcript, only the headline....but look here (on a Windows PC):   (...not sure why it's blurred here, Windows 10 may be up to mischief again.) Click!     Surprise! What is it? An AI transcript Ximalaya has been experimenting with in some of their streams. I haven't used it enough to tell how accurate it is, but worth a try. I haven't seen anything like it in my iOS Ximalaya app.
    • Hyunared23
      Hi I recently decided I am gonna move to china to study chinese for 1 year, I have applied through admissions.cn and there was a section where u chose which province/city you wanted to go to ..So I chose Xian for some reason. Maybe cause I didn't want to go to a very crowded city haha .. but honestly I know nothing about the place and I know no chinese . Has someone on here ever studied chinese at shaanxi university before ?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.    
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