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Day 28: Smashing vocab!




Today: 5 hours 35

Ok so I tweaked my learning targets/plan a bit, because my exam centre said we can have a mock this Sunday... that's 3 days away... so I figured for me to do any justice to the level 3 test let me try get as much HSK 3 vocab in. So that's the plan try learn all words by the weekend... So I sped through the rest of the Hello Chinese Old tree! DONE, and hoping to get to 50% hsk3 words...


  1. 2 hours 45 Hello chinese. Tree complete in  
  2. 2 hour Vocab, > up to 28% on hsk 3 -> hitting a block with some of the words now, so thinking of doing hsk course 3 on coursera or YouTube so some of the words are in context ad thus easier to learn.
  3. 50 minutes coursera -> completed hsk 1

File 2021-05-27, 11 44 33 PM.png

File 2021-05-27, 11 45 02 PM.png



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