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    • ChTTay
      Hi there,   I was wondering if anyone owned the Xiaomi Air monitor (here)? If so, how have you found it?   I read this review of Xiaomi's air purifiers and they're saying that the monitor inbuilt into the xiaomi purifiers is essentially useless. If that's the case, won't their stand alone device use the same tech?    I'm debating buying the xiaomi model or the laser egg. The xiaomi is cheaper and I already have a fair amount of xiaomi stuff in my house so it would mean using the same app/ecosystem.    I did read somewhere that the stand alone monitor uses “laser” tech (the same as the “laser” egg I assume).   Be good to find someone who actually has the Xiaomi one    Thanks!
    • ChadMoskau
      Hello everyone, years ago I made a terrible decision and got a tattoo, which meaning a Don‘t understand. Please help to translate, and be gentle, I know, that I am a jerk 😅
    • Pianote
      I lost my retainer at school. I've been wearing them for 9 months (got them a few weeks before I left the United States). Is it possible for a  dentist here in China to replace them?
    • Staged73
      Hi, I am trying to find a soup that my wife had in California in the 80's...i think it is called chow ma min...it has three meats, noodles and a little spicy...any info? None of the local restaurants local in North Carolina have heard of it. Thanks
    • Squawk 1200
      Any good materials (articles/videos) about the geek/nerd subculture in China?    
    • Christa
      Hi guys,   Weird question just popped into my head.   For doubled up character words, such as 謝謝, 媽媽, 爸爸 is the second character always a neutral tone?   Is there any rule regarding this?   Thank you!   Christina
    • Madam
      Anyone who applied to shanghai university? Has your status on the school website changed after the school department verification? Mine has been stuck for over 2 weeks am not sure if it means rejection..
    • EdRockstar
      I would appreciate anyones help in this matter! Due to my new contract in another country, I have to leave China soon and informed my employers. However, they have informed me that I have breached my contract and must pay 40,000¥. I certainly do not have the funds! I have informed them that I am willing to pay a small sum. I would like to know to what extend can this be enforced? I have read mixed things online; not being able to leave the country to nothing will be done by my former employer as this is illegal.  Your help is appreciated, thanks!   
    • Lel
    • LuDaibola
      The 3 dictionaries I use all say kōngtiáo but Google translate and other sources use kòngtiáo.  Is this a P.R./Taiwan thing?  Thanks.
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