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    • cambriasinica
      Hi everyone--apologies in advance if this sort of post is frowned upon. But, I'm seeking both an outlet to express my frustration and seeking some advice from other people who are (on paper) at the "advanced" level. I'm going to admit to some very embarrassing things here... I've been studying it for around 14 years (ok, off and on, but still regularly, and often intensively). I've studied at IUP for a summer. I have an MA in Chinese. I've lived in China and visited many times.  I cannot get through a single newspaper article without extensive use of a dictionary. I cannot have a conversation of any substance without resorting to English for the meaningful parts. This morning I realized I couldn't even say "wash the dishes." I have conversation partners, and while in text I come across as very proficient, any spoken conversation quickly, quickly devolves. It's halting and riddled with errors. My listening is almost as bad. I can't follow most conversations, even if I technically know all the words. I can read passages of text, such as in novels, and I'll know every word in a given sentence but will not for the life of me be able to make the sentence make sense, let alone fit it into the flow of the rest of the article or page. But even worse, I'll frequently come across articles that are beyond my comprehension no matter what I do. It's almost like it's not even the same language. And I've studied Classical.  I've subscribed to Popup Chinese (泡泡中文) but the advanced podcasts are insanely hard, while the intermediate are a bit too easy.  I'm kind of at the end of my rope. I'm pushing 40, work full time, and am terrified that I'm simply never going to get it. This has been pretty much my only consistent life goal. No matter how many times I swear it off out of exasperation, I always come back to it.  I think one of the catalysts for this post was when the other day one of my language partners went on about these Harvard exchange students and their Chinese proficiency. They'd only been studying for a few years but were, she said, almost fluent. And then there's me. 14 years in.  ANY advice would be appreciated. I'm wondering if I'm just too old, and too obligated to work. It may be too late. Anyone ever break through? If you can't do it in 14 years, is it just time to lay it to rest?
    • London Branson
      Ni3 hao3,   Where can i find answers to the workbook questions of the official standard course for levels 1 and 2. Didn't find anywhere?   Thanks a lot, London
    • abcdefg
      Anyone have recent, first-hand experience using Bitcoin in China? I have some that I would like to convert to RMB (i.e., sell for RMB) and deposit in my Chinese bank account.
    • Jag är AJC
      歡迎光臨 你好 =)   Please could you write in chinese and if you want translate to english  what they are saying 非常感謝你    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4-LLZj-kS4   From 0:00 to 0:07 From 0:17 to 0:39 From 0:43 to 1:04   非常感謝你    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtzYqBs4bLE   From 0:21 to 0:36   非常感謝你 
    • Valachio
      I recently installed an Android app called Du Chinese, and it's perfect for me.  Essentially they have Chinese text on the screen with Pinyin and Chinese commentary over the text.   Is there something like that available for Windows or a website that provide a similar method of teaching?
    • philartmann
      i need some one to translate this seal on an old chinese painting  i am sorry i photograped it upside down
    • ayseel
      It seems every Chinese-speaking singer did a version of this song... but where did the original come from? Is it just an old folk song?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GtFn3h6uDM
    • Karmagen
      Hi to everyone, i need help for a fast translation on the phrases in the picture i posted , and on this phrase --> 山海未能平  . Thank you for your help
    • skylee
      I sent the following to my friends -   準備煮呢個,共46文。但只得一個煮即食麵嘅煲,唔知煮唔煮到。原來2包食物係2人份量。好煩。   半包菜+半盒麵。無鑊,用煲。無鑊鏟,用筷子撩。無油,用水。無醬油,用鹽同好多好多即磨黑胡椒。老實講我覺得OK,素菜炒全麥麵,黑椒味同黑椒汁一樣味但係無汁。如果有油可能個麵質會好食啲,但無油又好清爽喎。我覺得唔錯。因為無油,我覺得可以食多個。算係成功。
    • msteve60
      Hello everyone,   I am interested in getting a master's degree in China but I can't decide where or what I should study. My main reason for doing a master's in China is simply because it will allow me to live in China and improve my Chinese skills. The degree itself isn't all that important to me. However, if I were able to do a master's program that carried some prestige and would actually help me find a job in China after graduating, that would obviously be great. But from what I've gathered from my research, it seems unlikely that any Chinese master's degree will actually be helpful for finding a job here. Also, I plan on applying for the CSC scholarship, so I would prefer to find a program that is eligible for this scholarship.   I am currently considering either studying Chinese Modern Literature at Sichuan University or doing the China Studies program at Zhejiang University. I really love Chengdu and Sichuan University as I have studied there before, but I am a bit worried that doing a Chinese Modern Literature course designed for Chinese students may be too difficult (I have been studying Chinese for about five years and it's decent, but I still think I will definitely struggle with a master's in Chinese literature). What I like about the China Studies program at Zhejiang University is that in addition to the English-taught program, it also offers a Chinese-taught program that is geared toward international students (or so I've read, can anyone confirm this?) so I wouldn't have the stress of studying alongside native Chinese speakers.    So I guess my actual questions are these:   Considering my goals, which of the above two options seems like a better idea?   Do you think studying Contemporary Chinese Literature would be too difficult for a non-native speaker of Chinese (I would be at HSK 6 level Chinese before starting)?   Does anyone know of any master's programs in Chengdu (as this is where I ideally want to live) suitable for foreigners wishing to master Chinese?   Do you know of any other master's programs in China that are taught in Chinese, but geared toward international students such as the China Studies program at Zhejiang University?   Are there any master's programs in China that would actually give me a reasonable shot at finding employment in China after graduating?   Any other recommendations for good master's programs in China for someone who wants to master the Chinese language and ideally find employment in China after graduating or at some point in the future?   Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me, it is greatly appreciated.
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