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    • Chee
      How would one write the name Neo Chee in Cantonese/Mandarin? Would 梁志 be correct?
    • Eric33
      My parents used to live in an area of Shanghai but due to a redevelopment scheme they were forced to move out and relocated outside the city. A local resident approached my parents and offered to fight against this in the courts of Hong Kong. They transferred their lifesavings to this resident to pursue the case but after investigation we was informed that there was no lawsuit. The resident was imprisoned and we have tried contacting the Court of Justice to see what happened in relation to the money. However we are unable to receive a response to phone calls or recorded letters. They have paid 2 different lawyers in Beijing, China, to help search for the whereabouts of money but once they approached the Court of Justice they have faltered and said the perpetrator has been sentenced and the execution is completed.   My question is, what additional steps can we take to try and recoup the lost savings, what other avenues can we pursue in Shanghai? In the West we have things like Citizens advice, does something like that exist in Shanghai? Why are we unable to get an answer from the court case and what was sentenced, even with legal representation, is this normal?    
    • zhiming
      Have you ever known that you will be in a particular situation in the near future where you’ll need or want to speak Chinese? For example, you’re going to the dentist and you want to be able to understand what the dentist is saying and be able to speak with the dentist about your teeth. If you know you’re going to be in this situation you can study up beforehand, but what do you study? What words do you need to know? I’ve been working to solve this problem, not just for the dentist situation, but for hundreds of situations.   I’m putting together a “situational dictionary” containing lists of words that you may encounter in a situation and I’m doing it for all the words contained in the CC-CEDICT open source dictionary of over 120,000 words. Basically one can look up the situation in the dictionary and see a list of words to study.   This is similar to what you might find in a travel guide book under a section labeled “Ordering food from a restaurant” except instead of it being a list of a dozen words and phrases, it would be a comprehensive list containing every word that is specific to the “dining in a restaurant” situation and their English definitions. This could be a list of hundreds of words. The dictionary will specify which words are common vs obscure and which ones are colloquial, formal, or slang.    It could be used by Chinese learners of all levels from beginner to advanced. It might, in the future, contain common phrases, but the initial purpose of the dictionary is not to teach grammar. It assumes, like most dictionaries, that the user already has some idea of how to form phrases from individual words.   I’m trying to judge interest in such a dictionary. Please reply if you would or would not find this useful and any suggestions you have to make it more useful. It could be turned into a mobile app and/or web app with the ability to create sublists of the material for study and a flash card feature. Is this an app you would be willing to pay for? If so, how much would you be willing to pay for it? I'm not expecting to make a profit off of this - just to recoup some of the cost of making and hosting it.
    • FrankM20764
      I been married to a chinse woman for 3 years now going on 4 , I constantly have the problem she will listen to her Chinese  friends or teachers before she will listen to me and it causes so many huge fights I find myself screaming at her , because I am constantly fixing the problems for her . They give her such bad advise -They dont know about American rules and laws but they convince her they know everything . I always wanted to Marry a Chinese woman due to the values they hold for family , But dear god this Chinese woman fights about everything only to basically find out 98 percent I tell her -I was right . she is great woman good wife , I struggle to have her stop listening to the bad advise from them it makes me crazy , From simple things as doing a garden since I was raised on a farm and i know the land -- to getting a drivers license when they teach her everything wrong . its like living in a nightmare , She even has Chinese woman trying to get into her bank account for investment's and have her convinced not to tell me about it until it was done and I accidently came across what was happening and had to get angry and prove this woman was a thief , its constant problem -- How can i get her to stop doing this its going to ruin our marriage -I feel like i married a child , i dont understand please help . frank 
    • vellocet
      So, it occurs to me I'm fumbling for a word that describes Chinese-speaking foreigners.  Something better than 会说中文的老外. Maybe that's it.  I don't know.  I have been using the clumsy construction  "Sinophone" but that word is specific to  Quebec, Canada where everyone is a Francophone (French speaker) or Anglophone(English speaker.  I shuffled prefixes around to try to make it mean Chinese speaker  but if someone's not familiar with the usage in Quebec maybe they wouldn't get it.  Is there a better word to describe us? 
    • wibr
      I think this is a great series to get started reading Chinese in traditional characters, I've posted the vocabulary lists for the whole series along with some more information in the graded reader thread.   I've bought the books used myself and some previous owner drew stuff in some (not all) of the books, see the attached photo for an example. So the condition is definitely not "like new", but it's perfectly usable. I'll throw in the Beginning Chinese testbook in green as well.   Total price: 50€ + shipping from Germany   Contact me via PM if you are interested, no purchase of individual books possible.
    • lordsuso
      I've been trying to properly pronounce the characters that share the same hanzi but have different pinyin, and I have doubts with 当, more precisely the difference between 当月 dāngyuè (on that month) and 当月 dàngyuè (the same month; that very month). Same with 当天, 当夜, 当年, etc.   For example I was reading a manga, where the characters were to attend some sort of online meetup. When the day of the meetup arrives, the scene was introduced as such: 然后联合网聚当天... So is it dāng or dàng? I'm leaning towards dàng (the same day of the meetup), but dāng makes sense too (that day, then).   Thanks!    
    • drukavin
    • vellocet
      So, today I was tasked with finding a building in an unfamiliar residential complex. I am walking  around looking for building 6. None of the buildings appear to be labeled on the outside.  This is  distressingly common in  new complexes in my experience.  After all, the people who live there know which building they live in, so what's the big deal?  I also have to pass through a turnstile gate which I have no code or no way to get through. But hey, the people who live there all have an app or a key fob or something so it doesn't even occur to them that someone else might not have one.   after wandering around lost for 15 minutes or so, I finally find a sign on a building that says 6# 单元 After another ten minutes or so wandering around, it turns out this is the building I was looking for.  Evidently the sign meant 6栋 一单元 The 一 was stylized and looked like it was part of the sign, or a hyphen or something.  I thought it meant 6单元. 😵 Which struck me as a rather high number for a 单元 but whatever. Is # some kind of abbreviation for 栋 these days?  In my complex, all the buildings are labeled on the outside with a standard placard with the name of the apartment complex  in characters and pinyin and building number in a clear, easy-to-read sign that is the same all over the city.  Finally in the building, I go up the elevator to the 11th floor, my destination . None of the rooms are numbered.  I guess and give a rap  of shave and a haircut, nothing.  Nobody's home.  Why bother putting a 门牌 up either, I guess, whoever lives in 1103 knows which apartment he lives in.  I go back down to the lobby and ask which elevator goes to 1103. Elevator 3 goes there.  Because, 3 goes to 03, get it? The lady presses the button for elevator 4, which opens and she tells me to get in.  But...you said elevator 3. Well, there is a hallway from elevator 3 to elevator 4 on the 11th floor which allows access.  Good thing that was obvious to people who don't live there.   In the elevator, trying to press the button for 11.  There isn't an 11. 10, 12, 14, nothing.  Must be one of those deals where you have to go to an in between floor and take the stairs or something.  The elevator door opens, the lady comes back in and sees me hunting for the 11 button.  Well, there's my problem, I foolishly went for the first row of buttons  I saw when I got in.  Rookie mistake.  These are the handicap accessible buttons which lack an 11 and a few other floors too.  The tall row near the door has all floors, including  11.  Arriving on 11, naturally none of the doors are numbered.  The lady, who has ridden up with me  and whose curiosity is piqued by now, starts asking me questions about who I'm going to see , what's the purpose of my visit and so on.  Typical nosy Chinese who wants to know every detail of the laowai's life. And I've already talked to her about the elevator issue so the cat is out of the bag and I can't give her the ol' ting budong.   Is this something new, or something I should be aware of from now on?  Did a shift take place where    a trailing # became accepted as a substitute for 栋 and everyone knows but me?  Are there any other punctuation marks are shorthand for characters?
    • Luyan
      Hello everyone, I am currently applying for a master's degree in Xiamen and I received my JW201.  However, I noticed that the marital status is written "Married"/“已婚” while I am Not Married/"未婚“.  I am currently in China (Xiamen) and I am currently very stressed and worried that it will affect my scholarship.  Does anyone know what I should do and Where I should go? I have tried to call the school but they said that the university is not the one making the JW201.  So then I contacted the "出入境“ hoping that there would be answers. Please guide me, Thank you very much.
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