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    • baby2learn
      I am from India and one client of mine sent me this image. He want me to design a website logo with this text. I design logo BTW.   Can you please tell me what is written in it. I have tried various online OCR but unable to know the characters.   P.S. I don't know Chinese and I have no idea what is written in the image. I registered on this forum to know what exactly is written in the image.   Thanks
    • colcode
      Hi,   I'm new to learning Mandarin Chinese, I'm still practicing pinyin and tones, I'm not in a rush to learn Mandarin Chinese as I view it as a fun side project to do when I have free time. So from the beginning I want to master the pronunciation or at least learn common mistakes and try to avoid them as much as possible.    I've been collecting information on how to pronounce each initial and final and it has been great so far as I know how the sounds she be I only need to keep practicing.   With that being said, I've found some conflicting information on the web, it seems like each pinyin table pronounce some syllables in a different way. For this reason I can't decide for sure how should I pronounce these syllables, here are the examples that I'm talking about.   Before I list the examples of conflicting pronunciation, here are the resources that I'm using, each resources is marked with a number so I can reference it in the examples.   [1] https://www.yoyochinese.com/chinese-learning-tools/Mandarin-Chinese-pronunciation-lesson/pinyin-chart-table [2] https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/pronunciation/Pinyin_chart [3] https://chinese.yabla.com/chinese-pinyin-chart.php [4] https://www.purpleculture.net/chinese-pinyin-chart/   Example 1: Yi [1] pronounce it as "yee". "y" here is similar to "y" in "yes". [2] pronounce it as "ee". [3] pronounce it as "ee". [4] pronounce it as "ee". However for "bi", "pi" etc, all of the 4 pronunciation rhyme with "ee" and not "yee".   Example 2: Ye  [1] pronounce it as "Ye". "y" here is similar to "y" in "yes" and "e" in the pinyin "e" like "uh". [2] pronounce it as "eeya". "y" here is similar to "y" in "yes". [3] pronounce it as "Ye". [4] pronounce it as "eeya".   Example 3:Yin [1] pronounce it as "Yin", "ye" here is similar to 'y" in "yes" [2] pronounce it as "ee-n". [3] pronounce it as "Yin". [4] pronounce it as "Yin".   Example 4: Wo [1] pronounce it as "Wo". "W" here as in English "Why". [2] pronounce it as "UO". "U" as in pinyin "U' followed by pinyin "O". [3] pronounce it as "Wo". [4] pronounce it as "UO".   Example 5: Yuan [1] pronounce it as "Yuan", "y" as in "yes". [2] pronounce it as "Yuan" [3] pronounce it as "Yuan" [4] pronounce it as "Ü-yan" where "Ü" is as in pinyin "Ü" and "y" as in "yes".   Example 6: Üe [1] pronounce it as "yue", "y" as in "yes". [2] pronounce it as "Ü-ye". where "Ü" in pinyin "Ü" and "y" as in "yes" and "e" in pinyin "e". [3] pronounce it as "yue" [4] pronounce it as "Ü-ye".   Example 7: Ün [1] pronounce it as "Yun", where "y" is as in "yes" [2] pronounce it as "Ü-Yun", Where "Ü" in pinyin "Ü", "y" in as in "yes". [3] pronounce it as "Yun" [4] pronounce it as "Ü-Yun"     As you can see all the examples above are the pronunciation of a final when it's alone without an initial, however, I've noticed that when two pinyin charts differ in pronouncing a final in isolation, they may also differ when pronouncing a syllable that consists of an initial and that final.   I hope you can use the above links and compare the example that I've listed above and let me know which one of the above is using the correct pronunciation. Also if have any other resources for pinyin chart pronunciation that uses standard pronunciation that would be great.              
    • Sipho
      Hello I applied for the CSC scholarship at Hunan University.  My application letter went from in progress to submit. Then i saw a preliminary recommendation list  the Hunan website and i was not there. Does this mean i have been rejected. If yes will i get some form of communication for this
    • Buch
      Can anybody help me translate this symbol?   It's an art print by Chinese artist Wing Gig Fong from 1958.    
    • Tomsima
      Just bumped into this little fella in this article and made me smile:   http://www.dw.com/zh/两国首脑一唱一和-中朝关系千丝万缕/a-44326453?&zhongwen=trad "金正恩又双叒叕訪華"   heres the baidu for those like myself who havent come across this four letter internet phrase before:   https://baike.baidu.com/item/又双叒叕/1512313?fr=aladdin   Anyone got any other similar phrases?     
    • Christa
      I was just wondering what "check in" - as in to check into a hotel - is in Chinese. I asked a Chinese friend of mine and they said that there is no word for it.   Can that be true?   I see various words listed in the dictionary but my friend said none of them sound right.   Can you think of a way to say it? E.g. "I need to check in to my hotel first guys, then I can have fun!" - What would "check-in" be in those circumstances?
    • roddy
      If you attach an audio file to your post, it should now automatically display an inline audio player so people can listen to it without having to download it or open a new browser window or anything. Here's an example.  taxi.mp3   The player doesn't appear until you submit the post, you won't see it while writing or editing. Guests won't see the player (as they have to log in for access to attachments). The usual download link is there if you need it.    Formats it currently supports: amr,weba,m4a,aac,wav,mp3,flac,opus,ogg,oga I can add more to those on request.  Video support is also possible, but do we want / need it?   I'd been trying to get this for a while - finally managed to get it working reliably, I think. 
    • Hicham QR
      Hi forum !   I'm a Business administration graduate from an American University, I had very good grades top of my class. I speak English, French and Arabic fluently and I believe I could bring a lot to China.   I'm currently working in an International company but I'm really interested in getting a Scholarship for a Master's degree in china !!  If anyone could break down the process to me on what kind of universities should I apply to, what are my chances of getting the Scholarships and the deadlines i would be eternally grateful   Thank you 
    • Wenjing
      Any one who is interested in a 4 year Ph.D scholarship focusing on International Communications. It means he or she won't have to spend a penny but will get an international student's aid of 3000 RMB every month for 4 years.  Zhengzhou Uni requires: 1, Master degree or Above 2, The English Native speaker.   He or she can have a part time teaching position to teach English to the students of Zhengzhou Uni and earn some money. Zhengzhou Uni is the top 1 Uni in Henan province. Thanks. 
    • Zozo94
      Hello,   I have a present from a chinese student I used to take of in London and she gave me this.    I have just found it in my cupboard and I don’t know what it is.   I would like to post more pictures but it is not allowing me to. Any help would be great.   thanks 
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