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    • Lu
      I'm translating a text and am having trouble with a sentence. It's about stone carving, and the author is talking about how sometimes, nature already made something beautiful and you don't need to do more than polish the stone and highlight what is already there. She writes: 有时候什么都不需要做,大自然已经在不知不觉中完成了它的雕琢。这也许就是“顺其自然”最好的分寸。   My trouble is with that second sentence. I can't parse it into something sensible. 'This is perhaps the best way to know one's limits in following nature', but that doesn't make sense. What am I missing, or misreading?   Thanks in advance for any help!
    • kunstefan
      I have here a watercolor drawing. It seems to be signed with a chinese symbol and probably 78 for the year 1978. Is there somebody who can read it? So far I had the idea of, but I guess all are not correct: 团 五 韦   I want to identify the artist of the drawing... Thank you so much for your help!!
    • Luxi
      哈金訪談 | In Conversation: Ha Jin [In Chinese with English translation) Wednesday, April 21, 2021 8:00 PM (BST)  Organized by The New York Public Library (NYPL). All NYPL events are given in British Summer Time, conveniently for us.   https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/x/149902762197   Quote Ha Jin's real name is Jin Xuefei, a well-known Chinese American poet and novelist, who has used the pen name "Ha Jin" for many years: Join us for a conversation on his writing mentality, style, motivation, and future writing direction.   More on the Chinese-American writer Ha Jin: https://www.asymptotejournal.com/interview/an-interview-ha-jin/ https://www.nytimes.com/2000/02/06/magazine/ha-jin-s-cultural-revolution.html  
    • JinWenSen
      Hi all - has anyone tried these online classes at BLCU : https://admission.blcu.edu.cn/en/2020/1104/c1453a2177/page.htm   I'm mostly wondering about quality of output if I'm taking these from North America. I feel like it might be super laggy... At the same time, I feel like they wouldn't be offering so much if it was that bad...    Thanks ! 
    • Linca21
      Hi everyone,   Can you help me read these characters? Are they traditional Chinese? I can read most simplified Chinese but can figure most of these.   Thanks in advance.    
    • mungouk
      Organised by Manchester (UK) Confucius Institute:   https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/talk-the-global-appeal-of-the-new-generation-of-chinese-sci-fi-writers-tickets-148679523457     Quote   About this Event If you have read books like The Three-Body Problem, you will agree that Chinese science fiction is a diverse and quite unique type of sci-fi. Back in 2019, we welcomed Xia Jia to Manchester Literature Festival and someone asked: ‘What makes Chinese science fiction Chinese?’ In her response she explained that contemporary Chinese science fiction writers form a community full of internal differences like their origin, social class, ideology, cultural identity and aesthetics. However, there are still aspects of commonality among them as the stories are written primarily for a Chinese audience. The problems addressed are the problems that this audience can relate to but it is somehow connected in complex ways with the fate of the whole human race. We are delighted to welcome Regina Kanyu Wang, a bilingual writer from Shanghai, who will talk about how the female identity and international encounters have influenced her own writing. Regina will explore further what makes Chinese science fiction ‘Chinese’ and reflect on her rediscovery of what it means to write science fiction as a Chinese female author. She will also give a reading of her most recent story The Story of Dǎo. About the speaker: Regina Kanyu Wang holds a bachelor degree in business administration and a master degree of creative writing, both from Fudan University. She has co-founded SF AppleCore, the largest SF fan organization in eastern China at the age of 19, attended her first World Science Fiction Convention in London at 24, and published her first story written directly in English in the UK at 29. During all those years, she has also published two SF story collections and over a dozen pieces in mainstream literature magazines in Chinese, won six Chinese Nebula Awards, been translated into 10 languages, resided in Writing in Downtown Las Vegas Residency, been supported by Shanghai Culture Development Foundation, and been a contracted Writer of Shanghai Writers’ Association. She has recently joined the CoFUTURES project at the University of Oslo as a PhD fellow and her research focuses on contemporary Chinese SF from the gender and environmental perspective.    
    • thelearninglearner
      I'm thinking of going away for a few days. Maybe 5. Looking for some really nice place to watch the sunset and sunrise. I'm in the southwest of China. But I don't mind a flight or bullet-train just to get a nice break for a while
    • Consulateboy
      Hello!   I'm trying to get a letter of recommendation for thw CIS, however neither the Confucius institute nor the university I wish to study at are willing to help. I know consulates and embassiea count as a recommending institute, but how exactly can they help? They probably cant write a letter for me since they obviously dont know me. When I tried to contact them, they asked me if I wished to legalize a document. Is this perhaps a way to go? Anyone with sinilar experience, could you give me a word of advice?
    • geez
      I've searched a lot and Nankai seems like a good option, but I'd like more opinions and advices, please?
    • WODess
      Greetings all,   Similar to prior posts, I have an ivory urn that has a reign mark on it and I'm curious as to what the mark is.  I know, I know, many will say this is fake.  I don't really think it's fake because of its discoloration but anyway, I'd still like to know if anyone can place the marking specifically.  I'm not sure which way is right side up, so two images are here, as well as urn in its entirety.    Thank you all for your expertise.   Maria urn mark 2.pdf urn mark 1.pdf urn 3.pdf urn 4.pdf urn 5.pdf urn 6.pdf
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