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    • GaoJinJie
      I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules here. I'm thinking about building a Chrome extension to help with my Chinese and want to see if others would find it useful.   It's quite basic really. The plugin would randomly replace English words on a website with the Chinese version. You then click on the word and select whether you know or don't know it. As you click know more often, the particular word would present less frequently (like SRS flashcards).  It would start with the HSK lists and we could extend it from there.   It wouldn't be the main way you learn Chinese, but it would help with word retention in a way that is almost effortless and non-disruptive.   If I built this plugin, would you guys find it useful? Please be honest, it's only worth doing if people would actually use it  
    • 杰.克
      Hi all,   I am currently staying with a Chinese family. Absolutely loving the situation and soaking in all the Chinese I can. I am spending lots of time just sat chatting to the elderly husband and wife,  and we all really enjoy each others company. One thing I'm wondering about, as the conversation naturally comes to an end, and i leave the room, what the best thing to say just to acknowledge this.   Ive been going with, 我要走了啊, or 一会见,   In english i guess if i was with my parents id just say, "right, in a bit" or " right im off upstairs"   I don‘t want to go with anything overly polite, such as 不好意思我有事, as its too polite. We are already quite close, so this would seem overtly polite and this a bit cold IMO。   Essentially, what would an adult child say to their parents (in mandarin) if they come down for a cup of tie, have a chat in the family kitchen, and then want to indicate they are going back upstairs to work, or something along these lines?    
    • Thi
      Hi everyone. I have this tattoo that’s over 20 years old. I suspect it doesn’t mean what I think. Can someone please translate?
    • Karim BE
      Hi, everyone. I activated the Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) keyboard in Windows 7 and I can type, but the problem is that unlike the simplified keyboard, the traditional one does not display the different options when I type the pinyin. I uploaded a picture comparing what happens in each case when I type shì. Is there any way to have access to the same lists of options with the traditional characters setting? Thank you in advance for any answers. Regards!
    • Polyhistor
      If you've ever browsed for popular old texts on JD or similar websites, you may have come across this series, with the blue borders, the tactile covers with a person or two. I have a few of them (包公案、大明英烈传、小五义、海公案、梦溪笔谈、等). They're uniformly 306-308 pages, and they all claim 330,000 character totals. You do not want them. They very haphazardly edit books down to 330,000. My other copy of 七侠五义 is 565,000. Even worse, 隋唐演义, which other websites claim to be 750,000字 is available by them in one 330,000 volume.   For instance, look at this paragraph.    And compare that to the text given in other sources:      且说包兴奉了包公之命,寄信回家,后又到隐逸村。这日包兴回来,叩见包公,呈上书信,言:“太老爷太夫人甚是康健,听见老爷得了府尹,欢喜非常,赏了小人五十两银子。小人又见大老爷大夫人,欢喜自不必说,也赏了小人三十两银子。   惟有大夫人给小人带了个薄薄儿包袱,嘱咐小人好好收藏,到京时交付老爷。小人接在手中,虽然有些分两,不知是何物件,惟恐路上磕碰。还是大夫人见小人为难,方才说明,此包内是一面古镜,原是老爷井中捡的。因此镜光芒生亮,大夫人挂在屋内。有一日,二夫人使唤的秋香,走至大夫人门前滑了一跤,头已跌破,进屋内就在挂镜处一照,谁知血滴镜面,忽然云翳开豁。秋香大叫一声,回头跑在二夫人屋内,冷不防按住二夫人,将右眼挖出;从此疯癫,至今锁禁,犹如活鬼一般。二夫人死去两三番,现在延医调治,尚未痊愈。小人见二老爷,他无精打采的,也赏了小人二两银子。”说着话将包袱呈上。包公也不开看,吩咐好好收讫。包兴又回道:“小人又见宁师老爷看了书信十分欢喜,说叫老爷好好办事,尽忠报国,还教导了小人好些话。小人在家住了一天,即到隐逸村报喜投书。李大人大喜,满口应承,随后便送小姐来就亲。赏了小人一个元宝两匹尺头,并回书一封。”即将书呈上。包公接着看毕,原来是张氏夫人同着小姐于月内便可来京,立刻吩咐预备住处,仍然派人前去迎接。便叫包兴暂且歇息,次日再商量办喜事一节。   I'm curious to hear other's opinions. I find the original, in the text, to be pretty easy. I spent two hours confusedly trying to figure out who everybody was and what was going on in the image text. I've shown two Chinese people the text and they say it's just barely understandable and quite outrageously done.   
    • NAS
      Hi Guys,   I require an online dataset for my research project which is available online however I need to have a Baidu account (apparently a cloud service in China) to be able to download them. I cannot create an account without having a chinese mobile number for validation.   Can anyone help me with this? This is the link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1zSbpapRURc9Uzjl-1ZWI_w#list/path=%2Fsharelink792543580-905174318448133%2FSIXray&parentPath=%2Fsharelink792543580-905174318448133   Thanks   Nassif +971505879444 (whatsapp)
    • Jan Finster
      Here is the famous "shi" poem. Please listen to it without reading text: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jtiw721RAg   Is there any non-native speaker on this forum, who can understand it just from listening to it???
    • realmayo
      Following on from @Kenny同志's helpful posts here https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/60409-general-feedback-on-translations/?do=findComment&comment=472533 :   Does he - any anyone else - have any suggestions for prose from the last 100 years that that is "well-written". By which I happen to mean: effective elegant not over- or under- wordy not too self-consciously "literary" or old-fashioned... ...but not slangy or 口語-ey either. As a bonus, the content would be interesting.   Does this descibe a Lu Xun, an Eileen Chang? Anyone else (doesn't have to be novels)?    
    • yangxiansheng
      Hi guys!   Just quickly, I'm trying to reach out to people who have some knowledge of the Chinese language-taught International Relations postgraduate at Tsinghua, Peking and/or Zhejiang University?   I would like to apply for a Masters degree at either one of the above schools - does anyone know how competitive their Chinese-taught postgraduate programs really are (especially Politics or IR)?    Some background info on me: Graduated in the UK, Diploma from Oxford - I've been working in China for 6 years now. Although nothing related to politics or IR, but I have a solid background in international education (non-teaching) and business management. I took the HSK6 a while ago and scored a mediocre 244/300. Not happy with the score so re-taking the exam next month (can't get my head around why I got top marks in the mock papers and didn't do well in the real thing?!)...Though I heard Peking University only ask for an overall score of 210 and 65 in writing (mine was 86).   I'd appreciate some advice and your thoughts on whether the universities I'm looking up are a realistic target.   Thanks!    
    • abcdefg
      https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2020/09/18/tiktok-wechat-ban-trump/    Quote:     Quote   September 18, 2020 at 5:15 p.m. CDT   The Trump administration announced Friday that it is banning China’s TikTok and WeChat services from mobile app stores beginning late Sunday, an unprecedented move that further unravels the United States’s quickly deteriorating relationship with China.   Administration officials called the bans necessary to protect national security and prevent Beijing from exploiting the apps to collect user data or disseminate propaganda. But the measures drew quick criticism from first-amendment defenders such as the American Civil Liberties Union and even from TikTok rival Instagram. Current and previous administration officials said they could recall no past example of the U.S. government prohibiting information technology on this scale, a practice more common in authoritarian countries such as China, where Facebook, Google, Twitter and other Western apps are banned.     TikTok has enjoyed explosive growth in the U.S., boasting about 100 million U.S. users on a quarterly basis. WeChat had about 3.3 million monthly active users in the United States as of August, according to analytics provider App Annie. On Friday, people appeared to be hurrying to download WeChat before the ban sets in. Data provider Sensor Tower said the app climbed to No. 100 Friday afternoon among free iPhone apps in Apple’s U.S. App Store, from No. 1,385 that morning. The prohibition comes just weeks before a contentious U.S. presidential election in which China has been a frequent target for both President Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, from discussions of the coronavirus pandemic to technology and trade.   The move also follows months of U.S. action aimed at countering China on multiple fronts, and represents perhaps the starkest sign yet that the United States is abandoning a decades-long policy of engagement with China.       Unwelcome news. WeChat is the main way that I stay in touch with friends in China. This will add a layer of difficulty. If you need to download it or update your version, now would be a good time to get that done.  -------------  Apologies. I just now found the previous thread on this topic. (I no longer spend much time here.) 
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